*wink *wink*wink*wink*wink


I know right. I really don’t mean to show off one. I really really wanted it badly. If you read my Japan entries you would know how i stood in front of the Dolly Wink counter in Don Quixote for half an hour then left with a broken heart because i was too kiam to buy them! T_____T



It is nao available at all Sasa outlets in Malaysia. Go buy!


So there are 8 types of Dolly Wink. You can read my bitter Cheat One™ entry to find out more.

Also they have eyeliners and other products. Will review most of them today!


Since i have *ahem ALL *ahem  of them, i can’t possibly finish trying everything in one day (so wasteful)! But i am eager to share with you all, so today i chose my favorite two pairs of upper lash and bottom lash for review.

The rest maybe i post next time okay!


My favorite is No.2  Sweet Girly and No.6 Baby Cute.

Sweet Girly is the most kua cheong  one, as i already have eyelash extension so i need something really super bushy max. Whereas Baby Cute looks really challenging to put on, so i am going to try these two.


But first of all let’s try out the liquid eyeliner.

I love it very much! (I really do, Dolly Wink never paid me so i don’t need to wipe their ass)

It gives you really fine lines and better control compared to other eyeliners i have used. And very very smooth! However i’m not very sure if it is super long lasting/super water proof.


Pencil Liner.

I used it to line my inner lower lash line (just like Tsubasa’s). Personally i’m not a super fan of pencil liner, so i find it average.


Falsie time!!!

No.2 Sweet Girly.


Did i mention that Dolly Wink also has its own eyelash glue?

I mean, every pair of Dolly Wink comes with a little tube of glue, but i recommend you buy separately. Looks just like a lip gloss damn cute!

And i loooove the glue. It doesn’t have the usual horrible smell  of eyelash glue (it actually smells good!), and then thin brush makes it so easy to apply! Absolutely recommended!


Stick on (on top of my lousy, horribly arranged eyelash extension)!


It is sooooooo easy to apply. I dunno how to explain. You just have to try it yourself.


Left side is after applying Dolly Wink. Right side is just my lash extension.

Haih. Sometimes i really feel sien to be a girl. Go to a wax salon have to pay RM100+. Do lash/hair extension have to pay even more. No matter wanna remove hair or add hair also have to pay crazy money.

Why can’t we just grow no hair where we don’t want hair to grow and more on our lash/head? Haih. F all the girl’s L.


Bird’s eye view wtf.

It is a bit messy because my extension dropped quite a lot T_____T

It should look perfect without extension.


Bottom lash time!

I recommend using a small tweezer to apply all the bottom lashes.


No.6 Baby Cute comes in point form (wtf like back in highschool writing essay) instead of one whole lash (one whole lashes? one whole piece of lashes?)

(ok i give up)

so erm you can apply as many as you like.

Everyone tells you that when you apply false lashes it has to be as close to the lash line as possible. But this doesn’t apply to bottom lash.

If you notice, all Tsubasa’s (and in fact, all Popteen/ Ranzuki/ Ageha models) bottom lash are very far apart from the lash line. This is to create bigger eyes and also the puppy-eye effect.


Something liddis. (I don’t think i have perfected the art of cheating bigger eyes just yet T______T)

It will look really odd without proper (read: super kao) make up, so be prepared to look like a 109 Gyaru in the end!


Adjusting the bottom lashes.

The good thing i noticed about the bottom lash is that, the adhesive part on the lash itself is gluey enough to stick on your skin without applying extra eyelash glue!

Awesome! 😀


Apply mascara kao kao on bottom lash to make it blend naturally with the falsie.

Contact lens from ViviFashion.


End product will look about liddis.


(Mom asked while she took pictures for me: Who turf’s gonna wear make up liddis and go out????)

(True. T_____T)

(Can all Malaysian girls be vain like me so we can dress up and make up kao kao go gai gai without looking like a freak because if everyone looks like a freak then nobody is a freak anymore. You get what i mean? :D)


Dolly Wink also has this eyelash case to put all your used lashes!



My precious Winkies to be re-used again. ^^


Ok that’s all.

The rest are all useless pictures.




I love my new wardorbe mirror!!! Can see the back of me 😀


Dress from BACI.

This is the 3-bow bare-back thing i saw everywhere last winter in Japan!!!!


Baby K


Baby C


Ok finito.

Bai. Remember to go to Sasa for your Dolly Wink!!!