I need a Nintendo.

August 25, 2008 in Happenings

This is my temporary Nintendo. I borrowed it from somebody who borrowed it from somebody. (Omg i’m so going to get one for myself.)

And i’m so addicted to Zoo Keeper. I prefer mini games to RPG that’s why i prefer Nintendo to PSP.

Anyway. Yea. I’m obsessed with this game called Zoo Keeper (is anyone playing it too?) and it’s so fun. Cuz i keep making new record.

I phelp like i’m Michael the American swimmer. Keep breaking my own record. Sien. *yawns*



Some photos from the Italiannies Sharing session.

Wa till now i cannot remember everyone’s name! So I did a little mug shot thing (something different la since everyone was busy camwhoring the boring way, also so that i can remember their blog address!).

Present were:

John Mah

Soon Chuan


We had a little discussion about guys with cute names. He asked me if guys with a cute name is more approachable. I said no because guys with cute name is very geli. Unless you are actually cute. Or Achuleta. Then he asked why i name him Joshie. I said it’s different if the name is given by ME. But if you name yourslf Joshie then very geli.

Just imagine Timothy naming himself Timmie. Or Tiamie. Or Huai Bin calling himself BinBin. Or Pietro Pipi. Damn wtf right.

Josh: Ok stop. I get the point.
Cheesie: But i happen to know someone with the name Tockie.


Nevermai. Inside joke. Continue.


Anis. Who came all the way from Penang!



Copykate. Eh can see through the opposite page. I’M SORRY! I know i very cheapskate i recycle the paper but we must sayang Wall-E ok give him less rubbish to chow on.



Yvonne. So cute omg.


Ee fei eh why everyone so cute.

Sorry Blue Racoon i really forgot your name. 🙁


Teh-o Cindy

This fler never put URL but his mole sold him out.



NOW the boring camwhore pictures.

Source of mole.

I robb chew vey much.

This pic is so funny can. At first glance Pinky is like wearing just her night blue bra and a weird dress! Haha. And as if i’m wearing a hairband. Or is it a halo (since we were surrounded by angels like Angelic Cassie and Angelic Kel.).

Other canggih pic from Nigel.





And the person i hate most in MDG.



I think i left a few of you out pls don’t angry ok. Also leave me your blog URL if you blogged about this too. I wanna steal pictures!


Btw the dress i was wearing is the one i bought from Somerset Bay kids. Love it damn much. And i actually ate in Italiannies. Gasp. I’m actually? Not anorexic?

God. I can’t tahan my own sarcasm sometimes.

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31 responses to “I need a Nintendo.”

  1. KY says:

    Hahaha pinky’s dress is seriously weird.

  2. Alvin says:

    wow… seems lk really nice so called gathering!!! i MIZ it a lot!!! >.

  3. kcin says:

    omg! i have nintendo ds too! i wish i can play some multiplayer games with someone…. (mario kart DS FTW!) also nice event gathering!

  4. David says:

    lol I look weird in there wtf haha

  5. Cassie says:

    eh david..you purposely one wert..why say you look weird >.

  6. Dr. Tan says:


    ME LEH?????

    wtf. eh i’m damn full lah now shit shit I wonder how do you eat like we do.

  7. Dr. Tan says:

    Sidenote: Moley moley doesn’t look like him in that photo.

  8. kellster says:

    nyahahah the mug shots all look darn cute lah.

    and yeah, so ngam got two angelic’s around that night 🙂

    i still prefer the mug shots than the boring standard cam whore pics !
    woot !~

  9. Pinky. says:

    haha.. lucky cannot see nipple.. eh KY, it’s my fav top ok.. haha

  10. Huai Bin says:

    Hey, I was actually called Bingo (like the song) when I was about 7 or so by my aunties and it lasted till I was 12 and I really hated that nickname. Oh well, at least it’s not BinBin. 😉

    Ah, I had wanted to go to this session, it would have been fun. Actually hor, about the research thing, it’s not like I did a lot, just went to MDG website. :p

    Looking cheesilicious as usual as usual, Ringo. I like!

    I prefer RPGs but they’re serious time sink. Especially the FF series with the constant leveling up.

  11. Ching says:

    Eh WTF!! One million points!!! Damn you lor!!! So free to keep breaking your own record!!!!!!!!


  12. Simon Seow says:

    LOL. Tockie. But I do know a blogger that call herself Teckiee.

    I prefer RPG too. Breaking record is way too pressure for me.

  13. Chellcee says:

    I need a Nintendo as well xD But I’m more for simulation and otome games instead of breaking records – I am not good at those type of games.

  14. ling says:

    sara so pretty? but her blog name is wrong. can u give me the exact name of the blog? please. please.

  15. rachteng says:

    I am playing zoo keeper on Iphone! And I am badddddddd at it! Hahaha.

  16. Nigel says:

    Where got canggih pictures..normal only le… =)

  17. joshuaongys says:

    gahhhh joshie joshie nowadays d… even tockie calls me joshie… aaaaaaaahhhhhh *screaming running around* O.O

  18. update MDG diary!!!!!!

    i wanna read it so badly!!!!!!

  19. soon chuan says:

    nice to meet u on that night.. 😉

  20. blu says:

    eh come to think of it hor, we havent heard from mdg for a while leh!
    btw love your dress 😀 the sort that once blinged up with accessories looks instantly chio can!

  21. wai luen says:

    Hi nice meeting you that night! =)

  22. racoon says:

    hey cheesie…..

    it’s Sharlyn…the blue_racoon…. :p

  23. CraSH says:

    hmm.. you should have gotten the nintendo! everyone has one. =)
    anyway, nice pics at the gathering.. everyone looks awesome. and that includes the ring a ling a ling.. hehe..

  24. Jade Z. says:

    hate me lah! ooo… *diuuu~* lolz!

    i’ve gotta find time soon to blog bout this frm my side. Y u so cepattan?!?! q:

  25. Alison says:

    lol. purrrtyy dress. anorexic? o.O

  26. Cherry says:

    oh my.. ur dress looks superb on you! I was thinking where I can get something like this, then you said it.. 🙂

  27. Connie says:

    YES! Get a Nintendo DS Lite. Other addictive games to check out: Elite Beat Agents and Animal Crossing (longest game play since it’s at real time. Been playing continuously for a year now). Hope you get one! 😀 http://www.play-asia.com has loads of cute accessories as well.

  28. adidasgal says:

    zookeeper not fun lorr
    just click on some animal only lahh ;
    I play dao sien I tell you .

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