Tokyo Disneyland

April 23, 2009 in ❤︎I LOVE JAPAN❤︎ / Japan

We went there on 23rd December, a public holiday. It was the wrongest day of the 365 lot one could ever choose to go to Disneyland.

Just pictures!!! Cuz everyone knows how Disneyland is like! Oh btw, this year (i mean last year) was Tokyo Disney’s 25th anniversary!!

disney1 by you.

Lotsa pictures ahead, click for more!

disney2 by you.

Japanese cars look all the same. ALL. They are either black or white. Square and boring. I wonder how some of the most sought after cars in Malaysia is made by the exact same country.

disney3 by you.

Everybody brought a mat and just picnicked wherever!

disney4 by you.

Some girls wear better than the Disney mascots themselves. This is what’s great about Japan.

disney46 by you.

First ride was It’s A Small World. 120 minutes. The queue, i mean. Not the ride.

The queues were omfg crazy. Have to wait at least 120 minutes for every ride. Some popular ones even 150 minutes. :S

disney48 by you.

I damn love my camera can. Super high ISO and takes great pictures indoor. Of course you need a pair of really steady hands too. ^^

disney49 by you.

disney50 by you.

disney51 by you.

disney52 by you.

disney53 by you.

disney5 by you.

disney6 by you.

disney7 by you.

disney8 by you.

Then we went to Haunted Mansion. 120 minutes.

disney9 by you.

I omfg love Nightmare Before Christmas. Sandy Claws!!! 😀

disney10 by you.

Funny how Disneyland works. You queue up 120 minutes for a 3 minutes thrill ride. The sound of it makes it not so thrilling after all.

disney11 by you.

Goofy! (OMG i don’t believe it i just called it Goofy. Imagin how out of touch i am with classic Disney character!!!!)

The parade.

disney12 by you.

disney13 by you.

disney14 by you.

disney17 by you.

disney23 by you.

disney24 by you.

disney38 by you.

disney16 by you.

disney18 by you.

disney19 by you.

disney20 by you.

This is the most omfg best Churro stick i’ve ever had. You would think that food in Disney is shit. Well, that may be true, but not in Tokyo.

And it was inpossibly clean. I dunno how they manage to keep the theme park so clean. The tourist must have shoved the rubbish down their throats or they have like 900 cleaners standy by at every corner, like “Oh miss you dropped a piece of meat floss from your bun!”

disney15 by you.

disney21 by you.

disney22 by you.

Made friends with 3 little girls while queuing for the rides. They are all 6 grades student who travel alone here. This is maybe their 7353529th visit to Disneyland. They have tried every single ride for like 7353528 times.

disney45 by you.

disney47 by you.

This is Eri.

disney31 by you.

This is Tomoko and… i forgot her name.

disney32 by you.

So cute!

disney33 by you.


disney34 by you.

disney35 by you.

Victor, Bear and I bought Turkey drumstick for the 2 hours wait outside the ride.

disney36 by you.


disney37 by you.

After just two rides, it’s starting to get dark, can you imagine the time you waste in Disneyland? Atrocious. We didn’t have much time left, so we went for this musical thing.

disney39 by you.

disney40 by you.

disney41 by you.

The other kids went back early at 7pm. I bid my goodbye, and stayed until the end for the performance and fireworks. It was bloody cold.

disney42 by you.

disney43 by you.

disney44 by you.

disney25 by you.

disney26 by you.

disney27 by you.


disney28 by you.

disney29 by you.

disney30 by you.


And then i took an 8-hour night bus outside Disney entrance all the way to Nara. It feels sorta like directing a movie in reverse chronilogical order. My journey has just begun. But this is the end of my Japan travel entries.

Hope you liked them.

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  1. me says:

    Its Pluto not Goofy!!!!

  2. onefourever says:

    Nice pictures and i wish i’m in the pic as well

  3. Francesca says:

    u went to nara ?
    i just came back from ther … did u go to the park n meet the deer ^^
    cant wait to read ur post bout it

  4. Simon Seow says:

    So nice. I don’t even have chance to visit Hong Kong Disneyland yet. How to save money to travel with so many debts, sigh.

  5. Jwxwei says:

    my host mum’s car was in brown !!

  6. Tan Yee Hou says:

    Cheese likes to put sticks in her mouth wtf.

    I hate theme parks sucks the money out of my small kuchirat wallet and then make me wait only boo : (

  7. grace says:

    I know many have asked before, but what camera do you use? 🙂

  8. Ee Vonn says:

    Hello Cheesie! Wow your pictures are soooo nice! 🙂
    May i know which camera model are you using? 🙂
    and is the haunted mansion scary? Haha.
    Besides that, did you went there during Spring time?
    Because I saw so many flowers! 🙂

  9. keju says:

    Japanese ppl queue for EVERYTHING.

    And I thought Singaporeans do that.

    Malaysians. Best.

    Keju. Bester.

  10. Michelle says:

    Eh, omg, you look like you have two baby socks on your hair. = =

  11. pootpoot says:

    huha!how much is the entrance ticket…seriously,only 2 rides and 1musical thing….

  12. pattirmina says:

    wow. sounds so fun. never had the chance to visit any Disneyland yet. my sis went to Disneyland HK last year. regret didnt follow her. @#$%$#@ T_______T

  13. shengmae says:

    Hey Ringo, believe it or not I was in Tokyo’s Disneyland on the same day you were! 😀 HAHA damn ngam lor.

    It was crazy packed there wasn’t it? We didnt know it was the Emperor’s birthday that day and it was a public holiday! -_- We thought we were so smart for not going on Xmas day summore. /slaps forehead

    Loving your pictures! 🙂

  14. choco says:

    wa. your winter hat very cute. i oso want one like that and not black coz black looks like a possum sitting on my head. Your hat, stick 2 huge black beads on it will look like Cheddie. hahaha. 😀

  15. David says:


    Disney always provides a great fun experience. You look so cute!

    All Disney parks have a unique underground. Tunnels every where to move staff, supplies and trash. That is one reason the parks always look so clean.

    My wife and I visited Disney world during Christmas season sometime ago, it got cold, this is Florida U.S.A., and we had to wear coats during the day!

    We got to see the millenium light show and parade at Epcot, that was great.

    Tag, your turn for my manglish word of the day . . .please!


  16. cheesie says:

    aiyo… wan meh…

  17. David says:



    Now I am so aisey man!

    (what did he just say ? ? ? ? ? ? ? )


  18. adrian says:

    wat a great experience u had goin HK disneyland and i heard its atrocious shit =( nvm la..

    juz wat do u do for a living?why so many free times wan ahah?yet got money =(

  19. Jillian says:

    haha ringo so friendly ah, can make friends so easily. :p

  20. en says:

    omg you make me miss japan so so much, i went there many years ago as a youth exchange for one month too T_T
    it’s so true that japanese only have black and white cars! hahahahah
    my host mom has silver car d: (at least a bit different lol)
    though never been to disneyland…but i would love to go there T_T i went Universal Studio and missed lotsa rides cause too lazy to line up lolx
    everywhere in japan is jammed packed anyways d:
    omg i can’t stop babbling about japan so i’ll stop now haha
    thanks for sharing the experience..i might want to go for this home stay program when i have the chance 🙂

  21. val says:

    when i saw that…i thought “oo scooby doo”

  22. Zachary says:

    I was there on that exact day too! With the other homestay participants lol. And i managed to sit for 6 rides only haha.

  23. eunice says:

    it’s so cold that you can’t wear the minnie hair clip anymore? :p
    i ate the turkey drumstick and churo too, long queue as well, everything also queue 🙁

  24. peter says:

    “wrongest” day is the bestest for meeting the mostest people 🙂

  25. Jeff says:

    Gee you’re right about Japanese cars.. Black or white… can’t see many coloured ones at all. Very odd.

  26. WP says:

    Hehe, Goofy and Pluto do look about the same…and we don’t often see Pluto standing up! 😉

    The photos are lovely…especially the night ones!

  27. bear says:

    wAHHH…the turkey drumstick!!!!i wan it again!!’
    n…fireworks!!!tk dapat tengok OTL

  28. Jay says:

    I was there too <3 but in July not December. It must be like fureeezing to queue etc? But in July it was freaking hot! I watched the 25th anniversary show as well Mickey was so cute! I thought ‘It’s a small world’ was quite fun and cute!

    Haha yeah the night bus is deadly! I took it back to Nagoya but cz im quite small I could get some sleep but most of friends who were visiting were quite tall they didnt sleep at all! So upon arrival in Nagoya at 6am we went into Manga cafe to catch up on some zzz! Disney Sea is better though – the rides etc are more for adults.


  29. KY says:

    I went to Disney Sea, next door. 😀

  30. Maianra says:

    Huwaaa… hope someday I could be there too!

  31. Miss V says:

    I’m so envious. 🙁 Was supposed to go for a Tokyo Dome concert and also to visit Tokyo Disneyland, but already made plans to go Hongkong instead.

    Oh well, at least I will understand the Cantonese Cinderella. :

  32. aiko says:

    aww so cute, ive only been to Disneyland in California long ago, thinking might give the ones in Asia a shot, one of these days….I wonder why they dont have Disneyland Malaysia? lol since we have a huge place to build them (aka Sabah, Sarawak :P) That would be so cool 😀

  33. cathj says:

    A must to go place.. Thanks for sharing… beautiful photo!!!!

  34. Vicky says:

    hey there cheesie, i’m new visitor here, i link to u via kenny’s website.. so sorry, i think my satellite not big enough, so can’t get to know ur site earlier… lol…so from now onward, i’m gonna catch up with ya updates 😛

  35. Clement says:

    No wonder Micheal Jackson bought Neverland.He is sick of the q.Anyway, do you visit any porn studios/factories? I thought Japan is famous for its AV industry…

  36. pegs says:

    OMG!!! This is so so so MAGICAL!!! I wanna go too … but the queues, sigh … wat a dread …

  37. y says:

    ahh.. im going for study to Perth flying off next month… Im gonna miss Malaysia..
    Perth’s weather sucked right?

  38. Jade Zheng says:

    i love the Churro! do u miss it? hahaha… duh rite~ lol

  39. That seems so nice n fun minus the queue of coz. I so wanna go and escape there right now..argh… like said, disney is so magical. =)

  40. cai hong says:

    i love their fashion style
    colorful and niceeeeeeeeee:0

    i love ur bag too,from ur 1st pic:P

  41. Lynn says:

    Hmmm I thought that was goofy too! heee
    How much does the ticket cost?? How come winter no snow one???

  42. David says:


    Time for, hmm, gotta figure out the day, Friday afternoon here means it is early Saturday in KL, (figured that out easily enough.)

    Cheesie said – “haha aiseh pula.” That leaves me blured and very pai-seh eh!”
    (tag, now you have to me if that makes any sense to you.)

    Time for today’s manglish vocabulary lesson. . .

    Cheesie, Saturday’s word or phrase is – ___________________________________.

    Thanks for the fun and funny lessons! %-(


  43. Chriso says:

    the Japanese girls have really hUUUUUGE eyes!

  44. tamago says:

    NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS OMGGG SO COOL! i love them! i wanna go T________T apparently tickets to japan is damn cheap now, RM1500 for both ways >.<

  45. yuehuan says:

    i went to japan once and i miss it so much!!!!!

  46. Siew pao girl says:

    oh i went there on 20th december but 6 yrs ago! it was their 20th anniversary^^
    lol…u should have gone for the fast past!
    2,000 yen i think but NO Q!~ lol^^
    i managed 2 go on lik 4-5 ride 2 parades aswell^^
    unfortunately i didn’t have a digital camera den =( so i could oni get a few nice ones n lol…i din noe how 2 ta pan den as well ;p but happy memories n i wish 2 go again! now if oni got ppl can subsidies me^^ kthsbaibai

  47. shadowking says:

    actually i was never in disneyland before
    and somehow i dont want to go that much
    waiting for so long is not so nice, but all your pictures are really nice
    and look like fun
    makes me want to go there a little bit 😀
    well but still i wont go
    Hope you had a nice time there

  48. Keong says:


    u r using what type of camera??

    • Siew pao girl says:

      lol…i’ve seen this asked n answered so many times ^^ noe i noe it by heart (unintentionally) its a Canon….

  49. John says:

    Great pix!! Disney in Orlando, Florida, USA is the best. Go there around Thanksgiving (the last Thursday in November) and most parks won’t be too crowded. Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom – all are amazing. Have not been to Tokyo but Paris and HK Disney have nothing on Orlando – they are like Disney Lite. If you get to the US, it’s worth a few days in Orlando.

  50. vonblue says:

    enjoyed seeing all ur lovely pics,although they make me jealous like hell n wana curse u for having the fortune to enjoy japan 😛 😛 syoknya!!!!

  51. Jacklyn Gan says:

    i wanna go TOKYO DISNEYLAND TOO!

  52. Misha says:

    hi jie jie cheesie… are you?

  53. Rosie says:

    Cheesie jie 🙂

    I’m just wondering, how long did it take for you to fully be fluent in japanese?

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