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January 31, 2010 in Cheddie&Pets

I am actually lazy to blog, but i think everyone is afraid to come to my blog nao because i got shit pictures 🙁

Nah here’s some nicer pictures to drown the shit. ^^


My Cheddie after cutting her hair. She looks sooooooo small nao!


Taken when i was back to Seremban. <3


My mom omfg revamped my room ala the Nippon Paint style. Wtf she green come out of blue (qing chu yu lan)!!!

Got little paw prints on the walls. So bloody cute don’t you think? My mom is a cheesnius. 😀



I just looooooove it when she yawns!


One more!!

Cheddie has a mole on her tongue. A big black spot. They say dogs with spots on their tongue very fierce one. IS IT TRUE!!!!

Ok la tomorrow i blog good stuff. No more shit.




Ok post end here. Stop scrolling liao. If you scroll down summore you will see shit again.

55 responses to “Ok la”

  1. Labby says:

    Haha so cute! I never knew dogs have moles on their tongue! How you teach Koyuki to speak! 😯

  2. kiwi says:

    Homggggggggg. Cheddie is damn adorable. can’t stand it. Especially in pic #1. Lol. I know cannot see her face, but I think when she lies down and her back legs kinda stretched out like that, that is full of win! <3

  3. chuan says:

    Miss Ringo Tan, u put ur cheddie at ur mom house ah? Then the Koyuki leh? 2gether with u?

  4. Simon Seow says:

    I came from permalink. So, I don’t see shit lol.

  5. yumii says:

    ahhh so cutee!!! she’s soooo tiny!!! did momma cheesie used cheddie’s paws to imprint on the wall? hehehehe! 😉

  6. Claudia says:

    Cheddie is totally adorable!!!
    I love what your mom did with your room, the paw prints are to die for 😛

  7. melody says:

    wakakakaka yayyyyy cheddie bribeeeeeeeeeeee
    we need more bribes pleaseeeeeeeeeee
    esp after the post belowwwwwwwwww
    wanna c koyuki toooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kara says:

    Ha… I recommend you mosaic the shit next time…
    Btw, I want to see the mole… the #4 pic don have mole leh…

  9. sweewon says:

    HAHAH you made me LOLed at your last sentence, and I really stopped scrolling! wtf.

  10. Tian Chad says:

    Cheddie is a spiderwoman which left footsteps on the wall =)

  11. Irene says:

    I always like your post abt dogs, esp cheddie, love to look at her very much… can u tell me, why u have to sent cheddie to your mum’s plc instead of koyuki? u also can keep both of them…

  12. JD says:

    Ok, lucky I managed to stop scrolling before the shit. Haha. But the shit is not all that bad lar. I think I also want to do a Nippon Paint makeover.

  13. jolene says:

    aiya see shit ok lah.. as long as no need to see ular..

  14. tzia says:

    cheddie is so cute! ♥♥♥

  15. JunJun-Riko says:

    har??!! 😯
    my Brownie has lotsa spots on her tongue wor???!!
    i don’t think she’s fierce though… just very active. o.O

  16. choco says:

    Did Cheddie gets a puppy cut! Looks like Shih Tzu now, heheh. so cute. in the first pic where she piak on the floor looks exactly like mine! only color different and mine fatter 😛 <3

  17. Holly says:

    I admire your commitment to your job. Such a frequent blogger!!!

  18. Ying Bin says:

    Cheddie is super cute la! 😉

    I want a dog also,a chow chow. 🙁

  19. Reiko says:

    Cheddie is such cutie!!! Much more cuter than you! You lose! Haha! 😆

  20. WP says:

    Oh, cute! I love the wall design too!

  21. Cheryl says:

    awwwwww, cheddie is really cute! what about koyuki? more videos and pics of her pls! 🙂

  22. raiz says:

    she has a long cute tongue.. 😆

  23. Ping says:

    *nods* more spots more fierce. in general la. though i do encountered before a dog with spots on the tongue but not fierce wan! but that’s like 1 out 10.

  24. Amy Huang says:

    LOL yeah that shit post was a little gross 😀
    But this one makes up for it.
    you’re both sooo cute ^^

  25. David says:


    Cheddie is adorable, you are adorable, and so so so cute!

    More bribes please…

    Wow, are your followers easy to please?


  26. Steph says:

    I have a Terrier dog and she has a mole on her tongue too… and she is very garang… hehe… i guess is true 😛

  27. kawaiirubie says:

    awww small dogs are so effing cute.

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