I’m a big fan of white. White is just very romantic. That’s why the Japanese have White Day (pronounce Howaito dē) on March 14th.

n10985329940_1633841_4983023 by you.

I like white because it’s dreamy and it feels clean. And i like clean. (well under certain circumstances i like it dirty, but not in this case la). I don’t like bed sheet that’s any color other than white. My furniture is all white, although it is really hard to maintain, i like it that way because it makes me feel comfortable . It also in a way makes me more hardworking because i cannot tahan it dirty. For example, if you have a black door mat you maybe only wash it once a year because you cannot see how dirty it is but if you have a white one you are forced to wash it every week.

ScreenShot092 by you.

Anyway, these few days, because i am so lonely that i cannot tahan and i haven’t got any dates, i have resorted to making up the perfect guy in my head and imagining myself attending a perfect white date with him.

The perfect guy looks like Won Bin + Nakata Yasutaka (The producer of Perfume and MEG and Capsule, i’m super in love with him).

I’m really nervous about the date. It my first big date in a long time and i only have 14 days to turn myself from a total heartbroken wreck into the most immaculate All Shiny White girl.

So what do i do?

Mainly, i brush my teeth everyday until they are so shiny you turn blind staring at them (oops i better buy my date a pair of sunglasses). And some other day i just do whatever to make myself look gorgeous. Except that all i did was click my mouse on some buttons on Facebook. ScreenShot083 by you.

I’m like a little girl again! Get to play dress up! This reminded me of a hentai online game i played long time ago, where i was a guy who has to complete many many tasks to date girls (the eventual goal is to bed your dream girl. I remember i played like 6 hours straight and got stuck at the last car chase task so i didn’t get to, you know. Super tulan).

This Darlie White Date contest, however, gives you a chance to win some actual prize! ScreenShot089 by you.

A bag of your choice! YOUR choice!!! *drool*

(I want a Miu Miu bag!!!!)

All you have to do is brush your (virtual) teeth diligently and complete 7 tasks in 14 days.  You can either play it on the website or on Facebook.

A task will be opened each day (as you can see on your virtual iPhone) since the day you join the contest. Just complete all of them to be in the running to win! ScreenShot086 by you.

I like some of the tasks because i’m vain. It asks you to upload your perfect white dress! And i’ll be most happy to do that!

whitedress by you.

I just spent a long time shopping online and these are some of my fav. From Mary Magdelene and All Saint.


Or i can just wear my white dress.

ScreenShot094 by you.

On day 7 you get to do manicure! Nail art is my expertise ok! Don’t pray pray.

I chose Shimmering Lights because i did something similar before!

My very own creation! Yet to name it! Ok i better not spoil the rest of the tasks for you! There’s one special task that’s gonna get you some bonus points too!

Sign up and discover it for yourself. The winners will be judged by how creative they are, so make sure you really put some effort into making yourself fabulous! ^^

Check out the website (my face is there, see if you can spot it hehe ^^) and start preparing for your own white date!