Hong Kong shopping!!

November 24, 2009 in Hong Kong


Ok the mall you all want to go is called Argyle Centre! If u take the MTR to Mongkok station, just follow the direction of Exit D2 and it will be right outside the exit. Thank you JoyJoyce for the info!! <3



Too many Disneyland pix i decided that i’m too lazy to edit 40000 photos so i’d blog about shopping first.

It was so awesome i still feel the happiness up till now (maybe because i haven’t really unpack yet.)

(i reckon instead of unpacking, i should just re-pack it since im going to Japan soooooon)


To be honest i almost hated my last trip to HK. I thought the fashion was horrible and the weather was crap. Therefore I didn’t expect much before this trip because i’ve already been to Disney HK and all that. But i guess the girls made it so so worth it. Everyone was so nice and fun and girly and shopaholic BIG <3!!! I don’t think i’ve ever had a awesomer all-girl shopping trip!

Anyway! I am so so glad that we met up with Suet.

Without her, i’d prolly be still sulking here thinking why everything in HK so expensive! Suet brought us to this shopping mall in Mongkok (i couldn’t remember what it is called, i think is Mongkok Zhong Sum or something, Suet help!!)

We <3 you Suet!!!

Wendy and i and Suet just went completely crazy in the mall because we only had 3 hours to do our speed shopping what turf. T____T

So busy shopping this is like the only pic we took together in the mall.

I think maybe this is my happiest purchase. I always have trouble finding a cap that fits me perfectly. You think caps are all the same but they are not! Some make me look like a mushroom or whatever but i finally found my perfect cap!!!

But i dunno why it says Seven. nemai. it will be my lucky number from now on.

Happy shopping!

Tim and Aud and Ming and Mike went to some famous restaurant for lunch but the 3 of us sacrificed the best goose or whatever in the world for SHOPPING. We believe that’s the most important thing in the world.

We can has nom!

Wendy and i had the famous Mango Lou tapao because we were so short of time must fully utilize every single second to hunt for good bargain T_T

Summore Wendy said “No one’s allowed to eat or pee or drink unless we’re really dying” god gotta love that attitude it’s gonna be my shopping motto nao!


I always thought that my pink craze is finally over, until i shopped with Wendy. It unleashed all the pinkness in me all over again -___-.

I think she bought like a million pink bags. In addition to the 10 cheezillion pink bags she already has.




Share with you some of my prized purchase!

In fact all of us bought almost all the same stuff because great minds think alike and all that we just have super brilliant taste in fashion what turf. It was so great!


Pink leopard print dress. Wendy got the original uhm, leopard color.



OMG totally love this pink and fluffy! Suet and i got the exact same bag and we were so so happy!

fur dress: HK$195

Pink bag: HK$ 95


My perfect Seven cap and fluffy scrunchie for my hair bun! 😀




Disney notebook omg buy two for 50% off! Aud and i each bought one!!

HK$135 for two


We already started to conteng!


Juicy wedge sandal. Wendy bought two pairs, in addition to the 129837 other pairs she already has.

HK$75 (i think)


Freaking huge My Melody bag can fit the entire Fourfeetnineaud inside can.

Wendy, Aud and i each bought one because it was so ridiculously cheap we were practically grinning like idiots when we left the stall.


But mine is already dirty after being tortured and beaten up in the custom fml sorry my melody T___T


Satin gloves

been looking for it foreverrrrrrrrr



Violet and light pink extension woohoo

HK$10 each


Damn sweet cardigan for like, HK$30!!!!


Disney slippers for HK$… zero!


You gotta <3 Disney! 🙂

Sob really shop until damn broke & look bao card, hou yam goong ah what turf T_T



Ok that’s all!!! Disney pic soon! (Hopefully!)



Before i end this post i’m going to be super nice to you because i’m in such an ecstatic mood and streamyx is loving me today again, super speedy!


Nah. Vivi Jan 2010 🙂

Vivi Jan 2010
Stored in Hong Kong | 152 Cheesed

152 responses to “Hong Kong shopping!!”

  1. michiika says:

    woot! I love the pink bag and the fur dress! ♥ Sounds like you had a loooot of fun ^^~ and Xiaxue’s hair tied up like that is just so cute XD

    Mango lou looks so delicious ;__; I wanna eatt.. om nom nom..

  2. yumii says:

    T__T shopping. so cheap sumore everything… T___T damn love the cardigan weh… and the juicy wedges.. want go shopping osooo… T___T no, lemme rephrase that. i want go CHEAP shopping osooooo…. T__T

    kesian, why Audrey didnt ikut you all??? great cheap buys weh! 😈

  3. felicia zoe says:

    Quite cheap eh~ I thought Hk is quite expensive cuz its a tourists area~ I think the satin gloves is nice~ Its hard to get one here in M’sia.

    • cheesie says:

      thats what i thought the first time i went to HK!!!!!

      din like it at all.

    • felicia zoe says:

      sometimes we see cheap n unique things we buy it without thinking~ after come home try den feel its not nice already… happens to me a lot times after i shop.. ;P do u wana try dye ur hair like wendy’s hair colour? I m curious how you would look like in that colour.. ^_^

      • cheesie says:

        nooooo i dunno how she keeps her hair so damn nice still. if i bleach it i’d prolly go botak the next day.

        oh u can see me in blonde hair when i was Henrietta Ze Hunter. 😛

  4. Francesca says:

    yayyyy finally can open n read ur blog !!! im missing all the fun :@
    seriously i tot how ex is HK then u posted bout this only now ! if i knew bout it in august 😳 boohoooo
    dont kno when i can go ther again

  5. Carmen says:

    Great entry…loved the pics and nice to see you still sound so energetic after what sounded like a really hectic time shopping

  6. Tey Cindy says:

    where’s my ballOOn?!?!?! lolol

  7. glo-w(previously siew pao girl ;p) says:

    WA SO CHEAP!!!!!!!! u must find out d name of places^^ plan 2 go nxt yr…if post with d map oso good^^

  8. aww i love the pink leopard dress!
    and its cheap, seriously!! aww!

  9. tzia says:

    7 is my lucky number! 😀
    I totally in love with the pink bag you got, it’s so pretty! gosh!

  10. pinky says:

    i want to go hong kong tooo!!! ok.. after bangkok and bali… 😛 hahahah

  11. stupidgirl says:

    the satin gloves so elegant!!!!
    and the free slippers also very cute! 😆

  12. axiao says:

    wow it’s really cheap for all ur purchases..must get all the shop name from suet b4 she forgets abt them…

  13. rach says:

    Awwwww….missed! you’re in HK! me too..aiks…but u got tonned of fun..and i’m always stuck with work..n again..

    great shopping ! loved it..I can feel you excitement and happiness! 🙂 😈 😈

  14. neko says:

    😈 so nice n worth buying~! i tot HK stuff vy expensive~ u gals manage to get so many stuff in 3 hour~!? 😯
    thank for da ViVi~!! 🙂

  15. Sweet says:

    wow! you girls look so cute! <3

  16. Reversible says:

    You are on VIVI Jan’10 cover?

  17. Adrina says:

    Eh, that pink bag can get in Malaysian blogshops for below RM60 leh :X

  18. Adrina says:

    Btw, can change the pic shown when I leave my comments? Lol..I dun wanna be stuck as a robotic fatty ;p

  19. cathj says:

    uhhhh… nice shopping…. must remember the shop name… 😛

  20. Yvonne says:

    omg… i recognise (i think?) that shopping centre u were in… that tiny shop u took picture with suet.. that’s where I bought my prom dress… ^-^ I miss HK

  21. Chriso says:

    why got nothing for me one. u lai. 🙁

  22. Wow…Finally got a peek into your stuffs that you bought and i gotta say the Juicy Couture pink wedge is so so so cute!!!! And I love the organizer too!!! No wonder you were raving about how happy you are while unpacking the stuffs you bought. It’s like Xmas all over. =D

  23. David says:


    Some very good fashion finds!

    Suet, Wendy and you make for a hot shopping trio!

    Any chance you and Wendy can have a photo shoot in your leopard print dresses?
    That would be a boomz shoot.


  24. CAroline says:

    Thanks for the magazine sharing! And i love looking as shopping buys!! Wonderful!

  25. Elle says:

    whoah nice haul 😈 love the juicy wedges. originaaal?

  26. choco says:

    sob. i want the pink leopard dress.

  27. Kim says:

    Thanks for the vivi mag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u are awesome! 🙂

  28. Elaynne says:


    Faster blog more about your HK trip and make me jealous!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  29. SuMin says:

    wth?!! i’m totally in <3 with the disney character notebook!!! i want it T______T

  30. candlelyn says:

    the #4 disney notebook sooooo cute! i like it!

  31. aud says:

    YOUR SHOPPING T_________________T

    feel like dying!!!! close eyes dowan to see d

  32. vonnnnn says:

    i LOVE that mango loh. majorsuperextremegilababi LOVEEEE 🙂 cant wait to have it again nx month 😀

    ps : is it as cold as i said ah??

  33. Jess says:

    GOSH!!!! 👿 👿 👿 Cant wait to go shopping again in HK April.. so most of the bags3xx you got from that Mongkok Zhong Sum (Centre).. Must found out from Suet for us oh!!!!!! I will go crazy over pink too 😆

  34. Yuu says:

    OMG such great buys!!! I’m going to HK this Thursday!!! 😯
    Wondering if you could help me find the name of the place where you bought those mega cute stuff??
    I don’t want to go there but come home empty handed.
    Pls and tqs!!! :blush:

  35. joyjoyce says:

    the Mongkok Zhong Sum u are talking about is known as Argyle Centre in English…if u take the MTR to Mongkok station…just follow the direction of Exit D2 and it will be right outside the exit…

  36. Zoe says:

    I love that mall in Mongkok! And you can bargain there too!^.^ Makes it even more fun hahahah~~ Glad you had an awesome time in hk =DD

  37. sweatlee says:

    ehhh im too late! couldnt make a heroic entrance and tell people where that is wtf

    IT WAS SO FUN OMG damn nice to shop with u all! nice with u cause u so kiam like me, nice with wendy cause she is like the opposite of us wtf. taipei and shanghai next!

  38. Grace says:

    WA I want to go HK also T.T Very jehles leh T.T

  39. Oh my such a cute blog, and I love all of those things you bought:)

  40. vonne says:

    😥 yerrrrrr i also want that pink bag, the pink is *SO* PRETTY! *dying*

  41. WP says:

    WAH so much pink stuff!

  42. ashiebee says:

    the second pink top looks nice….and sweeeet :)) i like the shade! is shopping in hong kong that cheap kah? whats the exchange rate meh?

  43. JD says:

    I wished I am in HK now. Although my main shopping spree won’t be on fashion lar, mainly on gadgets and food!

  44. antan79 says:

    I’ve got the huge bag too, mine is Winnie The Pooh! Haha, I bought it at 女人街 during my trip to HK last year…

  45. dreamydolls says:

    gosshh…. mong kok chong sam is shoping paradise… * i heart 7*

  46. KY says:

    you looked tall! :p

  47. JL says:

    Great buys Cheesie 😈
    Keep it up!

  48. Audrey says:

    great advices you give, and tips on where to shop, make up, etcetc
    you share the (shopping) wealth. So kind!! thx 😉

    haha actually i went back like 21 pages of your blog!! You travel so much! Is it a tiring life, or very complete and satisfying? I was in Japan from 26 Dec ’08 until 3 January ’09. Shame didn’t get to see you there 🙁

    also, your photoshop skills are really good >.< and beautiful photos you post!

  49. Oh so fun! OYu all look super cute and I love Wendy’s new fringe (bangs). You fluffy pink sweater and bag are to die for – you’ll look like a big sweet pink cheesie pop. 🙂

  50. abraxis says:

    Waaah. Big SEVEN hat! 😛

    I’ll be in HKG in a week and a half but MY mission is to makan!!

    Glad to see u had a fun time there. Please note my flag…

  51. Tamstar says:

    ahh… love love the pink bag! and buttery cardigan. during CNY, i definitely wanna go to HK… ^_^ i need to scratch that shopping itch!!

  52. jyedesu says:

    that mall is an awesome place!~ it has SO many hidden ‘treasures’ inside.. i went completely nuts when my fren brought me to shop thr.. love tat place!~ =)

  53. sam says:

    hi cheesie, im new to your blog and i love it. can you believe i spent one whole week going through past entries and now im on page 86?

  54. hazel says:

    I love the juicy wedges!!! And thanks for sharing vivi magazine 🙂

  55. Jan says:

    i luv the leopard skin dress..
    in #1..
    u shud try put it on..

  56. Jessica says:

    babe!!!!!!!!! the pink and violet extensions are love!!! Bluek. but i still love my red ones! 😛 😛 got other eccentric colors like green n all ah?

  57. vvens says:

    wa! so nice!!! i like the pink stuffs you bought! 😆 😆 😆

  58. absolutelybd4 says:

    Ring Ring…is there a fastest way for me to download VIVI JAN 2010? Coz it took me 12hrs to download it than just dont know why I cant open it after it finish download. Apprecited if you can post a link for me to access it.You’re really my most ,most ..I mean THE MOST fav blogger now..have to read your blog like a daily routine. HAve a nice day!!!

  59. seowjiayi says:

    Hi, what do you use to open the Vivi downloaded file?

  60. Ani says:

    xD i go there everytime i go back to HK 🙂 you gotta know where all the cheap places are to shop keke.

    did you try those packet noodles in the argyle centre?!

  61. Carmen says:

    Hey Cheesie! <3 your hair !!

    Just wanted to know, do you get the hologram glasses thing at the entrance of disneyland or you must buy them somewhere in the park?

  62. may says:

    ya know, pokgai in cantonese is not bankrupt. its valgurities in cantonese in case you didnt know.

  63. Juliette says:

    I enjoy reading your blog 😀 ! But which prog should i use to open the mag scans? i can’t seem to open it. 😥

  64. Elizabeth says:

    WHERE DID YOU GET THE EXTENSIONS? 🙁 luckily, I live in hk kekekeke 🙂

  65. Ryma says:

    hi, your blog is very cool, i just discovered it, 😉
    thanks for sharing with us
    i wanted to ask you, since you’ve been to HK, and i guess you went on winter, and on summer, wich is the time you advice me to go to HK if my trip is about shopping, cute clothing, and sales? winter or summer? thanks for your help 🙂

  66. shopdeparis says:

    So beautiful, so gorgeous, so nice…. 😈

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