Disney HK winter 1

November 26, 2009 in Hong Kong

I blogged about them 2 years ago. If you wanna compare Disney HK in summer and winter, you can go HERE and HERE.

Strongly recommend not to go during summer because i amost died of a heat stroke and i didn’t quite enjoy it because of the weather. I rather die become an ice cheese sculpture in all its glory than melt on the ground and get stepped on what turf.

But winter is super duper nice! ^^


Our Disney Hotel bathroom!


My roomie Red Mummy.

This girl ah. (ya, girl.) You think she got two kids will be damn motherly and condemn you for eating Mamee and all that. But no lo she’s the most shopaholic and most camwhore kaokao one, pui fook! Oh and she always throw a pack of Mamee at me ask me eat! At the same time she jaga me like a mummy too <3 her!!!


Before i did my hair.


After. See such a big difference it’s worth bringing that damn curler wherever you go k!

And must show a bit shoulder cuz my bra very nice what turf *slutty* (That’s why Ariel is my fav Princess cuz she slutty wear only bra :D)


Final outfit. I was quite pleased with how i look what turf.



When i did my make up i thought like, i’m gonna look so good in my new contact lens mana tau i brought the EMPTY CASING T___T. So the first day was without my gorgeous lens and i could only get jeles at Aud and Wendy huhuhu T___T

And dun dare to do O.O too when camwhore also huhuhu.


After pan leng leng we went downstairs to have hi-tea with the Disney PR people. They were so nice to treat us some English tea set extravaganza!


Mickey butter.


HAHA what do you think it looks like HAHAHHA

Ok la it looks like a elephant. JUMBO geddit geddit!


Wa feels so good now i have access to photoshop now i can re-PS this photo see see so nice!

Then off to Disney!!!


From left: Cheesie, Redmummy, lovey dovey couple, another lovey dovey couple and another lovey dovey couple T_T. Me and Mummy should just date each other.



HAHA i also dunno why i damn 7 pan cool liddat.


I really <3 this pic dunno why. Even thou using Timothy’s canggih cam damn blur i still <3 it.


The hologram viewer


Everyone is having fun with it! 😀

AND OMG i’m gonna post this pic again just alot bigger





(I give it a special pic name because this is prolly my proudest and best pic and the asterisks look like snowflakes :D)

Illuminated Tree through the Hologram Viewer!

So beautiful, almost psychedelic.


Xmas deco in Disney


Looks like a lot of people but actually just nice. Didn’t queue up long for rides also. Like, 15 mins max. Last time i went to Tokyo Disney the queues were minimum 150 minutes T__T.


Aiyak. Why this pic so big one. PS wrong liao.  (no la that’s cuz i <3 aud what turf)


I really like the night mode effect even though it’s a bit blurry. It’s art, ok.


First thing to do in Disneyland is to shop -___-

Me and Aud went and picked a random headgear and started camwhoring.

I love Disney HK!! Nobody give a damn where and what and how you take pictures. They are just too busy to even layan you. So you get to camwhore everywhere and with everything!!!


I got a pink Sitch and Aud got Minnie cap. But somehow it looks like a pink cicak just *piak* fell on my head what turf -_-.


With Estee. She’s the most mature one lo doesn’t go like omgwtfbbq wa so cute!!! Mickey!!! Shopping!!! She damn maintain. Got class.


It started to xia xue when we took this pic. Snowing!! Geddit geddit???? Ish.


Outside It’s A Small World


The ride


I dowan to spoil it for you ok go buy your own ticket to Disney and see. But this is my fav uhm, country (if it exists). I love Ariel!


And this year’s special Xmas theme!

We stayed till fireworks time.


Disney Castle is PINK!!!


Being a blogger means you can’t just stand still there dong dong be awestruck and just ooohing and ahhing at the fireworks BUT so kancheong switching back and forth between diff modes on your camera and then PANIC when you find out that all your picture looks almost, but not entirely unlike crap, may as well forget about it enjoy the fireworks full heartedly!






Summore attempted to camwhore with fireworks at the background and this is the best we got FOL.

And if you happen to go to Disneyland, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t forget to view the entire fireworks through the hologram thing i swear that’s the best thing i’ve ever seen, (snowflakes and hearts exploding in sky, u see before anot???) forget about taking pic ok.



In the Disney bus with my roomie. Go back sleep!

Ok still got day 2 stay cheesed.

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  1. tzywen says:

    you very good! and pretty! 😀

    love the mini light sabers btw 😉

  2. Ann-Marie says:



    I don’t know why I type in all caps. :dunno:
    Anyways love your blog, love your posts 😀
    I wish I got money to go to Disneyland. Lol.

  3. WaiLynn says:

    ♥ the blur pics. 😀

  4. AngelKein says:

    you’re so lucky la 🙂

  5. Apple lim says:

    The trip looks awesome.. U look pretty too…it’s so cold n u’re in shorts… 

  6. Francesca says:

    fun !! n so jealous u goin again this dec 😥

  7. YEN says:

    Very good ! Very pretty ! ( as required. =P )

    Oh yeah, won’t your hair be dry if you curl it everyday? T_T
    Damn takut my hair will be like grass if I curl it. How you take care of it one?
    Tell the secrets ! Spill it. =D

  8. jin says:

    OMG NICEEE!!!!!
    how i wish i could go too :((

  9. Helena says:

    Looks fun!!! I missed the fireworks when I went there during winter last year. Aww…Great trip you had!

  10. pinky says:

    oi your leopard print tights and short look damn nice ok!!! summer here di.. cannot dress up 🙁

  11. Reiko says:

    Oh My Gosh I’m feeling soooo envious I wanna go to Disneyland NOW!!!! 😆

    You’re pretty!!! *As you wish, I’ll say it!* 😀

  12. yumii says:

    Wah, first day also so happening already!! can’t wait for second day~

    HAHA, the blur pic so funny weh. Audrey and Wendy looking into her camera and then u look at ur own camera! 😆 Aud look so happy with her hologram viewer!

    damn rike ur shirt in the second pic with redmummy!! and rike #24 also! you and xiaxue look so pretty~ 😈 😈

  13. neko says:

    Very very good + pretty~!!!
    great post~ now I no need think twice to homestay~ ^^

  14. gel says:

    Oh man! I remembered the “It’s a Small World Ride” in Paris.. we were thinking that it’s going to be a very happy and mild ride..and we were happily snapping photos.. until my friend shouted “OMG. WATER!! SLIDE!!” and we totally panicked to hide our cameras under our coats lest they get wet!!! LOL!

  15. cheesie says:

    walao so fast comment one u all. so guai you all. i sayang <3

  16. HeyEstelle says:


  17. jesc says:

    omg!! so nice!! i also want to go to HK and stay at disney hotel!! 🙁 expensive?

  18. David says:


    Wow! You are so awesome in the denim shorts and leopard print leggings!

    Please, please translate; …”But no lo she’s the most shopaholic and most camwhore kaokao one, pui fook! ”

    Raging manglish above.

    Compliments to Red Mummy, she had to be the hottest mother of two in HK Disney!

    More adventures and pics please!


    (be wary of pumpkins….) 😉

  19. Kimberly says:

    Nice!!!!!! Too bad Paris Disneyland don’t have fireworks 🙁

  20. Lisa Cheah says:

    How come some people get to bring significant others?
    Why did you not bring meeeeeeee? 😛


  21. shuts says:


    lovely pics there, esp with ur curls
    May I know which brand of curlers/tongs n sprays u use? cos the curls seem lasting n well-defined.
    Sorri for the randomness. =))

  22. Abby says:

    hahaha i know wht you mean! sometimes you r too busy taking pictures n then wanna look and take , look and take… very sien the next thing u know all OVER ALREADY! :O

  23. JD says:

    By the way you dress, looks like it’s very cold wor…

  24. meili says:

    d room’s toiletries is so so cute i think i need to save more more money to stay in d disneyland hotel if i ever go again.i checked d website.it’s friggin expensive.. 😥

  25. annant says:

    lurvely pichas 😀
    what do u use on ur hair to hold da curls? hair mousse?

  26. absolutelybd4 says:

    what brand of curler you’re using? Nice before and after effect.Perhaps post us a technique how you can make such a nice and gorgeus curl. **kira kira**(bling bling in Jap)

  27. Janice Phua says:

    wa love love love love love 😈 😈 😈

  28. raiz says:

    I’m going to HK May next year…I think I’ll melt on the floor & get stepped…. :dunno:
    I like your curly hair & i wanna curl my hair liao… 😆

  29. KY says:

    #9 looks like elephant!

  30. candlelyn says:

    excellent trip!!love disneyland~yahoo!!

  31. why you say asterisk it’s snowflakes what hahahahahaa you damn cute <3 and your pink cicak on head also cute what! better than mine that looks like sherlock holmes =.=

    • cheesie says:

      Cream Cake Princess!!!!

      asterisks memang look like snowflakes ma!! haha the minnie hat looks cute on you what turf and when i browse the photo i kept laughing at your Stitch expression ROFL <3

  32. beverly says:

    nice outfit! you are so pretty! haven’t been to hk disneyland but i’m planning to go next year. so excited to visit. it seems so nice from your pics.

  33. *envy* All these photos bring up happy memories. I love Disneyland! Love your summery winter outfit too!

  34. rosa says:

    what a happy place! everyone smiles like an idiots.. i mean angel, made me so jealous 😛

  35. hazel says:

    ahhh i love disneyland it’s so fun

  36. SuMin says:

    😉 *jealous* actually no..(but seriously hell yes!)
    i went to hk disneyland…but that time was summer..
    it was so what turf haaaaawwwwwtttt!!!
    and yea, the fire work is awesome! thumbs up up up!!!
    i wish i could go there in winter time… on christmas day is the best!

  37. seanna says:

    was the weather too cold and drying for contact lenses?

  38. J U N says:

    Love ya with leopard leggings! HAWT 😀 😀

  39. Ruby says:

    man~ See so many bloggers go dere~ I oso SO planning wanna go there! Y.Y

  40. Disneyland definitely screams happiness. Sigh. Really really have to make it there one day. Btw, you look good! And have to agree with the hair curler thing.

  41. Emeryn says:

    Wow it seems so nice! I wanna go~ But no $$$. already bought tickets for next year August instead. *_*

  42. yan says:

    Damn jealous now. Hahha. Great shopping craze!! And I wan to ask u hor, got any gai siu on cheap and super nice colour lens or not? :O I go and ask those optical shops all sell rm50 per month one wtf. quite expensive for me. >.<

  43. wen pink says:

    awww so much fun!!! i really like how u looked like in tat leopard theme!! damn chio!! and well done for taking such a beautiful pic on #16 the snowflake tree through the hologram. It must be really hard to get a pic like tat esp when the hologram is so damn small!

  44. Gwen says:

    First time at your blog and its damn chio!! I LOVE PINK!!! 😆 😆

  45. wei says:


    Oh nice Fireworks.

    Can I check with you if the firework performance is on every night or only on certain days?


  46. WP says:

    No lah, the Stitch doesn’t look like cicak! I saw that it was a Stitch (so cute!!!), just wondered what it was doing on your head! 😛

    Haha they got nothing better to do, got Mickey butter some more… and anyway looking at your sandwich (is it sandwich if it’s not covered on the other side?) I didn’t even think of Jumbo, I only thought of Mickey! Blame the bread lah. lol

  47. Ly says:

    Hey I’ll be heading to Korea next mth (winter) n I am intending to wear shorts + warm thick leggings to the theme park!

    So I was wondering if it’s extremely cold when u wore shorts only to disneyland? 😛


  48. Stephanie says:

    What’s the full name of the Disney Hotel?It’s the one outside or inside Disneyland?I want to book it now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  49. Wendy says:

    hello there!!
    i just wanna ask.. r u using canon g11 or g10?.. im interested in buying g11.. so i wanna ask you how are you liking it?
    for me, i use my camera for travel photography, food and myself…
    any advice you’d love to give?

  50. TravelingApe says:

    Too bad the photos of Disneyland In The Stars firework are blurry, but at least you enjoy it to the max.

    I managed to take many shots and even a couple of videos of the firework: –

    Enjoy the videos! 😉

  51. ear flap hats…

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