On the 4th day in Matsumoto, we went to the hotspring, which was super awesome.

And on the 5th day we were running out of things to do, because Matumoto is a small town. But there’s one thing i’d really reeeeeeeeeally love doing. That was to see snow.

This winter had been warmer than usual, and it hardly ever snowed for the past few weeks. we could go to the ski mountain, which is a little far (like, 40mins from home, which is really far by their definition), and rumor had it that we might not see snow. Plus, weather forecast said that it would rain that day.

I wanted to cry liao. It was my last day in Nagano and i was leaving for Tokyo the next day, and it was unlikely for me to see snow in Tokyo. Or Kansai. This would be my last chance.

Anyway, we decided to try our luck. Woke up early and Otousan drove us to Mount Norikura.

norikura1 by you.

I was praying and praying that at least there would be some snow up the mountain top. I didn’t want much, i just wanna touch and feel and step on it and grab a handful and let it melt on my palm. For the first time in my life.

It was a long and winding journey up the mountain.

And then…

norikura2 by you.

I saw white mushy stuff along the roadside!!!!!

norikura5 by you.


norikura3 by you.

And on roof tops!!! Arhhhhhh SO HAPPY!

We parked our car and got down. I was deliriously excited, running around and touching the snow (even though it was quite dirty la). And scrunch and press and smash and poke and kick and throw and did everything i could possibly think of doing to snow. I just needed to put it into my mouth to comeplete my first snow encounter crash course.

I know la, i sound very paisehful, but well when you saw snow for the first time you were also liddat right! Right? Right right right? What turf.

norikura14 by you.

First time stepping on real snow.

norikura15 by you.

And we realized people came to Norikura from all over the country. These are the photos of different car plates i took. All from different prefecture!

norikura20 by you.

People came from as far as Akida!

norikura4 by you.

norikura6 by you.

Kai with his failed peace sign =P

norikura7 by you.

Ai rolling up a snowball!

norikura8 by you.

Me eating senbei.

Unfortunately it wasn’t open for skiing yet. So we could only do slide. They call it sori. (Ok ok sori. Oops, always can’t resist the joke. Sori. :/)

norikura9 by you.

Pulling the sori up the hill.

norikura10 by you.

Kai and I.

norikura11 by you.

Yuriko and Ai.

norikura12 by you.

Ai and I.

Ok at this point i’m so glad this is in writing, because if i had to illustrate these pictures verbally, it would be so confusing. Ai and i and i and Ai?

norikura13 by you.

Ai is so cute!! (See what i mean? People might think i sound like some hopeless megalomaniac!!!)

norikura16 by you.

Kai trying to build a snowman.

norikura17 by you.

Yuriko helped Kai with it.

norikura18 by you.

Nakamura Family, and a deformed snowman.

norikura21 by you.

Later we had lunch in a restaurant that has an awesome view like wallpaper!

Right after lunch it started raining. So the weather forecast was accurate after all. We were really really lucky we managed to have a few fun hours with snow before it started pouring. 😀

norikura22 by you.

And went back home.

Next up: Leaving Nagano to Tokyo.