Omg. Jolin is finally ugly!

August 22, 2008 in Cheesellaneous

I haven’t read the paper for the longest time (not even Entertainment) and today I almost got the shock of my life!



Some of Jolin Tsai’s latest picture during a press conference. Oooooohmygod.

How come the second picture gives me such a DawnYang feel. Plastic surgery can make you so pretty but sooo ugly.

The tabloid says it’s possibly an allergy caused by her baobei doggie. *gasp*. And i sleep with Cheddie everyday.

Jolin and Woohoo. A Bischon or a Bischon mix.

Damn kesian lo.

But apparently photoshop can do all magic. Let me just show you.

(I didn’t do this. Someone else did.)



By the way, is it me or are the Olympic Taekwondo women reeeeeeally irritating. They scream like what bitches do when they pull each other’s hair during a cat fight. Except that they kick and punch.

98 responses to “Omg. Jolin is finally ugly!”

  1. u changed ur banner~ ^^ i like it~ looks so picturesque~

  2. Iris says:

    OMG! She has finally turn ugly for once!:P Lol I must admit photoshop can do wonders!

  3. says:

    Omg. Jolin is finally ugly!

    I haven’t read the paper for the longest time (not even Entertainment) and today I almost got the shock of my life!
    Some of Jolin Tsai’s latest picture during a press conference. Oooooohmygod.

  4. Gunung Girl says:

    Omg.Very kesian le.Her face.

  5. chee hong says:



    TING .

    I really hope i dont see pics like that again ( shakes head)

    and ’bout women sports , you shud check out women soccer/football . you can hear them screaming for the ball …

  6. KY says:

    I think the contrast in original pics also pumped up max, shouldn’t be that bad in reality.

  7. cheesie says:

    KY: u can see the 2nd last pic oversharpened also.

  8. J says:

    I have this strange feeling that her “ugly” photos were the doctored/photoshopped ones. Even regular vain people like us won’t be seen in public if we had a breakout, much less a celebrity like her. I dunno … just my hunch 😉

  9. Penny says:

    No la, dun think its that bad in reality also… Siap siap got wrinkles somore…

    and if she’s that horrible, dun think she’ll have press conference

  10. Ying Bin says:

    Very pity. 🙁
    Am not her fan though.

  11. sheon says:

    O M G !!!!

    i hope J is right.

  12. abby says:

    is that really her?!??!!! omg.

  13. ::: Fragile ::: says:

    Hey…am an avid reader of your blog. I love all your posts, really, and thank you for posting Cheddie’s pics! Miss her alot! ^^

    Btw, how come you don’t blog about ur MDG Diary oredi one??? Can’t wait for the next episode! 😀

  14. Reiko says:

    are you sure she’ll go out and show her face like this during a press conference for the levi’s jeans launching ar?
    as an ambassador i don’t think her face like this levi’s will let her meet the media leh~

  15. Huai Bin says:

    OMFG! I saw Jolin Tsai up close during one of her concerts (went up on stage for a game with her and then autograph session) and she looks really hot. This is quite a departure from when I last saw her (understatement of the year). I think I blogged about it sometime ago.

    She’s one of the few Chinese singers I like. Especially that cat song. The one that goes “meow meow, meow meow, wo bu yao”.

  16. Huai Bin says:

    Oh, and I mentioned in my post about her concert that I suspect she’s a tweaker (meth user). Some people have really horrible breakouts and scratch their faces till it’s like that when they tweak.

    Hmm…I wonder if my initial assessment of her was correct after all.

  17. Cherrie says:

    Oh my cheese? That’s really scary. ):

    Don’t say Jolin, even I wouldn’t dare to step out of my room if my face suddenly became like that. Kinda hard to believe she even had a press conference with all the cameras flashing in her face. o.o

  18. a@ron says:

    Bad for Jolin….

  19. jolin says:

    wtf, not such a big deal la, im damn rich ma

  20. candyclarie says:

    omg tats really omg.. Lol!

    Not a fan of her, so… erk..

    Must be caused by too much makeup as well.. erk

  21. axiao says:

    Pity her. But I felt the pics were somehow doctored anyway.
    But I will see her for sure tomorrow at the summer live concert in Melaka. Let’s see for real if she had a bad breakout.

  22. bahh says:

    no way! every1 knows she’s far too vain to be photographed in this situation…
    she does hv skin problem recently but its not tht bad…

  23. Alison says:

    isn’t jolin always ugly? i never thought she was pretty. she’s got all that plastic surgery crap.. so not natural. she’s plastic.

  24. blu says:

    yeah well i think even this picture is way too doctored. knowing jolin tsai she would NEVER, EVER dare to step out like that. would prolly wear some scarf to cover and make it seem fashionable. or at least try to.

  25. ct says:

    Actually, i felt that 1st two pics are photoshopped. The last one is real photo. LOL
    But for sure 3 photos are photoshopped. Dont you think so?

  26. jolene says:

    wat can i say but padan muka? who ask her to do face surgery?

  27. miracleangel says:

    That’s Jolin Tsai? *faints* Are you sure that’s not one of her lookalikes? Or have the pics been tempered with? I’m just in complete disbelief! That surely cannot be her? haha *shakes head*

  28. penangdude says:

    i notice that news…. so kesian her….
    She is one of the gal of my dream!!!

  29. A says:

    that’s jolin after she followed edison

  30. A says:

    damn u edison!

  31. bearyangel says:

    Do really hope that her face will get well soon.

  32. Keong says:

    She looks pretty !! .. and hot!

  33. Steven says:

    I’ve got goosebumps looking at her… weird!

  34. Danielctw says:

    whatever happened to my wife?? 😛

    Well, be it whatsoever, photoshop is always to the rescue

  35. s says:

    Omg where did you get those pictures from?? I can’t seem to google about it!!

  36. hayley says:

    zomg!!! i was shocked too when saw her photos on the paper.. thought was some scandal or smth… :S

  37. ahlost says:

    She looked like a guy in those pics @.@

  38. kcin says:

    did someone use photoshop to make her look ugly?

  39. copykate says:

    wtfreak is that really her??? or photoshopped ugliness? scary. LOLLLLL

  40. chin says:

    no need photoshop…they over do the contrast, to make it look very exaggerated…

  41. chuan says:

    lol, 2day i gonna c her live in summer live pity..dunno 2day ok d or not..

  42. mimid3vils says:

    even thick ICI cannot cover the rashes…pity 🙁

  43. ruky says:

    tats disgusting.. i feel like vomitting.. but the ugliness might be the act of photoshop..

  44. jmmmmm says:

    erm. i heard that she really has some pimple breakout or something… but i didn’t expect her to look like a pontianak D: (sorry x_x) .

    anyway, i think those photos have been photoshopped. ya know. to stir up more news. TSK.

    hope she’ll feel better. and recover fast. i really like her ):

  45. viviensiu says:

    wahlao! I can’t imagine her company will let her go out like that O_O

  46. Steven says:

    wtf so witch in Snow White’s story.. zzz

  47. Ichigo says:

    omg…scary pics.
    lmao. the tkd guys happen to scream too, if you hadn’t noticed.

  48. Mc_Bone says:

    can i know where is ur source…
    wanna to learn more about it
    i tried google “ugly jolin tsai” and “蔡依玲丑照片”
    but search no relevant result

  49. iKen says:

    i saw it in newspaper yesterday,so disgusting…but i dont think is real picture….doubt it…

  50. kimballsos says:

    i just lost my appetite on my quarter pounder..

  51. Agnes says:

    OMG this is scary… she resembles a witch…..

    whatever that happens to her face is really scary…

  52. Random Mouse says:

    Better not post pictures (and misleading pictures at that) of celebrities especially if it will undermine their reputation, I don’t know if you’ve doctored/sharpened the pictures yourself but yeah… just be careful not to get caught by Jolin’s record label or lawyer to be on the safe side. 😐

  53. Eri says:


  54. notafan says:

    true o not.. if ur a star and ur face turn out to be like tat , will u still wanna come out and show to the others? Photoshop eh/???

  55. Eneri says:

    crap…once glance can tell was photoshopped. As a big star, she even dare to step out from her room. those news are reali nuisance.

  56. curryegg says:

    Am I looking to the real Jolin Tsai?
    Gosh! It’s unbelievable….


  57. Kenny Choo says:

    OMGness… im so busy lately i didnt notice any entertainment news until my mum told me just now…

    it must be damn hard for her to face the public… lol is that a pun? I shouldn’t laugh at people’s pain… later i get more pimples

  58. s0hp0h says:

    wahh.. and she dare to even walk out of her house??? must be siaooooooo

  59. anyajulia says:

    i don’t know but i think of all the ugly pictures, only the third one is true…

    coz her face changes in every photo considering that its only one press conference….

    i hope J is fine though….

  60. DSvT says:

    is that true? OMG…

    but I can do that kind of photo edit too…
    I do it sometime on my own photo … hehe~

  61. sixnickel says:

    i truly think that most of the photos published of jolin are distorted. i am not a fan of her and i believe that an artiste like her wouldnt be seen wearing those ugly makeup. whatsmore, in the- supposedly-bad complexion that she has/had, would she be talking to the press?

  62. youwantapieceofme says:

    i dont think its true, i agree with most of the comment. with such horrible breakout…i dont think she dare to be seen. unless she’s on stage…far away from everyone. but going for an interview with such condition is abit hard to believe la. when i have more than 5 breakouts, u will never see me outside the house! hahahaha let alone having her face condition.

  63. joe17301 says:

    Actually Jolin Tsai is so beautiful I don’t care what she look like right now, soon she’ll be back to normal and making us all crazy.

    Fight! Kill the disease! Or kill the maker of Photoshop!

  64. darrel says:

    now she is back to normal, u did not see today entertainment news?

  65. carolgoh says:

    for the person who posted this photos….
    please respect urself and respect others..
    may be you are anti-jolin but please dun destroy and talking the non-sense
    this photos is so obvious ediited by someone else…

  66. H says:

    It’s not a real photo. It’s edited.

  67. H says:

    Anyway Cheesie looks much much more worser and uglier so nevermind rofl! 🙂

  68. bambi says:

    H you must be so damn blind lolol. if anything they both look gorgeous ok, the photo was definitely doctored to make her look bad! jeez, cool it will ya? 😉

  69. axiao says:

    Here’s the post about the Summer Live concert

    jolin still looked as beautiful as ever..

  70. nAt says:

    Awww that’s so sad..

  71. yijin says:

    OM Goshh…..she look like a demon….wusshhh…i’m sure someone edited this picture before…impossible she dare to face the public with that face…come on..don’t believe such thing like this…but who edited her picture until like that…like a demon…although i’m not her fan but i feel sad for her….who did this is so bad…if Jolin see this…i’m sure she will be very very shocked and sad…. 🙁 …somo got so many wrinkles and pimples….who edited this picture really ho liao….dun do such a bitch and stupid work….

  72. Apostrophe says:

    found pics from

    pics from the same event with the 1st and 2nd pic..levi’s event

    can see this page

    the make up is real.. *Scary* but the face is definitely photoshopped..

    though i don’t really like jolin, but it must be hurtful to be treated like that..

  73. Samantha says:

    That’s very scay, cheese! @_@

  74. inthreecountries says:

    Is is just me or did she do plastic surgery on her eyes? btw, the makeup sucks.

  75. anyajulia says:

    thanks Apostrophe for giving the link of the REAL PHOTOS IN THE LEVI PRESSCON….

    whoever edited this pictures, damn you!!! don’t you have anything better to do.. FOR YOU TO CREATE SUCH PICTURES, I’M SURE YOU LOOK EXACTLY LIKE THAT.. DID YOU EDIT IT BASED ON YOUR FACE?!?!!!!

  76. vee says:


  77. June says:

    ohmy! Is it really true jolin has turned to be like that?
    Is it like in the papers? 8)

  78. clarice says:

    jolin tsai has always been my idol man !!.
    why did she even go for another surgery when she was alr so prettaye ?!
    serve her right ! >

  79. sharmne says:

    yea..i have a hunch that the pic may be photoshopped as well. image is very important for celebrity, i dun think their managers will allow them to make public appearance with that “look”.

  80. carolyn says:

    i heard that she got an allergic reaction from her dog, but those pics are really creepy…

  81. john barry says:

    stfu man >:]

  82. Bahahaha says:

    GROSS! Haha poor girl got what she deserved. Can’t go on giving a false image of beauty when she only got it with $

  83. Jenny says:

    Those photos have been photoshopped, ite most obvious on the third one, the person has increased the sharpness to make the highlights on her hair and the “spots” stand out more, the person has used a image of bumpy skin or something and set the layer to multiply or some other layer preference, you can tell this as there are “spots” on her eyes, the fact that its photoshopped is very obvious, the sharpness has been set very very high, it details everything and makes it stand out more. she has never had skin like this proven by

  84. lily says:

    hmm…..photoshop just can do it…oo the first 1 and the rest was done by ps? except the last 1? hmmm

  85. QQ says:

    She had allergies.. at least that’s what I read in the paper.

  86. Trashedandscatter says:

    the photos are probably edited to make her pic so ugly , that’s totally denied ! so untrue

  87. megan says:

    Those are photoshopped.

    Plus, these are from 2008, when she developed an allergic reaction to dog.

    The image is also altered in color and sharpened to make the original acne look even worse.

  88. Jing says:

    I SOOO do not think its Jolin. its CONFIRM some impostor… It is NOT JOLIN.

  89. o87259 says:

    She ownself own up that her face became like that , but she thinks that the media has over exaggerate about the shot.But i personally don’t think it was sudden allergy that makes her look like that.Since she had that dog for such a long.

    She’s fake lo,she is not preety in the first place.

    For your info,any celebrities who took shots got it photoshop before it was published , if not do you think they always look so gorgeous and we don’t?Because they have top make-up to cover ,surgery to perfect everything and anything they can do with money. There is no one can be flawless.Not even a non-living can be flawless, don’t say about man.

  90. gloria says:

    Photoshop is always the best “makeup” xD

  91. EMika says:

    woah, cant believe i saw that lol. never seen jolin like that until now! i guess thats what plastic surgery does to you.. its just not natural at all, everyone has flaws.. unless they’re barbies or something.

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  93. isabelgordon says:

    ._. serve her right 😈

    i never like and and i don’t think that she is pretty .__.

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