Katou Miliyah Cheat One™

December 6, 2009 in Make up Cheat One™

I really love Miliyah’s sense of fashion, not so much her songs but how she style herself and her make up!

Then i saw her beauty spread in S Cawaii and i thought, maybe i could cheat her look!!


Okay after some analysis, i found out a few trademarks about her looks (Miliyah Look™).

1. Doe Eye

2. Dolly cheek

3. Long bottom lash

4. Her signature hair.

So after mastering that 4 key points, you can has Miliyah Look™.

This is bare face with just color lens. I suspect Miliyah doesn’t use lenses at all, but without it i will look horrible so ahem excuse me.


Note how i trimmed the sharp edges off my eyebrows, because to achieve that doe eye effect, first you will have to have the doe eyes. Since you don’t, we will use the brows as a tool. Miliyah’s brows slant so downwards it is almost like a reverse pinball paddle.


But after shaping my brow, it is still not  / enough. Unless i make it almost botak. So you will have to draw your brow to create that effect.

Erm, just draw as / as possible.


See instantly get the puppy eyes! (Of course, trying to force an emo expression helps too)



Blush tint works really good because it gives a natural opacity. Apply across the apple of your cheeks, and then dab powder blusher to dramatize the color.


Eye time!!! Apply light shades of eyeshadows. And highlight the lower eye line. You will wanna shade your nose too because Miliyah has super perfect small nose and high bridge fml T____T.


Make sure your kohl pencil is sharp enough because you need to do some drawings!


After eyeliner, apply falsies on your upper lash.


We are going to create Cheat One™ falsies. Muahahah. For the lower lash.

It’s a super useful trick because it saves you time and $ (to buy falsies) and it looks really realistic if done skillfully! Plus False falsie = double negative = positive!!



Make sure the pencil is sharp enough. Mine is quite blunt but because i’m quite awesome so it’s okay.

First make four little dots so you know where to draw. Then continue to extend the lines outwards. It’s okay if it is thick because Miliyah’s are too.

I know you are itching to ask. But i didn’t PS the lens at all. It’s exactly like that. Since i think everyone will be asking and it will be mean for me not to share, i bought it from this website (so happened called Vivi too what turf). And i think it gives the lowest price of all Geo lens blogshop. You guys can buy from her she’s really nice. You can find her link at my Cheeseroll. It’s called Vivi fashion.


It will look like this.


Finish the other side too. Then complete it with two coats of mascara.


Final result.


Faster tell me how many % i have cheated the Miliyah Look™!!!

Of course you will need the Miliyah Hair™. You can find the tutorial HERE.


I know it doesn’t really look like me but i swear there isn’t THAT much photoshop!!! I didn’t even zhng the eyes!! It’s my powerful make-up!!


Trying very hard to look like i’m PMSing + constipated + people owe my money + my dog just eloped with a donkey!! Doe-eye look yo!!!



The Ultimate Cheat One Miliyah Look™


haha you can have your own Miliyah Template™ in my previous previous post. ^^


I successfully shaded my nose so omfg high it’s almost higher than hers muahahah!!!!


Have fun with your Cheat One™ look. ^^

272 responses to “Katou Miliyah Cheat One™”

  1. Tey Cindy says:

    Y u look prettier than her?! FHL lol!

  2. esther says:

    you do look prettier than her..

  3. sheon says:

    she looks ….depressed…… dun like. i prefer yours a whole lot better!

  4. melody says:

    ya! you look super gorgeous!
    love love love everything!
    i think you should really be on the mag in real life! kakaka

  5. miamy says:

    lovely post cheesie! I love the contact lens ur wearing.. haha thanks for sharing the link. 😀 you are awesome !

  6. Elle Zhang says:

    She permanently looks like she’s going to burst into tears. I love that drawing on of lower lashes, but won’t it be really obvious? WIll try it tonight!

  7. Xiaopei says:

    I prefer yours 😈

  8. Jo says:

    Hi Cheesie,
    90% alike! good job. I want to curi some skills too. LOL

  9. yumii says:

    😈 the contact lens damn siao one!! so nice weh!! i rike #15 the best!! Very Miliyah!!! =D hahaha, yea she does look like she’s bursting out in tears all the time!

  10. Gin says:

    wtf u seriously damn power can!!

  11. Reiko says:

    doe eyes are called ‘puppy eyes’ too. Saw a DIOR makeup artist teached how to do ‘puppy eyes’ makeup…
    These ‘pity’ look make-up technic really is HOT nowadays. 😆

    You really do look like Katou Miliyah here. Preeeeetty!!! 😉

  12. pinky says:

    ok fucking keng.. i salute. hahahha in pic 14 your lips damn pouty lo! I want to do the cheat oneTM eyelash alsoooo

  13. Jin says:

    You much looked uglier with that make up on.

    Gawd ~!!!!! :dunno:

    • yumii says:

      You look so much uglier with that attitude of yours and you cannot even spell God properly. Spelling ‘Gawd’ instead of God is not cool. It’s retarded.

  14. junk says:

    to say that u din ps much is humiliating.
    obviously tons of makeups and photoshops.
    you look so much different than the photos in the link that u gave us.

    • yumii says:

      Why is it humiliating? Why did it humiliated you? Why do you care? Are you related to her? What does her words hurt you? What does it have to do with you? Why do you feel humiliated? Are you okay? Are you retarded?

      • cheesie says:

        lololol i think im addicted to your comments. just like you to my blog.

        • junk says:

          wow ringo, seems like you have got urself a childish yet retarded FAN/stalker over there. 😆

          well its good to see that she helps you to reply comment that she thought it’s negative. At least you wont need to do the dirty work. 🙄

          • yumii says:

            omg! how did you know that I am retarded!!! i am impressed!! 😈 well, it always takes a retarded person to reply a retarded comment.

            since cheesie is not retarded, as her retarded fan, i think I should do the job lol.

            come one, the negativity you gave in your comment become even obvious in your second comment! So, kudos, my fellow retardant!

      • junk says:

        wow ringo, seems like you have got urself a childish yet retarded FAN/stalker over there. 😆

        well its good to see that she helps you to reply comment that she thought it’s negative. At least you wont need to do the dirty work. 🙄

        • haha says:

          LOL your name ‘junk’ is already sounds negative 💡

          • eve says:

            can u pls shut the fuck up yumii..if u adore her so much y dont u just go n kiss her ass? “comment box” obviously is for ppl to leave their comment..no matter good or bad..its jz bcause diff ppl have diff opinion…u r just so annoying n yea u r rite..u r pretty retarded…luckily u still realize that..

          • Porkie says:

            calm down ppl.

          • yumii says:

            if cheesie has no problem with my comments, I don’t think it should have any problem with you, eve.
            hey! u insulted me! i am not ‘pretty retarded’! i am VERY retarded!! nobody ask you to read my comments anyway. when u see my name, you can just skip it and enjoy other comments, you know? =D

          • j says:

            @eve, who doesn’t know opinions r like assholes everyone has one but if you show ur ugly ass in public you don’t blame others to kick your ass… 😛

            yumii 😈

          • yumii says:

            @j, thank you very muchie!! =D muacks!

  15. Misa says:

    heehee love the “flushed” look and doe eyes. damn cute <3

    #5, did you use mousse blush (i think that is what it is called?)

  16. Simon Seow says:

    Wei, the sales here is damn crazy. I just bought two Ralph Lauren & Polo Jeans T-shirt and a pair of Jeans for only HKD 499.50. The jeans alone cost HKD 1,200 before discount.

  17. fiionx says:

    she looks damn emo, at least yours looks cute and pity :D.
    good tutorial <3 me likey!

  18. Alvis says:

    Oh man you are good. so good 😈 😈
    especially the nose part, amazed.

  19. a!kO says:

    Love the cheat look 😀 I like #11, you look adorable, I feel like I wanna hug you and give you candies 😛

    And you got a new doggie?? 😀 nice

  20. dreamydolls says:

    wow.. this is good….

  21. WP says:

    I really don’t like this look (on you or on her)… I prefer your usual look. Why DO people like it??! :s

  22. Joan says:

    😈 😈 😈
    very nice! n cool lense! i buy mine from optical shop and its double of the price listed in the website you shared.
    cheesy, are they trustable?
    as in will it infect your eyes?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me Cheesie but are your lens Animation lens?
    They look great on you! 😀

  24. Jean says:

    Wow you are great! 😈
    How did you shade your nose to look so high? 😯

  25. Porkie says:

    Mirinyah the twin sister of Miliyah 😛 😀

  26. vvens says:

    nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i actually tried to play with the template you shared in your previous post! haha. i like your picture #15! very cute :3

  27. raiz says:

    😈 😈 😈
    I like the your lips…is very kissable… 😀

  28. Hayley says:

    You’re unique in your own way!! i hope to try it out too! 😉

  29. Apple says:

    That is awesome makeup! You look cute. Hee.

  30. Jess says:

    she looks so sad. 🙁 . while you are totally opposite !!! And definitely you rock it out !!! 👿

  31. cheesie says:

    wa thank you everyone for comments! ok i try to reply all nao. ^^

  32. xueni says:

    your ps-ed nose look so lonnnnggggg. ):

  33. lolla says:

    cheesie is SO COOL.hahaha.its really really helpful! do somemore 🙂 please do a cheat one long nose ^^ you’ve got real talent for this!

  34. KY says:

    more advertorials pls, i don’t understand all these cheat one ™ tutorials!

  35. takeshi says:

    That’s some ‘mad skilz’! You look better even than the character that you’re trying to Cheat One on!! Is that crazy or what?!

  36. cathj says:

    wow.. I like your looks than hers… woooppssss…

  37. Karen says:

    I love cheeserland 8) it’s my japanese fix. Thx for the scans too, too cheapskate to buy.

  38. mnda says:

    very nice! love the lower eye-lashes effect been wanting to try out lower-eyelash falsies ever since i spotted them in Sasa! getting more popular now eh?

    anyway, i’m on Team Cheesie!

  39. dg says:

    i love your cheat ones™ … very easy and inexpensive ways to achieve a certain look! totally for kiamsiap people like me 😆 well i don’t mean to say you or people who use cheat ones are kiam … but i think (and hope) you know what i mean
    your make-up and cheat ones tutorials are really helpful for a make-up amateur (got such term? LOL)

  40. Adeline says:

    haha.cheesie you look so cute. 😀

  41. aud says:

    seriously ur prettier lor! -_- she looks like she;’s going to cry !!!

  42. candlelyn says:

    This is power of cosmetic and also awesome make up techniques 😈

  43. GiGi says:

    you don’t need to look her to look pretty
    you are already so cute and pretty 🙄

  44. melo says:

    haha yes u are way prettier than her! 😀

  45. Sarah says:

    So pretty~! You look prettier than her. Her eyes are more ‘doe-er’ though. But I like your eyes more. 🙂 I wanna try too and show you but I dun have short bangs and dunno how to photoshop 😥

    p/s: I really like your make up posts!

  46. rainbow says:

    more tutorials! hair tut or make up tut, we girls are lovin’ it :D! awesome~

  47. kelly says:

    you are awesome ! 😈
    You really look alike with Miliyah 😉
    Great Job 😀

    i like #12 picture
    Both of you look like Twins ! 😆

  48. JD says:

    Wah almost looked like twins. You really can cheat on. I will take a rain check to make myself look like Milliyah.

  49. grace says:

    You look really good here. Twiggy used to draw her lashes with eyeliner as well, for definition.

  50. Summer says:

    Just discovered your site today! Can a white girl be a fan too?? You are so pretty, make amazing outfits, and love reading your blogs so far 🙂 very cool site!

  51. nise says:

    pls post more make up tips 🙂 I love it
    I tried to find, .. not sure if I search completely, but do you have makeup post for newbie? I meant I’m new to makeup and I have lots of questions. Can I ask you 🙂

  52. omg nice! really cheat one lol
    post more lol nice!

  53. annant says:

    we need to draw on da lower eyeline…or on da lower eye lashes? 😳

  54. Phoebe says:

    I think you missed out on something to make the eyes look more puppy eyed. Draw the eyeliner ends more down like hers. #17 Can see her eyeliner ends more obvious 🙂 Nice tutoriol anyway. The eyelash thing really work !!

  55. Charlene says:

    Wa.. go ‘keng’! Eh she drew her top eyeliner droopy also..

    Look so irresistably innocent/kelian. Haha

  56. hitomi says:

    OMG, that is so Perfect!!
    lol…will do that in next photoshoot then.

    Beforethat…I need to kill the Damn exam first!!
    Will come back after my exams ^^

  57. Allison says:

    very pretty cheesie.. good one 🙂

  58. tzia says:

    i prefer cheesie’s verson.
    i love it all. especially the last one!!! 😈 😈 😈

  59. R says:

    Love your Japanese inspired posts! MOARRR 😀

  60. L says:

    you looked great!
    your short hair tutorial only works for layered hair?

  61. David says:


    You really are prettier than Miliyah! She likely has people buying her clothing and she likely has professional makeup people to make her up before each appearance or photo shoot.

    You can pull off her look without all that professional help.
    BTW way, your glam is very hot without looking like Miliyah.


  62. Sarah says:

    eh I tried it today..just wanna let you know that liquid eyeliner works just as well for the lower lashes, if not better than pencil eyeliner cos of the pointy felt tip 🙂 And I made the eyeliner wings more droopy at the ends to get the doe eyes. The bottom eyelashes tip makes a whole lot of difference rite? Now if only I have short bangs.. 😈 Thanks for the tutorial Cheesie..

  63. WaiLynn says:

    Eei so same lor. I say 97%.

  64. michelle says:

    omg you look even prettier than she does after the makeup!! 😀

  65. clement says:

    omg so cute…..~

  66. aretha says:

    excellent tutorial ! you look really pretty too cheesie. 🙂 can you do a lena fujii tutorial next? 🙂

  67. 320 says:

    omg omg omg 😈 😈 😈
    i swared!!! i swared!!!!
    u loooook much more prettier than her!!!
    i like ur nose!!!!!!! how u shade it!!!! omg!!!!!
    so so so cute!! u definitely look different!!! i like this style lotsss!!!!! geng ar you!

  68. Jessie says:

    pretty pretty!! =D 😈

  69. Esty says:

    tsk tsk…this is fun! I can’t help but to try out too.

    Here is the link–> http://esty.xanga.com/photos/3a52e259889740/

    I don’t have a photoshop so I can only cut and paste my photo in it. 😥

    Hence, it turned out to be damn cacat and so much uglier than urs. Major fail. lol

    oh well…i tried. :mrgreen:

  70. latte says:

    i really don’t know how to put on falsies, i always make it so cacat, or so worried that it would fall off 😥

  71. Jaclyn says:

    take pic vry leng leng but if real world see like ‘something different’ haha i ever saw the mag’s readers did that bah they draw it hahahaha

  72. Huai Bin says:

    The hair tutorial didn’t work for my short crop. T_T

  73. shu ying says:

    Hello. First time leaving comment here. (:
    I totally dig your lens! 😉 mind to tell what series is tht lens?
    TQ 🙂

  74. SDR says:

    may i knw which type n color of lense ll make our eyes look bigger?? 😀

  75. neo says:

    u prettier then her wad..
    she lose d…haha

  76. joe says:

    Wow it’s really nice.. I have a question thou, how do you PS yourself to look so fair??? Cause you are more of the tan side.. Maybe you can do a PS video like xiaxue’s! 🙂

    Nicee makeup!!!

  77. Helena says:

    You look better than Miliyah. 🙂

  78. Doggie says:

    I like #15 pic! You look really pretty there! 🙂 Quite alike I would say but perhaps brown contacts would create a more alike image? 🙂

  79. Francesca says:

    lmao 😈 😈

  80. fraulinegoh says:

    exactly same, prettier den the model lah. and and and…some pic look exactly like may zhee! lol

  81. lemona[R]de says:

    you r much more cuter than her. seriously… FML.. someday i wanna be like u.. professional in make up.. love u cheesie.. say cheese.. :cheh:

  82. tastie says:

    #14 is chio cheesie 😥

  83. Vivian khoo says:

    hey,may i know what brand is ur fake flashes coz it look really nice. thanks!

    Nice makeup too =)

  84. yennies says:

    hey ring…. im here!
    ur look better..go fly over to publisher to show ur photos meo.. 💡

  85. cheryl says:

    You’re really pretty! hmm I was wondering can you make an angelababy look tutorial? Cause I think you pretty much resemble Janice Man and she sorta looks like her.
    Pretty please?

  86. SiaLingLing says:

    wow.. I am impressed….

  87. bunny says:

    i cant believe u take the time to reply each n every comment with supercheesy lame smileys and “oh thank you, *blushes*. shit man ur 24, got to grow up soon. imagine saying those things out loud, i think someone would slap you. the kawaii culture may sound cute to others, but it is exactly what makes men in japan treat girls like shit. exactly what made UR ex bf forget about your safety and get pissed because u didnt stand there waving like an idiot whenever he dropped u home.

    dont confuse doe eyes and emo looks with that lame peace sign kawaii pose attitude that most 17 yr old girls in Malaysia wanna copy and do in those sticker pictuer machines. and you’re not 17.

    u can speak japanese really well, you’re smart, you’re funny. give yourself a reality check once in a while please.

    • cheesie says:

      thanks for reading each and every of my comment but i really don’t want to turn this into an outdo each other’s nastiness thing.

      I’m just making an effort to reply everyone and despite your insult, i am not making you an exception. 🙂

      • bunny says:

        very nice reply lol. 😈 i was just trying to be a nasty flamer n see what you’d do. if it was xiaxue kena like shit already.


        keep blogging, i really do like your makeup and cheatone posts. and i wish u were there with me at sasa boutiques cos so many products are in japanese and although i’ve learnt japanese for 2 years i still cannot read kanji and it seriously cripples product descrption when u cannot read kanji man. it will go something like “this mascara….er….and it helps you create…er…..” =.=

        everytime i look thru the japanese brands at sasa like “kiss me” and the fiberwig mascara instructions i think “wish cheesie was here.

        wanan c husky pics soon.

      • yumii says:

        whoa. this is scary. *gulp*

        • bunny says:

          ahah! actually i was wondering what YOU were gonan answer to my bitchy post! i read the ones u answered to junk. lol.

          • yumii says:

            busy la. in contrary of what people think (yumii is so free that she refresh cheeserland every5 seconds waiting for trolls to comment), i actually haz a life ok!

            cheesie comment ady ma, i duwan kacau lo. 😉

            why you so ebil oneeeee!! damn confusing ok! actually i am still confused now. dunno when the next time when u launch an attack. =.=

        • bunny says:

          never gonna launch an attack again la. haha. i was trying to be one of those “holier than thou” righteous commentors u always get, you know, the ones so who so obviously read your blog everyday, but still wanna give you so called “constructive criticism” on how to write your blog and how to behave.

          did it very wel, even if i do say so myself. 😛 but i got the kawaii 17 yr odl girl thing from my friend who constantly complains abt it.

          i am not evil!

          and why is my comment logo this weird looking grape juice spill character.

    • wat the heck, test people pulak. 😳

      • bunny says:

        it’s good to c wat. there are only 3 really famous bloggers from asia, Xiaxue, Kenny and Cheesie. and kenny is out of the picture thanks to level up fitness. haih.

        did u read what xuesha (xueshasha.com) say abt flamers? sumting like “these keyboard warriors hide behind their computer screens and blabla bla or sumting”.

        it’s true wat. i cannot understand why ppl flame. if u dont like what u read and it has nothing to do with you, then leave la. why leave a nasty comment when u dont even know the blogger.

  88. jasmine says:

    woah u look japanese ;P

  89. dblchin says:

    is fking nice! I luv hw u do the bottom lash look! AWESOMENESS.

  90. leOn says:

    i think bunny fell in love with u. LAWL. 😆

  91. Tan Yee Hou says:

    flag test from starbucks!

  92. calvin W says:

    wow i wish i can look like tat..haha

  93. bunny says:

    nah i’ve been reading her blog for ages, since the cheese product reviews, which i love. and i’m wondering why she hasnt eaten the chee toos flaming hot snacks yet. sold in jaya grocer and bangsar village. very addictive.

    nah i was just wodnering how different bloggers react to flaming, like xiaxue gets all pissed off and gives an answer on the post itself, kenny mostly ignores them, cheesie answers them nicely. 😉

    • cheesie says:

      no leh. i just diu one flamer outright today. i think depends on mood one.

      • bunny says:

        serious meh. i’ve seen u deal with lots of flamers, don think u ever er “diu*’ one outright before. hmm.

        xiaxue got la, she dam scary. but im so happy for her!

        she kept saying before mike is white, he dont believe in the marriage thing, he said living together already like being married. now he really went and proposed!

        • Porkie says:

          There was one before who got a real roasting from Cheesie, lets just say that person lost a lot of face for what she said.

          • bunny says:

            serious. cool. dat means she got two sides. ah well, too bad i got the good side. i would have loved to see a dam garang cheesie reply my “flame”.

  94. tana says:

    Wow,cheese lady!you look more more prettier than miliyah!true! 😈

  95. ling says:

    Wow… u’re mad genius!!!

    The look is uber cool, and definitely looks better than the original… 😉

  96. HeyEstelle says:

    😈 woohoo cheesie 😉

  97. Jessy says:

    OMG! so gorgeous and kawaii! I prefer yours Better 😈 !

  98. Lorraine says:

    I like it! 😀 Damn innocent -.- hah.

  99. Alison says:

    Love your contacts. Which model is it?

  100. cat says:

    😈 😈 😈 😈
    i like this post.. post more on tutorial stuff 🙂
    u looks cute n pretty 🙂

  101. gagi says:

    you really look great! wish you can post ps tut on how to make the nose look way longer, smaller whatever la ! just niceer! :p

  102. budlee says:

    “See instantly get the puppy eyes! (Of course, trying to force an emo expression helps too)”


    this cracks me up :))

  103. Janet says:

    hiya cheesie,
    Ur a real PRO!!! so nice!!! Luv it!! Its so so so FAB!!
    I’m so gonna try this later….
    Keep it up!!! s0 excited for the next Cheat…(“,)

    By the way, yours is much much prettier than Miliyah luks’ ~ (^_^)~

  104. joe says:

    lol I just remembered that in your Vivi-fy Cheat one post, you said you did max photoshopping and now you said there isn’t ‘THAT’ much Photoshop! Haha!

  105. cyn says:

    Cheat one, hahaha….don’t take it too seriously, when she says tons of ps, it could mean little ps when she says not much ps it could mean ps to the max…just enjoy!

  106. Grace says:

    this looks great cheesie! first time visitor to your site 🙂

    can i know the exact brand/color of eyeshadow you used to shade your nose? i do shading too but find that the browns i have are too dark ^^;;;

    thanks so much! =)

    • cheesie says:

      welcome!!! Actually, any color as long as it is the same shade as your skin but 3-4 shades darker. I was actually using a brown eyeshadow. If it is too dark, just blend it with loose powder till it looks natural.

  107. 😯 YOU PWNED MILIYAH’S LOOK! but i think if you looked a little sadder, it would have been purrrfect 😀

  108. jesslyn says:

    Hi ! Am a new reader of your blog !

    Hahas would like to try out geo lens after reading this post , which are your favourites ?
    I like the more natural looking, make eyes big kind , which ones do you recommend ? 😀

    thankyou for this cheat too ! It’s great !

  109. Amanda says:

    cheesie,wah u damn pro in make up lah!! if i were a beauty agency i would definitely hire u as my make up artist =D

    i like your make up look better than hers actually.. very well done! =))

  110. Cyndi says:

    Your make up is even more successful then her! Even prettier~

  111. shimin says:

    hi for the cheek you use what or it is powder ?

  112. wen pink says:

    I wan a honey orange blusher! omg u so cute!! U look like a doll!! AHHH!! *jealous to the max*

  113. Jaena says:

    I think you used the wrong shade of lip gloss?
    Could have gone with a nude shade.
    But you did an awesome job 😀

  114. nyan says:

    omg you did well! so well, you look SO much better!!!!! seriously!

  115. bloomzy says:

    I’m always looking for Gal-inspired cheats, so thanks for this 😛

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