Since the weather was warm i braved myself to wear short dress and tights T_T



I am selling this hat. Who wants?





Harajuku T_T

Because TK hasn’t gotten what he wanted because the dead rockband dude’s shop was closed remember. T_T


His fav shop. What turf why i look so happy one. Cheat One.


He shopped in some men store so i got bored and started camwhoring -_-.

FML today was his shopping day liddat. WHAT ABOUT ME?????????

(Ok i’m very sure i went to Liz Lisa again but i was still waiting for the new year sale lo. Today is just 30th of Dec, i think.)


This pic is the usual Show Off What I Wear Inside pic again. Cuz my fluffy pink dress so damn cute totally cannot see under 5 degree Celsius weather.


Ayumi Trucks wtf!


Today is Ikebukuro day!


Damn 7 a lot of people can die.

There’s this huge mall in Ikebukuro called the Sunshine City. It’s full of horrible Obasan fashion, but it has got a theme park called the Namja Town and a skyview deck.

Everyone should go to Namja! It’s really fun!


The mascots of Namja, they all have different names if you bother to look at the website.

Basically it is a park infested with cats characters (my host parents would so love them) and erm, ghosts.


Even meals are of cat!!!! T____T


I love it because it is very creepy and ghastly and fun but not scary at all 😀


You change some Namja Currency to play.


Wahahaha we went to this place called the Hell Hotel what the hell.


We are so different can. No matter how scary it is, i am fine, because so far i haven’t been to any haunted mansion that is actually scary enough to make me go omgwtfbbqkfcmamamia.

On the other hand he could go on a super jet coaster and would sulk if i refuse to sit with him FML MAX. I hate jet coaster, or anything to do with speed/height max.

Nao he was begging me not to go into the Hell Hotel HAHAHAH.






BOO lolol


Wa i love this thing.

It is a sink, and inside the sink there’s a mirror. So just like any other girl when i see a mirror i wanna do something to my hair so i stared intently into it and started fixing my oily fringe.

And this is what i saw.


😀 :D:D

So cute!!!!


Ok this is some Izakaya old uncle mincing gyoza or whatever so if you put your hand inside it would be chopped off lol.


Inside Namja town got Ice Cream City!


And they have all kind of ridiculous ice cream flavor you can ever think of!!!


Chicken Wing Ice. Look the chick is like so happy that his arms are about to be chopped off.


Gyutan Ice. FTS. The cow will never look at this smiley—> 😛 the same way ever again:


And so i got Hokkaido Snow Crab Ice Cream, cuz i still feeling nostalgic about Sapporo and all that wtf.


If you ask me how snow crab ice cream tastes like, i will tell you,

it tastes like, snow crab ice cream.

I’m serious.


Whoa chocolate fountain in like, 30 over flavors FTS.


More cat thingies.


Omg did i tell you that they have this Gyoza Town. There are like 2837873 gyoza specialty shops selling 8237873230 kinds of different gyoza what turf!!!!!!

By the time you have decided which of the 8237873230 to order, you are already grumpy and fungry. And while you eat, you will still be wondering what if you have ordered no.33934, or how would no.872014 taste like. FYL.


This is no.1381237. It was yummy.



Then we went up to the Skyview Deck!!!!!


Romantic max.



Sorry the name skipped my mind. I’m sure you will know one.


Night view!!!!!


The whole Tokyo city 😀

Can you spot Tokyo Tower anot!!!!! 😀


Cheat One snow.


Tea over the sky of Tokyo. Or the sky of Tokyo over a cup of tea. What turf i’m confused.



Emo Cheat One


Went back to hotel!


Their pajama so cute one.



Supper is the best potato chips in the whole world.

It is called Jaga Pokkuru.


Allow me to say again. The best potato chips in the whole wide world.


After supper, had to do advertorial summore FML.

#47 “Look where’s my arm?”

Remember these pix? lolol.