Why i changed my name

August 12, 2009 in Eccentric Cheesiesm

There are valid reasons one. Srsly.

I decided to drop O 6 months ago and then some time later i dropped G too.

My offical name now is Rin. (Yes, just Rin. No surname.)



You see the reason why i do not like the name Ringo Tan anymore, is that one day (ok, the one day was yesterday. But still, i had that buzzing annoying feeling about my name and that i didn’t quite like it but i just didn’t know why, until yesterday. So i was kind of visionary and psychic! But to say that is like an oxymoron, i will explain why later because i kind of forget what is the point of writing this already… )

(oh. okay)

well, is that one day, which means yesterday, i discovered the true meaning of my name. Well, ex name.

I went and anagrammed my name. They say,

“All the life’s wisdom can be found in anagrams. Anagrams never lie.”

Give you example of some interesting anagrams:

For William Shakespeare :

1. I am a weakish speller.
2. I’ll make a wise phrase.20
3. He’s like a lamp, I swear.

For Michael Jackson:

1. Jail can shock me
2. Jail? Heck No! Scam!
3. Lack cash? Join me!


George Bush = He bugs Gore.
President Bush of the USA = A fresh one, but he’s stupid.
Osama bin Laden = A bad man (no lies).
The terrorist Osama Bin Laden = Arab monster is no idle threat.
Saddam Hussein = UN’s said he’s mad.



Now Ringo Tan.




ScreenShot066 by you.


Great. I sound like someone stupid. It’s true. For one, I never read the newspaper. I never deny any bit of my bimboness.

It can also be anagrammed to “Go ‘N Train”. Wa. Lecture me summore la is it?!??!.


Ok try again with new name.

ScreenShot070 by you.

Hor. Now i sound like someone grumpy. Which is true also. Haih.

Anyway it can also be anagrammed as “Rat Inn”. Which is more true because my house is forever in a mess. Haihhhhh.

I think i need to further drop the N.

FML X 2.



Last try.

ScreenShot068 by you.

Well, that’s me.

Well, please just call me Cheesie from now on. Seriously.

Thanks. Bye.



Go HERE and tell me what your name means.

Remember. All the life’s wisdom can be found in anagrams. Anagrams never lie.

100 responses to “Why i changed my name”

  1. Albert Ng says:


    And yes, that’s where I got my domain/nickname from. 😀

  2. herve says:

    the anagram genius is amazing.
    So far mine is ‘ In a Hangover’ – and my chinese name spelled as “Oops! An eery laze”. funny anot !

  3. dreamydolls says:

    yes yes.. cheesie is the best choice lo…. GOOD DECISION…. 😆

  4. annant says:

    i tried with my real name, constance ann, and it’s anagrammed into nascent canon WTF
    then i tried with annantz (annant is too short), and it says An ant Zn DOUBLEWTF
    so it tried again with constance, On accents came up! sounds nice 😀

  5. hayley says:

    this anagram thingy is so cool!!
    but mine one sucks… i got ‘eh! on gayly’ FML.
    another one i got is ‘ok! on ogre’ FML x2

  6. jay says:

    Mine is “‘Happy! Enjoy icy”
    So nice. I wish it is true!

  7. rian says:

    LOL, Our PM should change his name too ~ Banzai! Junk Rat!

    I tried a few other names and it’s really amazing…

    anwar ibrahim ~ hi, a warm brain
    lim goh tong ~ might on log
    kennysia ~ inane sky …. ❗

  8. Angel Wong says:

    Leg now nag. What the hell!

  9. aud says:

    ‘Audrey Ooi’
    anagrams to
    ‘I adore you.’

    ok i like my name.

  10. aud says:

    ‘Timothy Tiah’
    anagrams to
    ‘Oh! A titty him.’


  11. Ping Ping says:

    the best they can do for my name is ‘n’ pig ‘n’ pig. HAHAHA.. But I KNOW LA I PIG. CIS. =P

  12. th says:

    “Hung On Agent”

  13. Anivyl says:

    nice… all of my anagrams have got some variations of lynching ~.~

  14. Georgina says:

    i got ‘Unheroic, ga-ga’

  15. asstha says:

    mine’s “Hesitator” … ❓
    chinese name came out “King as acute” ❗
    n my nama glamour ended up as “Aha! As Tits” 😯 😯 😯

  16. Josephine says:

    ugh..mine ended up ‘Oh Jesus! Punny, annoying when.’
    wat the..eww…

  17. zachary says:

    zachary ngaw = a crazy whang?? 😯 sounds so SM~ FML

  18. blekming says:

    Apparently I “Am Young High”..


  19. taufulou says:

    lol, that’s the name what i remember you as..cheesie 😀

  20. JD says:

    Great one….so it’s going to be cheesie that is?

  21. ShaolinTiger says:

    Mine is “Aged as thrive.” wtf.

  22. choco says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 😈 best! Super fun!

  23. jk says:

    what does ‘huge junk on chief in rich’ means? ❗

    well, i keep lots of junk…so does it mean i will get rich? 😛

  24. Gasp, they anagrammed my name as “I’m arguable jerk mess”. 😥 And then “Jo Leak” for Jake Lo. 😕 Then “I Slouch oz” for my Chinese name. Frankly, I don’t know what Jo Leak means… 😐

  25. xueni says:

    i put my full name & it came up with — ‘Hi! Up oxen.’

    tried ‘Xueni’ instead;
    but they claim that my name is too short; -.-”

    *smack head.

  26. cindy khor says:

    oh shit, cindy khor = horny dick..


    i am not a dick, a pussy to be exact, think i’m going to change my ang mo name too…

    but if its my full name, its Key heroism, at least it sounds better..

  27. LOLOL says:

    ” Im a sink ” for my nickname ._. ..
    ” Since am ” for real name I dont even know what since am means! ):

    others :

    ” Im ace nosey ”
    ” Im hazy , ionic eyes ”
    ” Hey! Oi! Izy. ”


  28. claire says:

    … what is eh ‘brain logical whale’?

  29. Lisa Cheah says:

    This is just creepy. If all life wisdom is in anagram. What does my name mean?

    ‘Lisa Cheah’
    anagrams to
    ‘Ha Ha! Slice.’


  30. David says:

    (that is going to take some getting used to…)

    My full name, including middle name yielded this anagram: Devil amaze bad child.

    Scary, yes?

    Sigh, I will miss cheesie and Ringo. 😥

    Please let us know if they will be permitted visitation rights.


  31. chriso says:

    ‘Trickers chop hot.’

    But ain’t no tricker!

  32. R says:

    tat sound a bit absurd for me, u can make out any phrase or word by any name.

  33. Polka says:

    my chinese name– a huge line…. what does that even mean??

  34. bjk says:

    mine’s hail king!! cool 🙂

  35. Tey Cindy says:

    mine is Deny City wtf?!

  36. quinrinn yap says:

    mine, Rip Qua Ninny. i know i got the wtf look as well

  37. hitomi says:

    ‘hitomi ng’
    anagrams to
    ‘I might on.’

    haha, No matter how many times i tried, it is still the same LOL

  38. vonblue says:

    prefer to call u cheesie 🙂
    do update ur wardrobe soon, cant wait to see more 🙂

  39. Emily says:

    I got

    English name + Sirname : “I’m weakly” … -.-

    Chinese full name : ‘Ugh! I walk in.’ Simi simi sia…

    And when I select “Emphasis of anagrams” as: “Just flattering”, it’s still ‘I’m weakly.’.

  40. Sue says:

    Sue Lastrie
    anagrams to
    Easier slut.


  41. WP says:

    Haha, interesting!

    I got:
    “eye win hope”
    “new pie”
    “Hey! Pow” LOL

  42. Aina Liu says:

    guess what’s mine

    “I anal IU”

    FML 999x

  43. Ruby says:

    equals to..
    “Urine Yob or Now”

    great. just great. =.=||

  44. Debbie says:

    ‘arthritic boneheads’
    ‘bed bites’
    ‘eh! bed bt’


  45. Izz says:

    Hi Cheesie!

    Just saw this page and I tried out my name. It came up as “Dear! Honourably an alpha”

  46. Geniee says:

    Cheesie… Its regarding about ur doggy.. no worries she’ll be fine.. Just let her rest more 😀

    I enjoyed reading xia xue and ur blog x: it’s kind of interesting and i learnt more on make up(cheat one) and hairdo………. 👿

  47. Jascsh says:

    Hello Cheesie:D I tried mine as Jasmine Chua Seok Hwi, & I got “so wise, humane hijack” wth
    Then I tried Jasmine Chua, & I got “Ha! Juice mans” wtf?
    Then I tried Jascsh1 coz jascsh is too short, & I got “Ch J Ass” wtfX2?
    So I guess the first one is the best choice for me haha

  48. My middle name made my anagram pretty yucky.
    Without it, my anagram ended up being “A Glamor Artisan”, which I was pretty pleased with.

    I think we all want to find a name we are happy with, sometimes parents hit the nail on the head, sometimes not. My folks definitely failed.

  49. Jess says:

    I have gotten ‘I ace majesties rat.’ :dunno:
    ‘Ace as its jet.’
    and my favorite ‘Majestic east.’
    but I still do not know what that first one is.

  50. lolligirl says:

    I tried my full name and it said: HA ENJOY USE
    My friend (who is emo and evil–sort of) anagrammed hers and it said OH MACHO SATAN.

  51. Tangee says:

    I have a sick mind lol, at first i thought you changed your name because “groin” is an anagram for ringo ><

  52. Vanessa says:

    OMG my name spells “suave cop Satan”…I’m screwed for life LOL

  53. Mine is I. It is evil Kanazawa. What does it mean then? My nickname anagrams to The loony enema. What does that mean again?? I also tried my friends’ names:

    Sasa Chiang – As aching as.
    Arapima – I am a par.
    Clarita – Act liar.
    Yanling – Lying an.
    Nana Chang – Can hang an.
    Crystal Lim – Calmly stir.
    Rachel Siang – As reaching.
    Carmeline – Nicer lame.
    Water Chen – Threw acne.
    Nicoletta – On tactile.
    Haemi Choung – Ahem! In cough.
    Chubby Patty – By chatty pub.

    Also tried some blogger names:

    akiraceo – OK ace air.
    cheechingy – Hey! Chic Eng.
    dontlikethatbro – Both tolerant kid.
    Bolehland – Halo blend.
    theeggyolks – Ghostly geek.
    Kenwooi – In OK owe.

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