because the one outside my balcony is dead.


Well, half dead. What turf.

But i think it is ngam-ngam in-season. Autumn ma.


If a Christmas tree also can die, i don’t think i can keep any living thing alive in my apartment. I suspect Cheddie is a modified CJ7. Anyway! All my friends know how much i <3 Christmas! I’m not a Christian but i love Christmas more than cheese. Mom would know! Since 8 years old, I loved to walk around in Metrojaya and just be delighted at how beautiful the deco were, and dreamt about how one day i will be in this exotic land during a white Christmas playing snowball with my best buddies!


So last week, I went ikea shopping, looking at all the Christmas deco, feeling very festive, and then i thought, damn, i osowan a Christmas tree.

So i got one. O.o

First ever DIY Christmas tree. And i got my kaki KY to help me assemble and decorate it! Not only that, i got Oli from London to witness this very divine process, via webcam.


Playing with webcam effects!! Snowflakes and elf ears!



I was showing him how pretty my Christmas tree is and he showed us how beautiful London is now. 🙂

I osowan to go London. T_T


And this… is my Xmas Tree!


Switching off all the lights and this is how it looks. Super gorgeous.

And then play some Knightsbridge Choir. Damn chun.


I know la it’s a bit the early right, but i don’t care. Christmas is all year round for me.

This year’s Christmas i’m not gonna be in Malaysia!! (YAY!) I’m probably gonna have a white Christmas, judging from the crazy weather right now. So my Christmas tree is gonna sit at home alone.

But it’s okay, because it is a festive season you spend with your loved one and your very best kakis! Even they are not right next to you, you still can celebrate this beautiful season with them via webcam, emails or online portals like


If you have anything to share, don’t forget that is now running a contest, where you submit a video of you and your best buddies, and stand a chance to win a Macbook Air!!



1) Sign up and be a Kakiis member.
2) Record a video themed ‘A Moment with your Kakiis ’ and upload it to Kakiis (maximum filesize 10MB).
3) Share the video with your friends via the “Share This Video” function or embed it on your website or blog and get your buddies to vote for your video.
4) Members of the public can vote for their favourite videos through the online voting mechanism.

If you prefer something simpler, there’s also a Kakiis Photo contest. Snap photos of your buddies and show them on your blog! Just send your blog’s link to to be in the running to win one of 3 available Sony Skinny T Digital Cameras.



You will also get a chance to attend an exclusive by-invitation-only party, “Kakiis Nite Out” on 13th December if your video or photo is voted one of the top 50s. So faster get your own kaki to shoot a video!


This is my DIY Christmas Tree video with my Kaki KY.

You can view it HERE and vote for me too!


Have fun! 🙂