Bye Disney sob!

November 26, 2009 in Hong Kong

After this post means no more Disney! 🙁

I mean, not until Jan the 2nd when i go to Disney Sea Tokyo muahaha *rubs it in*

Anyway i will tell you why you should stay at the Disney Hotel even though it’s expensive (HK$1,600 per night) and why it is totally worth being poor for the next 2 months.


At the breakfast table, you get to meet the Disney characters!

Instead of queuing up after 809 people just to snap one picture with them in their respective booth under the hot sun/freezing wind, they will so totally come and whore your table and flirt with you and make fun of you and play with you and you get to hug/kiss/touch them however you like haha.


Sometimes i really wonder who’s inside there and how the person feels. Maybe it is a chao grumpy uncle underneath that red dress :X


Met Minnie again the next day we did the Eskimo kiss kiss thing since it is so cold what turf.

Oh my, look there’s a pair of Minnie ears on my head HAHA!


Somebody went and pulled his tongue and he jumped in fright LOL i forgot who.


With Suet who doesn’t believe in Disney character what turf WHY! 🙁


Not only the animals but Princesses too!

Cinderalla was really in a hurry to go sell her pumpkin or whatever we couldn’t take a pic with her so Wendy damn quickly camwhored sendiri  HAHA SO FUNNY.


Love the breakfast buffet! So  meaty! lol


This is dinner at Hollywood Hotel what turf are they generous or what give freaking gigantic crab legs. Real one ok not Cheat One™!!!



I can has mashimaro in chocore ands Mickey kuukis and jelli!


After the choc sauce hardened, i scribbled over it. It reminds of those crayon drawings we did in primary school! you got do anot!!! Neh the paint colorful then paint another coat pf black crayon then use toothpick to draw patterns over it one!!


Yay we woke up early for a full day Disney fun!

And we decided to be the Disney character for one day!


Wendy is Pooh because she wore yellow that day! Got a bee on her ear!


Aud the Stitch.

Ohana means family blah blah. Your head la. Ohana means FLOWER! In Japanese!! You dun believe? See her ear got flower one! Muahaha.

HAHA and her ears got bitten FHL.


Mine is uhm. Boring Minnie. Nothing special about it. Sien.


umm. Except the red polka ribbons. But it doesn’t mean anything because it means Minnie T__T.



Whenever i look at this photo it always have me in stitches lolol. STITCHES!!! GEDDIT???


uhm. Dunno what we are. Some retarded animals.


Mummy sayang me.


Confession: didn’t wash my hair the previous day cuz so tired, and this is how it looks actually it looks better than freshly baked curls! 😀


At Disney’s entrance.

Aud was going to hold this expression for the rest of the day. Kesian her.


This is what Aud and i wore that day.

It was damn cold like 9 degree or whatever, but both of us damn slutty insisted to wear short pants and bare our thighs see how much we saccrifice for your viewing pleasure!!! faster say we’re gorgeous and sexy!!! NAO!


We insisted that every photo we take should be full body just so our heroic action don’t go to waste.

Sorry Aud you close your eyes here but i cannot waste thigh pictures ok nah give u heart <3


We both got the Minnie ticket! 😀

I know you are thinking what turf is wrong with this picture why got such cute girl you never see before because wendy PSed me BEYOND RECOGNITION!

I know you damn curious so i will let you see the ori pic!


zero PS. Except the fading frame la.


The Bosses succumbed to kitty cuteness what turf -_-

Oh ya. We were queueing up for Space Mountain. Tim kept saying it’s not scary at all one. So we went in la THEN  DAMN REGRET!!!!

At the beginning of the ride it was so dark until cannot see anything and the next thing i know is this suspenseful moving up and up and up and Wendy and i were like “OH NO OH NO I DOWAN OMG OMG I DOWAN” and then… “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

It was so scary can i was screaming all the way almost cried ok and secretly cursing whoever conned us into this stupid ride one. I HATE HEIGHT! AND SPEED! I rather die being eaten by Stitch!!!

After that we went outside to see our photo taken.


And wendy said i looked like i just got raped T____T.

But it is maybe really like getting raped cuz you walk all wobbly and feel nauseous and traumatized T__T.


I <3 <3 <3 THIS PIC!!!

Tim can bugger off Aud looks like she <3 me more!


Mummy camwhoring with ever single backdrop i think she wanna bring back the pix and educate her kids (to camwhore properly)


I dunno who is whose toy here lol.


Camwhore in toilet what turf. Look at Redmummy LOLOL.


See what i say about girly fun!!! So damn hopelessly vain everyone i <3!!!


I really like this show a lot. Watch it the 2nd time already. 🙂

When the 3D ruby appeared during Little Mermiad’s scene Wendy and i really damn serious wanna grab it in mid air lo.


Pooh ride.

WA i look so much better here! 😀

People cheapskate like me just take pic from the screen can liao la no need print out waste 100 bucks what turf.

Mummy what are you doing O.o


i think Mike is fixing his hair or something why he’s like vainer than his gf one?


Leg pic again.


All the girls.


So romantic i osowan!


Sluttiness again


Everyone in front of the castle!


Some street art thing


Boat ride!


Since we had extra time we actually bothered to queue up to meet Pooh.


Damn notti the Pooh cuz he doesn’t let me get into the picture T___T.

Then the photographer’s assistant had to tell him off “nei zhe zhu sai la!” (you’re blocking her!).

Damn funny the staff like really make-believe think this bear is the real thing. When it was my turn, she actually asked me to hold on a sec because she wanted to dab the imaginary sweat off Pooh’s furry yellow forehead WHAT TURF!


uhmm. -_-


Finally a decent picture


And a few more extra.


I’m in Disneyland ok i’m allowed to pan cute.


Some elf with big candy.


And ginger bread man.


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121 responses to “Bye Disney sob!”

  1. zachary says:

    yay 1st~! <3 ur pix~!

  2. Ann-Marie says:

    HAHAHAHA 😛 You very good and gorgeous LOL not cold meh? 😛
    So nice can go Disneyland. wtf.

  3. Misa says:

    haha love the pooh stance damn cute 😛 (and of course the outfit also 😈 )

    how long are you staying in Tokyo Disneyland for?

  4. Rae says:

    whoo hoo X_X shorts in 6 degree cold weather. seriously you go girl!

  5. pinky says:

    the pooh is so cute laaaa

  6. isabellmiao says:

    the two strings hanging from your jacket looks like you had garter belts on. LMAO..
    most obvious in the 2nd last pic. *ahem* 😈 LMAO!!!

  7. isabellmiao says:

    wait.. why my flag from aus wan??
    i’m malaysian lehh..

  8. Another summery winter outfit! But really gorgeous lah you and Aud! I love your stockings!! I’ve been trying to find them in Perth but cannot find ler!!

    Ok so much to say.. point form..

    – Me too <3 the Disney characters. Suet really weird lah – she said in her blog they make her cannot eat muesli. -_-

    – Regret I didn't go Hollywood Hotel. I had Fish & Chips by the poolside for dinner instead!

    – No need to wash hair everyday lah! Day 2 hair is always nicer.

    – Space Mountain soooo fun! Not scary one. Well scary lah. But no big big dips.

    – 3D show sooooo nice! Yes I also wanted to grab ruby! And so nice imagine being on carpet ride. I want real magic carpet.

  9. WEI! Where my comment go! Too long issit din go through! 😥
    Haiya write again shorter.

    – You very gorgeous. I want your stockings.
    – I <3 Disney characters too. Suet a bit weird.
    – Space Mountain very fun. No big dips. Not so scary.
    – Your hair very nice. No need wash everyday.
    – I regret din go Hollywood Hotel. Only had fish & chips at poolside.
    – I also like 3D show. I want real magic carpet.

  10. Tey Cindy says:

    wei i love your jacket mana dapat one!? *droolz*

  11. Vee says:

    Ya ya, you look so gorgeous and sexy and hot and what not. 🙄 Heh heh heh. I must visit this place like one day. Sounds like so much fun! 😀

  12. yumii says:

    Rike the pic where Pooh molested you! 😈 😈 and #38 castle background too! You look super gorgeous and good to us coz u took the time to edit all this pix for our viewing pleasure hahaha! 👿 cukup “brush shoes” ady anot?? 😆

  13. aud says:

    the pic of me with eyes closed T________T

    *nom noms rin

  14. Mashi says:

    I GOT DOOOO !! Neh neh that crayon thingy 😀

  15. Tira says:

    OMG pooh is so cute > < Now I really want to go Disneyland 😥

  16. melody says:

    wahhh your posts made me wanna go disneyland more!
    i wish i can go disneyland someday!!!
    you’re super duper gorgeous and sexy!
    all the vainness didn’t go to waste!
    good thing you took full length photos or else regret dot com!

  17. Grace Oon says:

    I wuv Disneyland! <3 Thanks for sharing the awesome experience with us 😉

  18. Grace Oon says:

    ooh btw where u got ze lacey stockings? me likesss!

  19. th_c says:

    You forgot to PS pic #39, Xiaxue’s tummy….

  20. sweatlee says:

    eh space mountain sucks la give me headache only and not fun also! almost broke my neck cause twist so much wtf
    you all look sooo prettyyyy! i was the one who pulled his tongue, to see if he’ll feel it wtf.

  21. sherlyn says:

    love # 37 and 38 the most!!!!!! u look so cute in minnie ears! n ur leg so skinny!!!!!! n Audrey;s leg lagi small n skinny!!! y u gals can be so thin!!! haha envyyyyyy

  22. dy says:

    i like the ears!!! they sell it there??

  23. annant says:

    ur pichas make me wanna go disneyland now Now NOW!!! 🙁

  24. antan79 says:

    So you spent 1 night at the hotel and get next day Disneyland entrance for free? XD
    I stayed at Hollywood Hotel, get to enter and play everything in the park for 2 days, hehe. And I cheated my hubby for the Space Mountain ride too, hahahahaha!
    For all the rides that we played we just snap the pics from the screen also, hehe…

  25. Huai Bin says:

    Disneyland HK sounds like a whole lot of fun! It’s like a world you can escape to. Hehe!

  26. Joey says:

    U look super gorgeous in pic #19

  27. Alice says:

    ur PS skill super impressive; sweatlee’s even prettier than usual in this pic taken with mickey and you. 😀 😀 😈 😈 😈

  28. Abby says:

    oo cheesy disneyland hk looks so nice! and for the PS-ed photo by Xx, haha not much diff lah! just liquified abit. BTW how do you fade out the frame? PS??? :S

  29. Soo many cute pictures:) I’m so jealous, but one day I’ll be there too, or somewhere else in the world:D

  30. JD says:

    That was such a picture-y long post! Take quite some time to load with my slow internet. Looks fun, but aren’t you cold? A bit underdress for winter right?

  31. tjen says:

    hey rin. may i know which camera you use?? 😀

  32. WP says:

    Aw Pooh is so cute, I wanna hug Pooh!!! I love Pooh 😀

  33. samantha says:

    my guide in Japan said that all the mascots in Japan Disneyland were girls. And they often complained about visitors touching them appropriately. 😆 but thats their job I suppose. 😛

  34. Chriso says:

    wah #44 syok picture hahaha!

  35. vvens says:

    i’m so jealous. i need to save up money now!!!!

  36. Tiki says:

    Omg I LOVE YOUR TAN! <3

  37. wen pink says:

    HAHAHA hey i got the exact same minnie mouse hair clips from HK disneyland tooo!! Wheeeeee i am so proud of myself..! coz if you are buying it then it definitely means it is a wise choice!! 😀

  38. Redmummy says:


    miss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

    have fun in japangggggggg!

    hait hait haitttttttttttttttttt!

  39. Sarah says:

    Yea! Both you and aud both look awesome! 😈 😉 and….very cold too…im feeling the breeze for both of you…haha..:P 😛 aww…the disney photos end here…no more…? still wanna relive fairtytale through photos even if its not really me being there…* i have good imagination* :dunno: lols

    Looking awesome babe!:) can’t wait till your next disney sea trip. 😀

  40. Edwin says:

    I played most of the rides you played in HK DL! but i din get to play the roller coaster cos i needa wait 4 1hour ! 😉

  41. Pink cotton says:

    Hi cheesie, I just love your curled hair. May I know which curler you are using? Do u use any pre curl spray or anything? Thanks! 🙂

  42. momo says:

    Your stockings went below your kneecap towards the last few pics…hahaha. Disneyland looks damn fun la…. u should go to Disneysea!!! ^^ Super romantic place

  43. Ashley says:

    i ACTUALLY reached out to catch the diamonds that ariel threw out in mid-air that time wtf -____- i think every other kid was doing that too , but im older than them so it looks retarded o.o tokyo disney sea is awesome , remember to ride the Journey to the Centre of the Earth ride 😀 damn syok kaukau ! hope you have fun there 😀 and and , better hope it doesn’t rain there when you go 🙁 last year i went and it rained so cannot play much T_______T

  44. David says:


    Great post and great photos!

    You and Suet definitley have the sexiest legs!

    Thank both of you for enduring the cold for all your followers.
    BTW, Pooh Bear seems to like you!!

    Have a safe trip home!


  45. abraxis says:

    Waah, yr both gorgeous & sexy! Never will look at a Disney theme park the same way again. 😀

    The orange dog character with his tongue stuck out is Pluto, Mickey Mouse’s faithful dog. Arf!

  46. Sheryl says:

    hi babe, i like your hair colour. what colours did you dye?

  47. Simon Seow says:

    OMG. I’m so excited. Flying to HK next this Saturday.

  48. kawaii! you guys r so photogenic.. great shots.. even of the food.. swoon;)

  49. Stella says:

    Hi Cheesie wat is the brand of the hair curler u using? Cos i am using the phillips brand & the curls doesnt seem to last. Thanks alot. 🙂

  50. Stella says:

    Ok jus saw your reply to another reader. So u r using phillips curler too. 😉

  51. stephanie says:

    never been there! and you make me wish i could go there next year! 😛
    anyway, love your blog!

  52. stupidgirl says:

    This is such an awesome trip!!!! I also want to go!!! But I’m too poor. =(
    Btw, pic #22 can see Xiaxue behind there, and she looks so SHORT!!!!! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    And ur legs are really really slim leh, how do you do it?

  53. aronil says:

    My gosh this looks like so much fun. My dear Ringo, if put anymore contacts like those you are soon going to be a minnie mouse too 😛 I seriously will not get how u have the time to put those and fakies on. But it’s cute la! ^_^

  54. L says:

    Hi, I always wondered what do you do for a living. Are you a full-time blogger? You go on holidays every month, so its either you have a really fabulous job or just plain lucky 😛

  55. TravelingApe says:

    Nice winter Disneyland trip. Now that you’ve been there in both summer and winter, you should try going there during spring. The weather is just awesome during spring.

    Check out my trip to Hong Kong Disneyland in Spring 2010:

  56. boobooface says:

    may i know where you bought your black jacket you wore to hk disneyland?

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