I bought myself a Christmas tree

November 26, 2008 in Commercial Break

because the one outside my balcony is dead.


Well, half dead. What turf.

But i think it is ngam-ngam in-season. Autumn ma.


If a Christmas tree also can die, i don’t think i can keep any living thing alive in my apartment. I suspect Cheddie is a modified CJ7. Anyway! All my friends know how much i <3 Christmas! I’m not a Christian but i love Christmas more than cheese. Mom would know! Since 8 years old, I loved to walk around in Metrojaya and just be delighted at how beautiful the deco were, and dreamt about how one day i will be in this exotic land during a white Christmas playing snowball with my best buddies!


So last week, I went ikea shopping, looking at all the Christmas deco, feeling very festive, and then i thought, damn, i osowan a Christmas tree.

So i got one. O.o

First ever DIY Christmas tree. And i got my kaki KY to help me assemble and decorate it! Not only that, i got Oli from London to witness this very divine process, via webcam.


Playing with webcam effects!! Snowflakes and elf ears!



I was showing him how pretty my Christmas tree is and he showed us how beautiful London is now. 🙂

I osowan to go London. T_T


And this… is my Xmas Tree!


Switching off all the lights and this is how it looks. Super gorgeous.

And then play some Knightsbridge Choir. Damn chun.


I know la it’s a bit the early right, but i don’t care. Christmas is all year round for me.

This year’s Christmas i’m not gonna be in Malaysia!! (YAY!) I’m probably gonna have a white Christmas, judging from the crazy weather right now. So my Christmas tree is gonna sit at home alone.

But it’s okay, because it is a festive season you spend with your loved one and your very best kakis! Even they are not right next to you, you still can celebrate this beautiful season with them via webcam, emails or online portals like kakiis.com.


If you have anything to share, don’t forget that Kakiis.com is now running a contest, where you submit a video of you and your best buddies, and stand a chance to win a Macbook Air!!



1) Sign up and be a Kakiis member.
2) Record a video themed ‘A Moment with your Kakiis ’ and upload it to Kakiis (maximum filesize 10MB).
3) Share the video with your friends via the “Share This Video” function or embed it on your website or blog and get your buddies to vote for your video.
4) Members of the public can vote for their favourite videos through the online voting mechanism.

If you prefer something simpler, there’s also a Kakiis Photo contest. Snap photos of your buddies and show them on your blog! Just send your blog’s link to kakiis@nuffnang.com to be in the running to win one of 3 available Sony Skinny T Digital Cameras.



You will also get a chance to attend an exclusive by-invitation-only party, “Kakiis Nite Out” on 13th December if your video or photo is voted one of the top 50s. So faster get your own kaki to shoot a video!


This is my DIY Christmas Tree video with my Kaki KY.

You can view it HERE and vote for me too!


Have fun! 🙂

59 responses to “I bought myself a Christmas tree”

  1. Francesca says:

    kkkk so wher do we go to vote
    defoooo nicer with longer hair ^__^
    btw havent seen cheedie for long time

  2. cheesie says:

    inserted link!! 😀

  3. ShaolinTiger says:

    You can go to London very cheap now, Air Asia X just started flying to Stanstead!

  4. KY says:

    best x’mas tree ever!!!

    i think your comment is too late. lol

  5. cheesie says:

    ST: I know. i bought. last night. now i dunno if i should be happy or what.

  6. O M G O____o Just liddat ar you bought tix to London! Coolness 😀 Not too early for Xmas tree lar. Here, everybody buying Xmas trees like crazy I think the supermarket is running out of stock. I bought one too 😀 And oh, you should put a star right at the top of the tree.

  7. Wend says:

    since you’re going to london, you have to head north!!!

    take some time to go to scotland. it snows heavily there during winter (unlike london :P)

    hope you have a blast this christmas XD

  8. cheesie says:

    whimsicaljottings: it’s like seeing your fav pair of heels on sales. very hard to not buy ok.
    wend: omg what’s happening!!! Where’s ur flag?!?!

  9. luvme says:

    hmm…white christmas? where will you be? ….London?

  10. Ann Nie says:

    oh no BLUE!!! my fav color, hehe…

  11. pinks says:

    i had those hair extensions for awhile too but the clips will kill you! so many can! it will rust and start to itch and when your hair grows, it will tangle and alot of your hair willl drop. so be careful alright! if you want to remove it, its best to go to someone who knows how to instead of trying to take it out yourself or pulling it! 🙂

    i still do hair extensions but now its the ‘tie’ kind. doesn’t hurt one bit, won’t drop easily and you won’t feel a thing!

    have a good christmas holiday:)

  12. Wend says:

    I have no idea where’s my flag??!?!?!!?

  13. cheesie says:

    wend: YOU ARE NOT ON THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!! O.o

  14. Wend says:

    >.< i am human on planet earth T.T ur blog doesn’t like me 🙁

  15. Helen says:

    i love the blue of the Christmas tree! it’s very unique =D I love your decoration on the webcam ! what kind of webcam are you using?

  16. lyngirl78 says:

    Hey … good job, Cheesie … very sentimental the video .. especially the part by Oli … made me wanna cry….

  17. David says:

    Ringo Tan Hui Ling,

    Nice Christmas tree. Cute video, and always you are lovely. I just realized this is the first time I have heard your voice!

    On a different topic. I finally discovered you finished 4th in the Malayasiandreamgirl competition. Very good for someone who started to days late. (that from the dreamgirl website).

    Since I have not seen any video from the elimination rounds, you are still my favorite!

    Cheesie, have very merry Christmas!

  18. Ying Bin says:

    This year’s Xmas I’ll be at the UK too!Cant wait! 🙂

    How cheap is ur air ticket 2 London?

  19. Porkie says:

    Woi..what do you mean dunno whether you shud be happy or not? So dowan to go to those places I mnetioned ah? 😛

  20. cheesie says:

    Berry: hehe lemon prettier!
    luvme: nope. will be in jp.
    ann nie: i hate blue!!! but recently i started to form a liking for blue. dunno why. weird.
    pinks: waaa i didnt know!! so far its not giving me any problem yet! you mean the weaved-in one is it? then tie using rubber band? very nice and comfortable!

  21. cheesie says:

    helen: normal built in laptop cam lo!
    lyngirl78: awww!!! 🙂
    David: thank you!
    yb: like, 1.5k.
    porkie: wan.

  22. Johnny Tai says:

    Hey, I like the music you put for your vid! It’s very nice!

  23. cheesie says:

    johnny: finally someone agrees with my taste of music what turf!!!

  24. Johnny Tai says:

    hahah, the music makes the vid spiritful when you’re assembling the tree and also the music showing London, good match of music there *thumbs up*.

  25. cheesie says:

    i have better ones!!! my xmas songs are the bestest!!!

  26. Johnny Tai says:

    haha…collection from years b4? But some of them I’ve not heard b4, it’s old ‘new’ song to me >D (wtf…lol)

  27. cheesie says:

    try knightsbridge choir. best.

  28. Johnny Tai says:

    Ooo…downloadable in torrent? I’ll check it out in youtube if they have.

  29. H says:

    Seriously… Is that you in the first photo? Omg.

  30. me says:

    she’s one who always love to show some less than pretty pics…

    so that.. if you get to see her in person,

    you will go like this…” OMG you are so pretty in real life!”

    smart girl.

  31. via says:

    wow…nice and big xmas tree…..mine xmas tree very small only….

  32. ahlost says:

    I wanna get one big one for my house too.. But then kan.. The Christmas tree here kinda expensive ler.. compared to Ikea 😀

  33. cheesie says:

    ahlost: get from ikea la! RM50 only!

  34. choco says:

    eh. and i thought i was the only one who thought the music part at Oli’s vid wanted to make me cry. least i’m err normal. HAHAHA. no, actually Christmas songs always make me cry. but i rike 😛

  35. cheesie says:

    choco: me tooooooo! 😀

  36. Nat says:

    Oh I didnt know Oli is your bf, else wont be so boh liao spending time watchin you acting silly and deco a tree hahaha

  37. cheesie says:

    Hi Nat, Oli and I are not dating. He is memang very Bo Liao one.

  38. cheesie says:

    Nat: Btw i cannot agree more. HJ is hot and his wife is ugly.

  39. lyngirl78 says:

    Choco: haha … i think it’s really touching ..
    Cheesie: who is HJ? *scratch head*

  40. cheesie says:

    Huuuuuuuuuugh Jackman!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  41. lyngirl78 says:

    icic … ok … hey’s there is warehouse sales going in this weekend at Parkroyal.. are you going? heard of?

  42. lyngirl78 says:

    yeap .. dior .. today’s the last day .. can’t go .. got to work 🙁
    But Dior’s at Damansara.
    I was talking about Parkroyal hotel, KL.
    There’s one going on tommorow …

  43. lyngirl78 says:

    it’s FJ Benjamin warehouse sales … there’s a lot of brands like La Senza, Guess, Gap, Raoul, Nike etc …

  44. cheesie says:

    if got time i drop by!! tomo got lunch 😀

  45. lyngirl78 says:

    oic …. it’s ok .. by the way, for your info, tommorow it’s open to HSBC card members only ..
    The card holder will be allowed to bring 1-2 friends along.
    Saturday & Sunday open to public ..
    Haha .. it’s kinda funny that we seemed to be chatting via your blog ..

  46. cheesie says:

    What turf. HSBC tarak.

  47. lyngirl78 says:

    ooo .. too bad .. but u can always go on saturday or sunday .. it will be opened to public ..
    I’ll be going on saturday after work .. hehe .,. me too, HSBC tarak !!!!!!! 🙁

  48. cheesie says:

    Aiya i cannot spend lagi liao spend waaaaay too much. You have fun ok!!!

  49. lyngirl78 says:

    it’s ok … i’ll let you know what i can find !
    Previous sales not good for me .. coz everything had been grabbed before i reached the place …:(

  50. Oli says:

    Nat – are you crazy?! I wasn’t watching Cheesie…I was watching my love KY!!!!!!!!

  51. Ju Ann says:

    Awww the tree is lovely! 🙂

  52. xueni says:

    you are starting to pose with a twist so oftenly now; hah;

  53. cheesie says:

    Movies with a tragic twist are the best 😉

  54. David says:


    I tried to vote for your Christmas tree video @ kakiis, but membership is not open to North American’s. at least not to those without a mobil phone account in Singapore.

    Still a very cute vid, of one of the world’s cutest bloggers!

  55. cheesie says:

    wa! i very self concious please don’t say that. it’s fine. Just enjoy it, don’t need to vote. 🙂

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