We went there on 23rd December, a public holiday. It was the wrongest day of the 365 lot one could ever choose to go to Disneyland.

Just pictures!!! Cuz everyone knows how Disneyland is like! Oh btw, this year (i mean last year) was Tokyo Disney’s 25th anniversary!!

disney1 by you.

Lotsa pictures ahead, click for more!

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Japanese cars look all the same. ALL. They are either black or white. Square and boring. I wonder how some of the most sought after cars in Malaysia is made by the exact same country.

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Everybody brought a mat and just picnicked wherever!

disney4 by you.

Some girls wear better than the Disney mascots themselves. This is what’s great about Japan.

disney46 by you.

First ride was It’s A Small World. 120 minutes. The queue, i mean. Not the ride.

The queues were omfg crazy. Have to wait at least 120 minutes for every ride. Some popular ones even 150 minutes. :S

disney48 by you.

I damn love my camera can. Super high ISO and takes great pictures indoor. Of course you need a pair of really steady hands too. ^^

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Then we went to Haunted Mansion. 120 minutes.

disney9 by you.

I omfg love Nightmare Before Christmas. Sandy Claws!!! 😀

disney10 by you.

Funny how Disneyland works. You queue up 120 minutes for a 3 minutes thrill ride. The sound of it makes it not so thrilling after all.

disney11 by you.

Goofy! (OMG i don’t believe it i just called it Goofy. Imagin how out of touch i am with classic Disney character!!!!)

The parade.

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This is the most omfg best Churro stick i’ve ever had. You would think that food in Disney is shit. Well, that may be true, but not in Tokyo.

And it was inpossibly clean. I dunno how they manage to keep the theme park so clean. The tourist must have shoved the rubbish down their throats or they have like 900 cleaners standy by at every corner, like “Oh miss you dropped a piece of meat floss from your bun!”

disney15 by you.

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Made friends with 3 little girls while queuing for the rides. They are all 6 grades student who travel alone here. This is maybe their 7353529th visit to Disneyland. They have tried every single ride for like 7353528 times.

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This is Eri.

disney31 by you.

This is Tomoko and… i forgot her name.

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So cute!

disney33 by you.


disney34 by you.

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Victor, Bear and I bought Turkey drumstick for the 2 hours wait outside the ride.

disney36 by you.


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After just two rides, it’s starting to get dark, can you imagine the time you waste in Disneyland? Atrocious. We didn’t have much time left, so we went for this musical thing.

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The other kids went back early at 7pm. I bid my goodbye, and stayed until the end for the performance and fireworks. It was bloody cold.

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And then i took an 8-hour night bus outside Disney entrance all the way to Nara. It feels sorta like directing a movie in reverse chronilogical order. My journey has just begun. But this is the end of my Japan travel entries.

Hope you liked them.