July 4, 2009 in UK

Hmmm. I kinda ran out of pictures on Japan. Here are many many big pictures for you from Edinburgh!


Edinburgh is a beautiful city! I loooooove!!! Very very Goth. And there are plenty of Goth shops and people dressing up Goth everywhere!

Just have to excuse my atrocious ensemble a bit throughout this entry though i normally don’t pair my outfits liddat but it was really too cold.


Some free tour thing. Basically it is a 3-hour walking tour where they bring you around, tell you stories (mostly gruesome stories about tortured prisoners and ghost, didn’t think so grimly about a city so beautiful as Edinburgh), and… erm, that’s it.

In the end you are supposed to tip them la. But Vene and i escaped half way so we didn’t have to pay. Very mean hor. But the tour guide was really boring so…



Took this picture then only realized got a cute guy in our free tour. Aiya should have like, talked to him.


Grass in Scotland VERY GREEN!


Pork sandwich that cost like  £4.50. But the skin very crispy one!


Ya the meal sure looks yummy!!! 😀


Scottish flag!


Lovely buildings


This is taken outside where we stayed. We stayed in a holiday apartment. I think each of us paid about 30 quid a night, very nice place, clean and comfy.

But apparently it is one of the most haunted place in Edinburgh, because every 10PM sharp at night (the sun hadn’t even set then), there will be a group of people from the Ghost Tour gathering up right outside our apartment and tell ghost stories. FML.


A dead end right outside our haunted apartment.


City and sky.


Ugliest dog in Edinburgh, but very adorable. If you know what i mean!


Scott Monument




Little cottage in the middle of a garden in the city.


I thought it was lavender but no smell one.


Great Castle up the hill!




Castle at the back!


Old street. They sell plenty of kilts and whiskies and cashmere here!


The Witchery. Scotland is sooo… fairy tale!


Outside Camera Obscura & World of Illusions


He scared i kick him there.


This picture looks just so. wrong. “Oh, look! I’m blonde!


Scottish (blonde) boy!


Happy to catch them in time for a picture. Oh, this guy’s hair is confirm black.

edinburgh35 edinburgh34



Pictures from Calton Hill.


Very beautiful, but a bit wasted because can see some new construction going on in the city. Spoiled the view a bit.


My bikini tee from Supre.


Beautiful hor. We wanted to climb Arthur’s Seat too, where we get 10X nicer view but we reckoned we might die half way up the hill, of cold, of thirst, of a broken shoe strap, of melted make-up, of whatever bimbotic or princessy reasons we could think of, so we decided against it.



<3 Scotland!

PS: Actually, just curious la. Would you rather i blog about Japan or UK or Bali? I’m very confused myself. If i don’t blog them i might not blog them forever. Hmm.

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74 responses to “Scotland”

  1. roni says:

    japan pls =)

  2. Ying Bin says:

    Japan,UK AND Bali please! 😀

  3. Ying Bin says:

    Very nice pictures(models,scenery & buildings). 😈

  4. Ying Bin says:

    My flag is back to normal now. 🙂

  5. Ruby says:

    I prefer Bali…

  6. kalo says:

    i say japan or uk. bali nevermind 😛

  7. Half says:

    If you haven’t already been, you should consider visiting York on your next trip to the UK – assuming you’d like (plan) to come back. Like Edinburgh it’s rich in architecture and history, but the terrain is flat in comparison.

  8. cheesie says:

    Ok la change of question: which one would you like to read FIRST.

  9. annant says:

    uk first!

    scotland is 😈

  10. rumtum says:

    bali pls! then japan! 😀

  11. Ying Bin says:

    I root for UK! 🙂

  12. M says:

    UK!! 🙂

  13. Ping says:

    All three? 😛

  14. Enuj says:

    Would love to read about all the places!
    But i would choose Japan if i have to 😀

  15. keju says:

    do it chronolocheesecal order, can?

  16. cc says:

    lavender only has smell if u rub the pods off. cannot just smell like that.

  17. xxoo says:

    blog about japan!!

  18. yinz says:

    japan and UK. Bali is out. 😀

  19. chin says:

    yes blog abt UK and porkie? yes Bali 4 girls and 1 guy? yes Japan and TK.

  20. XM says:

    Blog about Japan pls…

  21. Jess says:

    UK would be the big pictures =)

  22. Vnie says:

    I love it about Bali.. and I love Santorini, hav you been there bfore?

  23. Huong says:

    Japan & Bali pls!!

  24. TH says:

    love the pics 🙂 wow.. sure see you have fun. 👿 envy. love pics.

  25. TH says:

    I just posted about uk dine and drink might help you to find food and drink 😆

  26. clement says:

    Cheesie, Bali plsssss………….cant wait…. 😛

  27. Alice says:

    blog about uk & bali pls!

  28. Yen says:

    JAPAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. tamago says:

    japan stories!! 😀

  30. cathj says:

    Beautiful photo!!!! Blog bout them all… take your time 😀 …

  31. Lisa Cheah says:

    I love love love Edinburgh too!

    Just a random funny story, I too took the Ghost Tour, and about 15 minutes into the tour, the tour guide brought us outside the church, which used to be a graveyard, then he babbled on for a while, then told us, that we are not moving on the the undergrounds of Edinburgh, then we heard a large PLOOP! and a woman fainted! =O.

    Then while everyone was calling the ambulance and all, my boyfriend headed towards me, and passed out too! FML!

    *Maybe the story wasn’t too awesome in words, but imagine on a ghost tour, and people starting passing out. Wtf right.

    Seriously, tell me if you ever come to Scandinavia! 😀

    I want to hear more of Japan!

  32. RMilner says:

    Great bunch of pics. Reminds me of the last time I was in Edinburgh. It looks like you had a great time.

    Blog about Bali next because I’ve never been there.

  33. munchkin says:

    japan~!!! 😀

  34. David says:


    Great picture of you at the fire escape!

    The 4th of July, and pictures of you having a little Independence Day celebration, (at least one little drink)for celebration your followers in the U.S.A.?



  35. Candy says:

    its best to blog all since it will be your own record as well~~
    I think UK then Japan then Bali. =D

  36. Xiao mi says:


  37. blekming says:

    uk then japan!!

  38. melody says:

    uk and japan together lar

  39. Tan Yee Hou says:

    very appropriate. You show a yummy lunch then show a flag pole heehee.

  40. Nicole says:

    Lol the lavender..very nice!! Yeah i had the same experience while in Spain, since all lavender creams and lotions and essential oils smell so good i thought the real thing will smell better but manatau no smell one haha..

    Love the pix u took very nice!

  41. Vee says:

    UK, Japan and Bali! 😉

  42. HQ says:

    the haggis!! super yummilicious!!!

  43. ςarmзи™ says:

    UK’s scenery
    Japan’s fashion
    Bali’s whatever

  44. sarah says:

    JAPAN pls ~! =)

  45. kellie says:

    More about UK please!
    I have fond memories of UK as well.
    I’m super excited now that my photo of purple statue in York is short-listed for The Star photo contest.
    Please extend your support by voting for me 🙂

  46. Jacob Ktilsen says:

    Dear Author of this blog,
    From my brief reading of ur post recently, as a non malaysian, I wld like to suggest u shld be chased away fr ur own country, Malaysia. U complain abt idea why foreigner love ur country & y some proud Malaysian (unlike u) miss to come home when they r away. U mentioned abt politics & weather, how on earth u shld know other countries’ flaw & predicament if u only been there for 2-3 weeks, with adequate pocket money & stay in the hotel/motel/friend’s around the city. If im not mistaken, people travel ard the world, bring themselves as a reprsentative of whr they are from, not dissing their homeland.
    U shld be proud of ur origins & step back to reality that u are Malaysian. Ur Asian eyes are meant to be black no matter how u keep changing those colorful lenses. No matter how good ur english, it doesnt mean ur iQ say the same. Your nipple will not be pink no matter how u try to be what u wanted to be. Now u wish u belong to other country, u wish u are Japanese eating raw food everyday, & my dear, Im afraid 1 day u wish ur mother is soemone else & not the one who actually give birth to u and look after u. U such a disgrace to ur own country, to ur own race (I believe is Chinese isn’t it?) & to urself for being perplexitively of what is Travel experience & what is Ignorant. But 1 thing I salute u, at least u recognize u are a bimbo indeed.
    I hope u wake up and come down to earth again (if u still consider “earth” is the planet u shld stay)

    • Irene Yeo says:

      Wow. As a Singaporean, I must say this kind Malaysian mentality is common nowdays. Yep, they never grateful with what they have unlike us. We are small and yet we pround of being Kiasu Singaporean and came from very tiny island. Pfftt talk about politics, & government rules bla blah blah, at least chewing gum are allowed in their country. However, we proud that the rules made Singapore unique & people became very vigilance once they stepped into our tiny land. I also wonder why this cheesy blogger have not migrate & change her nationality to other country yet, since she dislike her own country so much.

      • Ms Irene, could you provide concrete proof that this kind of “mentality” is common in Malaysia?

        If you could, kudos for proving yourself. If you can’t (I have a gut feeling you won’t) I hope you would ensure you have proof to back up your claims in the future.

        As for your questions for Ringo, I’ll leave that for her to answer if she deems it worth answering.

      • Lynette says:

        Excuse me Irene Yeo, would you like to rephrase your highly offensive sentence; “this kind Malaysian mentality is common nowdays”

        How old are you anyways, to pass such judgement ?
        IMO, you sound like a 12 year old passing blame just to play the devil’s advocate. That was a sweeping judgement made and not in anyway fair to the other Malaysians. Cheesie’s own choice to travel wherever and whenever she likes, I’m afraid, is her own perrogative.

        And I’m glad to know that you all are proud of coming from a tiny island, and are kiasu, and “very vigilance”, GOOD FOR YOU. Clap clap, I’m sure all of us here are insanely ecstatic for you.

        BTW, kindly reshuffle your thoughts and attend an English grammar class, I’m sure they are scattered everywhere in your little island. But wait, aren’t you Singaporeans supposed to be highly English savvy ?

        Tsk, I apologize, it appears that I have made the exact same mistake as you; making a sweeping statement.

        Obviously, there are a few exemptions.

        Have a good day.

  47. kellie says:

    More about UK please.
    I have fond memories of UK as well.
    I’m super excited now that my photo of purple statue in York is short-listed for The Star photo contest.
    Please extend your support by voting for me 🙂

  48. grace says:

    I’m serious, you and your friend really look very similar. And stop showing off your supre bikini tee, very jealous already!!! I WANT ONE @_@

  49. grace says:

    Oh ya ps, lucky you didn’t talk to the cute guy, you’re still with your bf right?

  50. Francesca says:

    errr wrong question ^^ all, of course ! must know what happened in each city. hows japan ? ur master must give u lots of snack before he left the house ^^
    btw which laptop do u use, ringo ?

  51. john says:

    Very cool photos! such nice weather scotland gave you!

  52. jo says:

    Bali! Uk! Then Japan!

  53. Nice place Edinburgh. Still Goth huh? They were Goth back in the late 70s (when it was fashionable) in the 80s (when it was passé) and now they’re STILL goths… so I guess it’s just an Edinburgh thing

  54. Janice says:

    oh oh!!! i know this!!! *hands up hands up*

    ugly but adorable….. means CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Your travel mate is the host from JiaYu channel is it??

  56. ShaolinTiger says:

    More UK please! BTW Edinburgh rocks, one of the most beautiful cities ever.

    I think it’s rated in the top 10 cities to live in the World.

  57. Khengsiong says:

    Your Union Jack t-shirt/bikini top is cute 😈

    Maybe you should blog about India next 😉

  58. john says:

    wow! some grumpy people commenting here 😕

  59. KY says:

    your outfit very the matching with the buildings heh 😛

  60. CAroline says:

    Japan if u have no time!!
    All 3 if you do!

  61. jean` says:

    looks good! 😈

  62. jean` says:

    omg look at my flag! wtf ok imma need to pack my bags for zurich

  63. Wow! Fantastic photos! I love seeing what people think of my beautiful city. It sounds like you had a good time…

  64. crappy booze says:

    hey! where u find so much moolah to travel, shop n foooddsss!!!

  65. Annabella says:

    Blog about UK!! And Europe! Woot!

  66. Lisa Cheah says:

    Ringo! Guess who is going to Scotland soon!
    2 weeks, but Me! Yay!
    Want to go again?
    Lets go again!

    So excited, its the boyf’s birthday gift this year. :mrgreen:

    • cheesie says:

      yay!!! pls have fun!!

      • Lisa Cheah says:

        Are you going again?
        Join me!
        We can take a trip to Iverness or Carlisle this time, and this small countryside town called Moffat. And of course Edinburgh and Glasgow

        Well, the boyf family is from Moffat, and last I hear, they have loads of cows there, that is probably why we are going there.

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