Sometimes an apology is not enough

November 27, 2008 in Just Punny

oksoritext by you.

Source: BBC News

You have been a very, very naughty girl.

oksori by you.

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19 responses to “Sometimes an apology is not enough”

  1. Robb says:

    sorry no cure lor~

  2. Gin says:

    wtf..adultery is illegal in corea?? @_@ thats bullshit.

  3. KY says:

    such a tragic name. LOL

  4. chriso says:

    i think some of our politicians should learn a thing or two about this news.

    in fact, there are exactly two things which they can learn from this news.

    one is about adultery. (no prizes to those who made the right guesses)

    the other is about… apologizing. (again no prizes, though there’s quite a lot in this list. the recent one being someone who uttered some misleading facts in Parliment without apologizing after that)

    If you got no balls to apologize, at least now you can just mention her name la. can save face without losing face what.

    ok so-ri dowan cheeserland to become some political groundhold

    (see, these ppl should learn from me nia haha)

  5. andieee says:

    hahaha, cheers chessie!! =)

  6. Kev. says:

    ooooo……. didn’t know that adultery is a jailable offense in Korea….. that’s interesting!

  7. Huai Bin says:

    Haha! Totally loved this entry. Very punny.

    I’ve always wondered about adultery laws in Korea – are they only for women or both?

  8. joy says:

    OK, sori, you are not famous in malaysia.

  9. justin_5 says:

    nice one..means everytime anyone do anything wrong to her..then just call her name she would tot it was an apology..hohoho!!!

  10. ChocoBall says:

    The reason why they commit adultery is bcz of those stupid Korean men’s ego…
    don’t just blame da ladeeeyyhhh~
    and please la..don’t make fun of people’s name =______=

  11. luvme says:

    ok, her name sounds sorry, but her surname sounds OK…
    that makes her name sounds less sorry…i mean her name is ok i make sense…kekeke..

  12. cheesie says:


  13. Jeff says:

    hey thats not OK,,,,ok?

  14. cg says:

    very pity already lor…18 months for having affair..samo…u making fun of her..aiks..

  15. LOLA says:

    LOLOLOL@ the ‘ok, sori’ joke!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA cheesie this is why i love you!
    omg i had no idea adultery was against the law in korea! if i lived in ktown i’d probably be in jail for life if was married… lol!

  16. sasa says:

    hahaha…funny! but i think ‘Ok’ sounds something like ‘ouk’ (based on han characters 玉素利)

    玉OK 素SO 利LI …

  17. Johnny Tai says:

    Well..atleast they have a strict rules when it comes to social order. They have real discipline to the extend that adultery is a crime! Something that some of our ministry should learn from. >D

    Yeah, can’t help it….the name is a little funny. OK….So-Ri ‘lorr’. She probably used that alot.

  18. Johnny Tai says:

    why is my flag Australia ? -_______-“

  19. Simon Seow says:

    Will a man be charge adultery too in Korea?

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