Photoshop xiaxue style

I was so amazed by her post on photoshop and wonder how turf did she do that. Seriously. She’s a freak 😛

When i showed Oli Xiaxue’s post he said all the end products end up looking like herself! Then i think, it is quite true lo! If she keeps on photoshopping all the girls they will all become a variant of Xiaxues. HAHA!

I asked her why she never photoshop me (Traffic hike, What turf) and she said i don’t need it!  And she too busy to talk to me anyway so i did my own research and practiced for one whole day and these are what i came up with. And guess what? It is soooooooo easy i’m sure anyone of you can do as good. And it’s hopelessly addictive.

They are all overly photoshopped beyond recognition. Yup. That’s the whole point.

Also i promised on the Nuffnang featured blogger post that when they hop over to my blog they will see my real face. So the before photos below are all original and completely unphotoshopped.

Extreme Makeover 1

This one is done by Haze from Blush Berry. For my header. Super nice la i liked it so much! Quite amazing cuz it’s just a random photo i took outside Pavilion after a make-over. It’s also my inspiration to improve my PS skill! Now i think i can do quite well.


extremephotoshop6 by you.

This “before” pic is the only edited one because i accidentally saved over the ori file so yea.

Extreme Makeover 2

This is from the same day. I think it is not very good yet.


extremephotoshop1 by you.

This is 100% original.

Extreme Makeover 3


extremephotoshop3 by you.

This one played with hair color a bit but not much difference la.

Extreme Makeover 4

Wanted a bit more challenge so i PSed Vene also. But then i think she looks kinda weird here. I’m only good at PSing myself.


extremephotoshop7 by you.

Extreme Makeover 5

I think by now i have achieved a skill where i think i am unconsciously PSing myself into other people/characters. Role play. Remember.

I think this looks rather anime-character-ish.


extremephotoshop2 by you.

Extreme Makeover 6

Ohhh. I kinda like this. It is a pic i would want to show my plastic surgeon. I think it looks like some Korean super star. And the perfect nose i want.


extremephotoshop5 by you.

Job done: Face botox, Korean nose, fuller lips, fuller chest (i remember someone saying mine was fake cuz ishe thinks it’s Photoshopped,back in the MDG days. Nah give you. Faker boobs), hair hightlight etc.

Extreme Makeover 7

This pic has the ugliest original pic ever. The make up was 3kg heavy and cakey i looked like some zombie with infectious skin disease.


extremephotoshop8a by you.


Extreme Makeover 8

Ok this is my fav. Not because it’s super pretty or what but when i finally finished it i kinda shocked myself because the first thing i thought was “OMG that’s so Jolin!”


extremephotoshop08 by you.

extremephotoshop4 by you.

Job done: Sleepy eyes lift, grey-blue contact lens, Jolin’s nose, Shu Uemura’s falsies, Pink nail art, hair extension etc etc etc can’t remember.


Please try! It’s very very fun. but i must warn you that after you have successfully mastered the skill, you will never want to look into the mirror ever again.

88 responses to “Photoshop xiaxue style”

  1. kei says:

    i’m the first? 😀
    i like ur original face more than the PSed face 🙁

  2. ςarmзи™ says:

    omg cheesie!
    can u teach me =x?
    im still learning photoshop
    pls pls pls teach me x(!!
    tutorial by email/msn pls =x?

  3. cheesie says:

    kei: what turf. thats the craziest thing i’ve ever heard.
    ςarmзи™: why u go and TM ur name!! lol. cannot la too much to teach better u google got a lot! trust me, very very easy to learn

  4. adidasgal says:

    Heehee so pretty :DDDDD

    cheesie jiayou ohs…!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Eve says:

    not much different leh, esp no.1,3 and 4, in fact i like the original better.

  6. Sylvia says:

    Soooo pretty 😉

    Mind to teach me? through msn better! or email.
    I’m learning it myself but im still very “beginner”. lol.

    do email me ya! 😉

  7. cheesie says:

    adidasgal: i know right!
    eve: wei appreciate can or not i spent lotsa time T_T
    sylvia: pls refer to comment for carmen

  8. Ying Bin says:

    I like the Extreme Makeover 4!Very nice. 🙂

  9. chocz says:

    pretty~ ^^
    hmm~ looks interesting~
    i ll try to learn it after my exam=)

  10. xjion89 says:

    i wanna learn photoshop too. SO much fun. Anyway, congratz of becoming the feature 1 this month(^^)

  11. lola says:

    HAHAHAHAH before and after photoshop pics always make me laugh!!! you did an excellent job, especially for a beginner! LOL the first one, the sexy one with the huge boobs, and the last ones are the best! hahaha cheesie you’re hilarious!

  12. gypsy says:

    i think the last one (the one like Jolin) looks really good to me.
    wow…that a hell lot of things you can do with PS. and yeah, congratz for the featured blogger of the month.

  13. ςarmзи™ says:

    awh, how to google it
    so many aso so…professional-ish =/
    im just a freaking beginner xP
    hahah the tm looks cool XD!!

  14. curryegg says:

    Seriously, you look good before photoshop as well.
    Still a leng lui.. 🙂

  15. msZ says:

    do it on ugly people or people you hate, then it would be more fun…lol.

  16. Gin says:


  17. justin_5 says:

    to me actually before and after not much diff..just at the original didnt put any makeup on ur skin(i think so) which makes ur skin looks pale.. and of course i do notice that u make up ur eyes area..

  18. P!NK says:

    ahh, after all that photoshop you make your original self look ugly lor, even though you are so not ugly!

  19. cheesie says:

    kuzco: that sounded wrong.

    ON MSN

    Nicholas Chay says (9:59 PM):
    will you do me !
    Nicholas Chay says (10:00 PM):
    do me!!!!
    Cheesie~Just… wow. Any more? says (10:07 PM):
    Nicholas Chay says (10:07 PM):
    make me handsomeeeeeeeeeeee

  20. KY says:

    KYspeaks says (10:40 PM):
    if it’s just some really stretchy rubber over hard plastic

    (I think you know what I mean)

  21. cheesie says:

    KYspeaks says (10:39 PM):
    super over PSed
    Cheesie~Just… wow. Any more? says (10:39 PM):
    thats EXACTLY the point
    KYspeaks says (10:39 PM):
    i know but i cannot take it
    KYspeaks says (10:40 PM):
    i feel like wanna poke it
    to feel
    if it’s just some really stretchy rubber over hard plastic

  22. cheesie says:

    KY: i knew it. i should be careful what i say on MSN next time.

  23. suz says:

    how did you do the lashes?? like extreme makeover no. 2!!! the sheen on your face looks very natural. loved the intense eye shadow as well.

  24. cheesie says:

    suz: YA MEH. i find the photo most fake. the skin not even enough. Lashes can download one. It’s PS brush.

  25. alena says:

    lol, now it’s photoshop fever? hah!

  26. cheesie says:

    YB: 4 still cant improve a lot. i lazy.
    chocz: hehehe yea try it
    xjion89: thank you!
    lola: hilarious meh! why you so easily amused one 😀

  27. cheesie says:

    gypsy:PS is magic.
    ςarmзи™: try youtube. very very good tut.
    curryegg: awww
    msZ : XX style?
    Gin: nowadays easy. PS is everything.

  28. cheesie says:

    justin_5: wa thats an insult!!! no la haha got make up one if not i like like ghost with lip gloss. digital eye make up is best 😉

    P!NK : i know hor!!! thats why after knowing PS is like opium. cannot stop one. best not start.

    Oli: 666!!!!

  29. Jade Z. says:

    ringo ar ringo, pls email me pictures. not PS-ed also nevermind. pls pls… *sui wang wang eyes* –

  30. Francesca says:

    lmao haha
    cheesyyyyy so ott … cant stop he
    some of the ori still nice … agree with xx, u dont need ps !

  31. cheesie says:


    hotmale: ringo, u’re already so beautiful what is there left to photoshop??
    Cheesie: hotmale: but my right face look better.

  32. cheesie says:

    jade z: ok tomorrow can. today feel shit.
    francesca: hahahaha i love OTT

  33. Huai Bin says:

    I prefer my cheese to be original, French and unadulterated with preservatives.

    I vote for original Ringo.

    Failing that, anime Ringo. 😉

  34. Mm.. Some of the oris look nicer leh =)

  35. sdj says:

    pls teach me!!
    my email- de_man@hotmail

  36. cheesie says:

    Oi pls. i not free to type email for so many ppl.

    please learn beginner photshop HERE:


  37. David says:


    You are very good with PS! Makeover 6 is my favorite, I agree you look like a rockstar!

    You and Wendy are sort big on better noses, and bosoms.

    Cheesie, you really are a pretty women, and do not need a great deal of effort to shine!

  38. misha says:

    waaah .. so much difference 🙂 Can do one for misha?

  39. luvme says:

    cheesie, i really love the 5th pic from featured blogger post, the one you and cheddie…
    can show us the before ps-ed pic or not?

  40. JustJasmine says:

    Amazing PS skill! I’m such a noob in this!

  41. ahlost says:

    Wahh.. since it’s so addictive, should I start photoshopping myself? *LOL*

  42. Reyen says:

    LOL! I almost spilled my tea on my keyboard when I saw the photoshopped ones.

    Being a photomanipulator myself I still prefer to touch up people to the soft skin look. More natural and convincing =D

    I dont mind Cheesie with blue eyes tall nose but you definitely look better with soft skin than the overexposed plastic skin look. Natural is better XD

  43. Marvin says:

    Amazing Photoshop skills! Can teach me?

  44. starm|st says:

    laughs. i like how you dare to show your ‘before’ photos. 😀 nice work!

  45. cheesie says:

    HB: french!!! you sure frenc iz ze cheez you want?
    Cheesecakeerian: warao long time didnt see u comment!!!
    david: rockstar is probaly not.. the right word. hahahha

  46. cheesie says:

    misha: misha dont need itttttt
    luvme: that one didnt edit one. i lied.
    JustJasmine: hahah very easy one.
    ahlost: better not start 😛
    reyen: ahahaha 😛 what do u PS normally!!!
    marvin: ask uncle google!
    starm|st : if not how to show difference!

  47. Eileen says:

    Number 6 is ur best pic, I think, cos the photoshopped one and the other are pretty much the same! You’re cute anyway – but it’s true that a bit of photoshop never hurts! 😉

  48. ahmike says:

    Seriously fun man.. If I can photoshop MONEY, how nice?

  49. Alicia says:

    Cheesie , awesome photoshop work .

    Do you any tutorial you follow that you can share it with me or you just play around with photoshop ? Because it’ll be nice to be able to do stuff like that .

  50. Ju Ann says:

    Hey ringo, great job!!
    I’ve been trying to learn how to do shu umeru falsies effect for the longest time! still haven’t learnt it yet. guess it’s back to googling for more info!! 🙂

  51. abby says:

    wow this is some serious photoshoppin going on.. i notice u made ur face rounder in all the pics.. haha

  52. YL says:

    i love the eyelashes especially! 😀 😀

  53. Kev. says:

    In my most humble and honest opinion, I think you look better in the “Before” photos for Makeover 1,4 and 6.

  54. cheesie says:

    eileen: it’s so diff!!! the korean girl has my perfect nose! 😛
    ahmike: im sure u can but can u print it 😀
    abby: egg/oval shape is the best!!
    yL: me too!
    Kev: now i dunno if i should feel happy! 😛

  55. vvens says:

    i love #7. pretty.
    i want to learn these skills too 🙁

  56. grace says:

    my favorite was the header pic. and the last pic. as for the noses… even with xiaxue, in a lot of the pictures she did of other people, the nose ends up looking too fake. for the colors here they look much better after psing, but I prefer your original nose.. ^-^” pic 5 you look a bit like rainie heh

  57. Kev. says:

    heh heh ringo, i guess its up to individual opinion.

  58. Jeremy says:

    5th 1?

    Blue Padi? But it still looks nice though… (Looks more like tulips than Padi after the photoshop Lol…)

  59. potatoe says:

    “a beautiful flower does not exist. there’s only a moment when a flower looks beautiful.” then again, oscar said its important to excite the imagination of a woman.

  60. Chien Teng says:

    Hahaha congrats as the featured blogger of this month! 🙂
    Wow, I never realised photoshop could do THIS much until I saw your blog 😀

  61. NICOLE. says:

    Hey! You look really great in all the photoshopped pictures!
    And congrats on being features blogger of the month! 😀

  62. kiwibaby says:

    Just a thought – the colours in all your photos are quite… dull… camera issue I think. If the pics were taken with a supercam then you might not need to ‘healthy glow’ yourself so much with PS.

  63. xueni says:

    no. 5 is super cute; 😀
    & suit ur character i guess?

  64. marcia says:

    nice work on the eyes.. but i really wish you din want to change your nose so much all the time… your real nose is really pretty on your face as it is. but look like andy lau after PS. sad sad.

  65. cheesed says:

    your original face looks much nicer than the photoshopped one because you have more colour (blood) in your cheeks and skin.

    natural beauty works for some people, in this case, you. =)

  66. munchies says:

    Wow, is really nice wei ! how do you do the eye color and eye lashes? and how to make the face smother? do you mind to teach me?

    Thanks !

  67. Theresa says:

    That is like so cool. After reading xx’s post I tried on myself as well, and indeed PS is addictive ;x When I looked in the mirror, there are so many imperfections. But I am still content 😀

  68. H says:

    Nice.. But there’s really a lot of difference especially the last photo. Haha.
    But you really don’t need much photoshop.

    I love your healthy tan and your natural smile =)

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    I really liked your blog!will chck back soon again thx

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    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  72. I want to say that i agree with the original posters comments.Ca someone else make a better point?

  73. rossgeller says:

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  74. Nick Carver says:

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  76. Jack parlow says:

    A good post, thanks for sharing this stuff.

  77. Who does your SEO work?
    Very Nice 😉

  78. dianne says:

    pls teach me ps :>

  79. :D:D:D says:

    What version of Photoshop do you use? (:

  80. Denise says:

    ur make up skill is soooo good, at the same time, u look pretty act

  81. Neko says:

    PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE show me how do you do this! ^___________^

  82. Caron Morrison says:

    The last 2 pics look lush! Check out my site if you get a sec 🙂

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  83. Arrow says:

    i totally agree with how it is super fun!

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  85. I love your frankness! I had a good laugh reading your blog. +1 fan of you.

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