I really love Miliyah’s sense of fashion, not so much her songs but how she style herself and her make up!

Then i saw her beauty spread in S Cawaii and i thought, maybe i could cheat her look!!


Okay after some analysis, i found out a few trademarks about her looks (Miliyah Look™).

1. Doe Eye

2. Dolly cheek

3. Long bottom lash

4. Her signature hair.

So after mastering that 4 key points, you can has Miliyah Look™.

This is bare face with just color lens. I suspect Miliyah doesn’t use lenses at all, but without it i will look horrible so ahem excuse me.


Note how i trimmed the sharp edges off my eyebrows, because to achieve that doe eye effect, first you will have to have the doe eyes. Since you don’t, we will use the brows as a tool. Miliyah’s brows slant so downwards it is almost like a reverse pinball paddle.


But after shaping my brow, it is still not  / enough. Unless i make it almost botak. So you will have to draw your brow to create that effect.

Erm, just draw as / as possible.


See instantly get the puppy eyes! (Of course, trying to force an emo expression helps too)



Blush tint works really good because it gives a natural opacity. Apply across the apple of your cheeks, and then dab powder blusher to dramatize the color.


Eye time!!! Apply light shades of eyeshadows. And highlight the lower eye line. You will wanna shade your nose too because Miliyah has super perfect small nose and high bridge fml T____T.


Make sure your kohl pencil is sharp enough because you need to do some drawings!


After eyeliner, apply falsies on your upper lash.


We are going to create Cheat One™ falsies. Muahahah. For the lower lash.

It’s a super useful trick because it saves you time and $ (to buy falsies) and it looks really realistic if done skillfully! Plus False falsie = double negative = positive!!



Make sure the pencil is sharp enough. Mine is quite blunt but because i’m quite awesome so it’s okay.

First make four little dots so you know where to draw. Then continue to extend the lines outwards. It’s okay if it is thick because Miliyah’s are too.

I know you are itching to ask. But i didn’t PS the lens at all. It’s exactly like that. Since i think everyone will be asking and it will be mean for me not to share, i bought it from this website (so happened called Vivi too what turf). And i think it gives the lowest price of all Geo lens blogshop. You guys can buy from her she’s really nice. You can find her link at my Cheeseroll. It’s called Vivi fashion.


It will look like this.


Finish the other side too. Then complete it with two coats of mascara.


Final result.


Faster tell me how many % i have cheated the Miliyah Look™!!!

Of course you will need the Miliyah Hair™. You can find the tutorial HERE.


I know it doesn’t really look like me but i swear there isn’t THAT much photoshop!!! I didn’t even zhng the eyes!! It’s my powerful make-up!!


Trying very hard to look like i’m PMSing + constipated + people owe my money + my dog just eloped with a donkey!! Doe-eye look yo!!!



The Ultimate Cheat One Miliyah Look™


haha you can have your own Miliyah Template™ in my previous previous post. ^^


I successfully shaded my nose so omfg high it’s almost higher than hers muahahah!!!!


Have fun with your Cheat One™ look. ^^