1 Minute Hair Bun

November 29, 2009 in Hair Cheat One™

I know i did this tutorial before! But i keep discovering different ways to do a hair bun and i think this is the simplest and best.

I could do it in less than 1 minute.

Same hair clip as Cheddie’s. Maybe i should dye my hair white to match hers.

This is how it’s gonna look like.




I actually timed it ok. It’s exactly 1 minute—minus the time i  kencheong cannot find the bobby pins and play with my dog and all.

Have fun!



Since my streamyx is still working awesome, i’m gonna share another mag!

This month’s Ageha looks super pretty!

AGEHA Dec 09

71 responses to “1 Minute Hair Bun”

  1. Emeryn says:

    wow… you made it looks like it’s so easy to tie a hair bun. I always tie till my hand darn tired. >.<

  2. Pomme-Pomme says:

    Cheddie is so guai, sitting on your lap like that! My dog would never sit still! 🙂 Btw, do you put any hair products on your hair before doing the bun?

  3. Ann-Marie says:

    The music so catchy hahaha 😳

    Anyways good job XD 😈 Nice vid 😀

  4. tzia says:

    this must be the one you mentioned to me at midvalley that day. yes?
    it’s so helpful. 🙂

  5. melody says:

    wahhhhh u do everything so fast!
    superb music!
    and very happy to see cheddie!!

  6. yumii says:

    😈 wah, why look so simple one? i tried all the buns you taught last time, but cannot work on my hair.. T_T dunno why.. maybe too layered? cheddie looks like your extra coat on your lap XD random snippets damn funny la! memang random~ 🙄

  7. cereza says:

    hey.. u r wearing the vest for one last time uh?.. did u laundry it afterwards before sending it?? sure got plenty of cheddie’s fur on it.. hahaha.. kidding.. the package has arrived while i wasn’t home, so I need to get it from post-office.. thanks anyway.. =)

  8. Jessy says:

    Simple and Nice 😉 😈

  9. sweatlee says:

    now i also like to do buns!!! influenced by you edi lor. damn fun and easy and useful when your hair looks like shit then too lazy to curl!

  10. Sher says:

    Great vid! But I think you may be one of the few people who looks so good with a high bun:)

  11. abraxis says:

    Wao, you got advance Dec 2010 copy of Ageha? 😯
    Gorgeous and sexy!

  12. Ashley says:

    cheddie so cute ! 😀 and still so small lah , looks like she’ll never grow .___. enjoyed your vid :3

  13. miamy says:

    cheesie! you’re too adorable. 😀 😀 😀

  14. fraulinegoh says:

    i luv ur doggie, soooooo cute man! such a great blogger, i mma ur new reader. 😀

  15. That is so cute, too bad I have short hair, even though I like it that way…

  16. mich- says:

    cheedie is as choi as cheesie

  17. Cheryl C. says:

    your hair is so omfg long!!! are there any hair extensions?

  18. KY says:

    I tried for 2 hours but failed!

  19. Pinky says:

    Hello, I just read your Japan posts, can I know where you got your winter clothings please?
    I’m from Malaysia too.:D

  20. Jemy says:

    very useful video, however it’s only applicable for girls who have hair as long as urs 😥

  21. lolla says:

    OMG it is cool.i think you’re seriously pro at these hair stuff and fashion stuff 🙂 i’d like to know where you normally get your hair accessories.they’re normally so cutee.i’m so looking forward to your japan posts cause they’re really helpful!i am a fan of cheeserland.LOL.

  22. Kenny says:

    Hey Ringo, you definitely look cute as a bunny. You are gorgeous whatever you wear.

  23. Anne says:

    HAHAHA yeah!!! you really managed to do your hair in less than a minute. Pretty! (: Anyway thanks so much for the ageha mag 😀

  24. rainbow says:

    hello 🙂 do u have any tips for slimming legs? ur legs are so skinny and nice! =D hope there’s some tips to share 😉

  25. Janicemickey says:

    I always want to tie a bun like yours… But my hair to short T___T

  26. JD says:

    When my next baby is a girl, I make sure this tutorial will be put into good use.

  27. Elle Zhang says:

    Cute jeans! My bun doesn’t stay put like yours does, it keeps unravelling! Fail…

  28. jaecywong says:

    eh so cute!!! <3 cheddie so guai sitting on ur lap wor.. 🙂

  29. StellaSukka says:

    i love your banner header and your way of make up too ^^ 😈 😉

  30. bani says:

    😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 yesh it sonice the banner and thank for the magazine,ur dog cute!

  31. auriole says:

    cheddie is so white! does she have tear stains? what do u use to clean them? =/

  32. Sarah says:

    Cheddie so guai . Love your tutorial 🙂

  33. Eve says:

    thanks for sharing! 🙂

  34. FMH says:

    really like this type of hair style. but my hair is too layered, always got alot of hair too short poking out 🙁 anw, you’re so good at this.

  35. Naomi says:

    Hi, just curious, where did you get your ripped jeans from? Its pretty awesome 🙂

  36. Tanya says:

    Hii ^^
    What is the song called?
    Played in your video.

  37. faa says:

    omg, that looks so easy. Hmm, but will it look as good on permed hair? thanks! 🙂

  38. Jami. says:

    Hi cheessssiee!
    Cool hair bun tutorial! Stay pretty, loves ^^

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