The transformations are done.

I must say i am really really impressed. 5 messiest rooms in Malaysia, now i can say that i don’t mind staying in any of them.

So, let’s have a look of the 5 entries!

makeover2 by you.
1. Nasrieq
This guy is so cute, he says his makeover is a tribute to late MJ—“Black Or White”!!! He says he doesn’t feel like waking up from his bed post-makeover. I have wanted that day bed for a long time!

makeover1 by you.

2. Liew Li Ping

Whoa, this one i quite impressed. Her room looks really livable now. Very neat and i love the pure white concept.^^

makeover3 by you.

3. Yvonne Mah

Her old 5-in-1 home office really appalled me. Yvonne is currently sharing her bedroom with her 4 kids (age 10, 6, 3 and 20 mths). 0.O. She would like to win the prize because the extra funds would help to replace her old, donated, worn out TV cabinet and sofa.

makeover5 by you.

4. Shiau Lee

I kinda like her makeover too. Simply love how the Expedit bookshelves fit into the corner, and the clever use of the Ekby shelf and brakets. Good job!

makeover4 by you.

5. Joe

Finally, Joe. Joe,oh Joe. He left a comment saying that he has about 3000 cds, about 400 books and not including mags, over two dozen shoes, and about 250 pair of jeans.

The pictures above are just a summary of their makeovers. Drop by to watch their makeover video! From the original mess to the process of transformation to the final makeover. It’s quite a wowzer! You can also learn a few tips from their makeover, stuff they purchase to help them with better storage.

And then, remember to vote for your favorite makeover (you can only vote one, and i already have my choice^^) and stand a chance to win IKEA vouchers worth RM50!!

Anyway, i’m not sure if you are interested, but recently i did beautify my home cheese home a little. Stuff all from IKEA, and here are some of my proudest purchase.

shoes1 by you.

Remember my shoes?

I have 30 odd pairs and i seriously need something to store them up. I spent the longest time looking for the right shoe rack until i want to cry (really one). Either too big or too ugly. I almost wanted to give up, either i throw away 25 pairs of them or just leave my shoes lying around the floor forever.

Until i went to IKEA and had a brilliant idea. You know what i did?

I bought the Effektiv book shelf. Who says you must need a shoe rack for shoes?! Ha! I’m so clever.

shoes2 by you.

With frosted glass door. This remains to be the best investment ever for my shoes.

Also wanna share some of my favorite items from IKEA:

accessories by you.

This is a Komplement drawer with dividers for accessories storage. I love compartments!

cabinet by you.

The Expedit bookcase acts as a divider between the entrance and my living room (keep all the good fengshui in!!!). The plus point is that i can also put some odd items there that don’t fit into my wardrobe/cabinet.

makeup by you.

Oh. This is my fav make up rack ever. It’s Anordna LYX storage unit.

I can’t believe how amazing it is, with just the right compartment for lip gloss, eyeshadows and other stuff. Love it!!!

Ok. That’s all! Until i win myself some vouchers by voting for the contestants HERE!