is my calling. I knew it.

It took me just ONE (1, ichi, satu, yat, yi) day, to perfect the fineness of  the  mentaiko dream dish.  

morementaiko by you.

This time, it tasted like rice (although still abit watery, but you could call it, rice.) (Or at least watery rice, instead of porridge. No doubt.) (Or so i hope.)

It’s called the Ocean Dream Donburi.


Tempura Prawn fried to golden brown
Japanese Mayo
Black Sesame

I cooked half the mentaiko this time. Pan fried. Awesome.

morementaiko1 by you.

Although i cheated because the tempura prawn was frozen ones. But i knew this is my expertise. I am going to quit blogging and become a world reknowned mentaiko expert, get interviewed on whatever cooking show, give my divine advice, become a zillionaire, and donate money to the endangered wild life organizations and save global warming and rescue poor Tibetan girls with long hair.  Thanks.

Today, i am going to do something really exciting, like, really. But i can’t tell you what, because if i do, either i’ll have to kill you, or you’ll feel like you will have to kill me.