Matsumoto Castle

March 7, 2009 in ❤︎I LOVE JAPAN❤︎ / Japan / Nagano

On the third day, i went out with Yuriko and her neighbour Ayumi to Matsumoto city.

matsumoto5 by you.

That day the sun shone like a star. I know this sentence sounds like one of those you are cute like like shit or it’s beautiful like hell kinda nonsense but look! It shone like a star!!!

matsumoto3 by you.

And it is beautiful like hell.

Snow mountains, a swan in the middle of the lake.

matsumoto4 by you.

松本城 , Matsumoto Castle.

matsumoto2 by you.

We climbed all the way up and down. It was a fort built some 500 years ago. Amazing!

After visiting the castle we went to the Frog Street.

matsumoto17 by you.

Got frogs everywhere, very cute one!

matsumoto7 by you.

Old, old street.

matsumoto6 by you.

It says “Pedestrain’s Heaven”.

matsumoto9 by you.

Haha very old school!

matsumoto16 by you.

Yuriko can be very child-like too!

matsumoto8 by you.

Yaki-in スタンプチュやねん!:D

matsumoto10 by you.

This is where i bought my Daisuki Senbei!!! 😀

matsumoto11 by you.

This is Taiyaki— a Japanese fish-shaped cake that is made of waffle batter. They have a lot of different fillings, from the original red bean paste to choco to Shio Caramel to…

matsumoto12 by you.

Cream cheese!

matsumoto13 by you.

After that we went to a temple in Matsumoto.

matsumoto14 by you.

I did Omikuji (they called it sacred lottery) and got a 吉! 😀

matsumoto15 by you.

Then fed pigeons with my fish. what turf.

matsumoto18 by you.

And lunch time we went for Soba noodle, another Matsumoto’s specialty.

matsumoto19 by you.

I was thrilled to dine out because… well. You know.

matsumoto22 by you.

I had Tempura Soba.

matsumoto23 by you.

Ayumi with her… i forgot.

matsumoto24 by you.

And Yuriko’s cold soba.

Have you ever seen fresh wasabi before?

I mean, all wasabi is fresh unless u buy the one in tubes like toothpaste but i mean fresh, ungrated wasabi root. Have you have you?

matsumoto20 by you.

Well apparently you have to DIY wasabi paste for your soba!

I know i’ve said this before but anyone of you plays Nintendo Tamagotchi Connection?! In the sushi ya you will have to make the sushi by grate wasabi, put the rice with wasabi and topping before delivering the sushi your costomers.

And the tamagotchi goes like wa~sabi when he/she/shim/it picks up the green mushy spice. It’s sooooooooo cute i swear. I normally make he/she/shim drag the thing long enough so it sounds like wa~~~~~~~~~sabi. ^^

matsumoto21 by you.

Look, you just brush it vigorously against the grater, which is made of sharkskin i believe.

It’s a very good exercise before meal, burn calories in advance.

After that we drove up to a small hill nearby.

matsumoto25 by you.

According to Yuriko, in spring the entire hill is pink color because it’s full of sakura. And now they are just botak T_T.

matsumoto27 by you.

This is one of my fav. Yuriko and Ayumi from far.

And when you climb up you can see the entire Matsumoto city. A good paktor place.

matsumoto26 by you.

I’m sure the two kids ponteng school to come here one because it was school time what turf. And it looks like he has his arm draped around her but it’s just an illusion! No arm so long one la (except Oli’s) the black thing is her scarf.

In the afternoon, some officers (cum editor cum journalist i suspect. Matsumoto is a very small city)  from the press came and did an interview with me on my homestay.

matsumotopress by you.

And a month later it came out in one of the Matumoto’s publications. Yuriko sent a copy to me.

matsumotopress1 by you.

I’m famous in Matsumoto liao.

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  1. ahbing says:

    Ringo, what is スタンプチュやねん?

  2. naVICgaTOR says:

    Hoho, so u’re famous everywhere liao~~

  3. Tan Yee Hou says:

    Can you turfing stop typing Japanese wtf!!!

    Eh next time if any blogger pisses you off, you can scratch their face with the shark’s skin thing heehee.

  4. Shien says:

    Wow nice nice. Love ur blogs about Japan with all the nice stories and pictures. Hope i can go there when i got the money. Hahaha.

  5. yumii says:

    hahah~ famous in mastumoto liao~

    uwahhhhh~~ Frog Street will be one of my ‘must go’ destinations!!! i love frogs! both real and illustrated ones! Totemo kawaiiii!!!!! =D

  6. shadowking says:

    mhhh must be a really nice day

    and it looks “beautiful as hell” even if that sounds totally cheesy
    but than again… it is CHEESY lol… (hope you get the wordplay)

    it is interesting that i never even saw one of those meals in real life even once
    …. (just from tv)

    I dont believe you that there is a frog street and thats why there are frogs… >_>
    that cant be… *cough* photoshoped or coincidence *cough*

    also i still want to believe that he has his arm around her
    that would be so much more romantic even if that means he has a monster arm
    even more it would be romantic because she accepts him even though he has a monster arm
    youth is so wonderfull 😀 (if you think now i am old: I am not: younger than 20…. not telling more except if somebody would ask)

    and guess what i did today on the beginning of the weekend….
    while a japanese guy with a monster arm probably dates his girl….
    I was sitting in front of my pc for 4 hours… trying to figure something out…
    I asked many very intelligent people… and now i am chatting with this guy for 4 hours and we both know now that the action of that THING is odd…

    • abraxis says:

      Neh, it really is a frog street. It runs alongside the river in the old part of Matsumoto. At one end of frog street, there’s a big statue of a (you guessed it) frog.

      I went out there a few years back for Matsumoto-jo and the big wasabi farm. My Edokko frens were amazed that I went out there because they never would. They said they’d have problems understanding their dialect of Japanese…

    • cheesie says:

      i wanted to type a long reply but now im just tempted to ask: how old are you?

  7. David says:


    All that good food made me stop for lunch! Yummy, yummy looking . . .

    The scenery is indeed beautiful! Reminds me of the North Americah Rocky mountians.

    Plea for help from your North American followers.

    I am obviously not Asian. Many terms you use here leave me lost at times.

    Examples from this post:
    A good paktor place.

    And now they are just botak T_T.

    This last one use often – what turf.

    Could you post a definition of sorts in a sidebar link or an FAQ list.

    Ringo, that would help all your fans not in Asia a great deal! ! ! !
    Thanks! 😉


    • cheesie says:

      i would really love to but i’m afraid the FAQ list would take forever to complete. WHy dont you buy a manglish book? i just came across one. 😉

    • Karyn says:

      Paktor = cantonese for “dating”
      botak = malay for “bald”

      what turf is just cheesie’s way of saying “what on earth/wth/wtf” lol. Right?

      • cheesie says:

        haha thanks dearie

      • David says:


        Thanks for the explanation.

        Ringo, can you please post the the name of the book on Manglish?

        Thank you, thank you!!!!!



        • cheesie says:

          Manglish at its wackiest

          • David says:


            Thanks again!

            Found it at

            $40.00 USD plus shipping.

            BTW, when I used “manglish”, as a search term in Google, first gave me to many links to ever look at, second the highest ranked sites referred to manglish as mangled english, with most words having no relation to Malayisia’s unique version of English.

            Thanks so much for contributing to improving my knowledge of Malaysia’s culture!



          • cheesie says:

            Oh gosh. It’s selling like USD5 here.

          • David says:

            WOW, only $5.00 dollars in Malaysia!!!!!!

            Likley there is not a big demand for the book over here, hence the higher price.

            Makes me wonder if would be less expensive for me to send you funds for the book and ship it to the U.S.

            All depends on on how much the book weighs.

            Let me know if this would be to much of a problem?

            Thanks again and again!!


          • cheesie says:

            I should just, like, scan every page and email to you. if i have the time la.

          • David says:


            You are so sweet & generous!!!

            If and when you have the time to scan the pages, would be great, not to mention very kind of you!


  8. Ying Bin says:

    Nice scenary! 🙂

    The fresh wasabi,have seen it once on the tele,some travel programme,think it’s cool! 🙂

  9. vonblue says:

    jz wondering how long have u been learning japanese??

  10. Charlene says:

    Wow! If those people come to my house dressing like that, I would think I did something wrong o.O

    Maybe if you stayed longer, they’d build you a shrine 😀

  11. Michelle says:


    Anyway, I think i’ve asked this before. How much did you pay for your homestay?

      • shadowking says:

        first when i read this i thought WTF 5k thats much….
        but than i remember how much an exchange programm would cost here
        and that you have malaysia ringgits
        and slowly that became like nothing…
        here you can easily pay 6k € for a 2 week stay that would than be 28k in malaysian currency… and you have to let somebody stay at your home as well…
        I guess thats the reason why i never took place in an exchange programm

  12. Jeremy says:

    The soba looked really nice *Drools* And the wasabi really fresh LOL….

  13. annant says:

    so Matsumoto baside famous from cream cheese filled Taiyaki
    it famous with real Cheesie too! 😛

    can give da homestay website again?

  14. shana says:

    Talking about frog, during my short stay at Tsukuba, there were plenty of frog sculptures are around the city. Really cute. All with different poses some more..

    • cheesie says:

      Have u covered the entire Japan yet? Which is ur fav city?

      • shana says:

        I’ve just been here for 5 months. Got lucky when supervisor took me on his trip to Tsukuba for a collaboration. Managed to see Tokyo for half a day because we had extra time and it was just an hour away from Tsukuba. That place is really cool! But I’m living in Sapporo now. I hope I can tour entire Japan while I’m here. 🙂

  15. Jade Zheng says:

    i like the frog. i once had a watch from Japan my ama bought for me with that frog in it; which changes color according to the temperature! now hilang liau. ):

  16. they have this fresh wasabi thing in kampachi, hotel equatorial kl. and a small part (smaller than the one in ur picture) sets u back at rm 30 ++

  17. Veyron says:

    i had no idea hell was that beautiful.. ;p

  18. Oli says:

    Is that guy on the left the sports coach from Battle Royale?!

  19. Manda says:

    The pictures.. omg.. all so gorgeous!!! T_T Make me wish i’m there..

    Can do translation for the Matsumoto press thingy? I wonder what they wrote about u.. I dono how to read Japs.. *sad*

    • cheesie says:

      basically it says that i came from malaysia, the things i did in Matsumoto and how i felt about it and the school and the kids and the song and i would want to go back. 🙂

  20. reader says:

    ‘ It says “Pedestrain’s Heaven” ‘….is this chinese? it seem exactly like chinese but doesn’t sound like chinese.

    I wonder why they don’t have any signs with foreign languages, isn’t this a tourist attractions area? the Matsumoto castle wor.

    • cheesie says:

      They are Japanese characters. As for english/foreign language, it’s really limited in Matsumoto. Even in the castle, they dont have translation for the signs and pictures.

  21. yvonne says:

    Wow!!! all photos are sooooo nice… Izit capture by Canon G10?

  22. gel says:

    your photos are great!
    i haven’t been to japan before.. but it makes me feel as if i’m there!
    how did you manage to get this homestay? it was a personal thing rather than through the school right?

  23. Geraldine says:

    WOAHHH, it’s been a while since I last came to your blog and it’s like, suddenly all Japanese stuffs. Its so awesome that you get to travel so much, but Japan is like my dream destination. Srsly. You’re so lucky and I’m so jealous. Hahah.

    But Japan does seem really cool (being the jakun about Japan that I am, I went and read all your previous posts to do with your Japan trip), and now I wish I can go even more!

  24. mknace says:

    nice entry
    cool pictures
    soooo coool

  25. WP says:

    Oh, it is beautiful!

    In the first photo with your head behind the hole, at first I thought it was a photo frame you bought…and then I saw the other photo 😛

  26. julian says:

    The fort looks so cool! Your posts keep making me want to visit Japan :p

    How was the fresh wasabi? Stronger than the tube stuff?

  27. KY says:

    oOOO I saw those frogs in Nikko Shrines too!

  28. hitomi says:

    cannot go inside the castle, i supposed??

    Hmm…it would be Grandeur man!~

  29. ju-julie says:

    Wow… Looks like Matsumoto is a very interesting place. However, for Japan, is there any shopping heaven? with affordable price of course….

  30. cindy says:

    your tempura soba really is filled loads…. i’ve never seen such full bowl of soba… :P.

    and i had seen on tv that jap prefer their wasabi to be grated fresh from the root… and your post proves it… ^__^

  31. ahlost says:

    Pic #2 & #3 very nice 😉

  32. keju says:

    omg! u are a cerebrity!

    oooh, and check out mah flag! 😀

  33. kcin says:

    i can see now! really very beautiful……… i mean the pictures
    clean street and clear lake… and my favorite japanese food O-O/

  34. zOee says:

    Cheesie, nice pix there! Felt good to view ur japan trip photo esp early in the morning in office ~ can ease my post-holiday mood a little

  35. cathj says:

    Great great photo… Love it.. Soo fall in love with JPN… mmuahh…japan!

  36. yann ni says:

    yeah, the shop that you bought the taiyaki is the best in matsumoto. Is my routine on every weekend to have a custard-filled taiyaki when I was there.. miss it alot.. @.@

    • cheesie says:

      did you work there?

      • yann ni says:

        i just had my internship there for three months from April to July.. Now back in Malaysia to continue my study in USM.. Going to Canada soon for student exchange.. Yet, your travelling life is much much better than me..
        By the way, did you try to stay in cybercafe when you were in Tokyo? The bag-pack style of travel is really exciting.. 8hours in the private cabinet+shower+internet+comic+video only 1180yen..

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