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Old Style

March 31, 2010 in Commercial Break 30 Cheesed

Why didn’t i join the Dell Design Studio! Maybe i could have won! T___T Anyway, this is the winning entry of the Dell Design Studio Contest. Old Style by Amirul Hasrie He won vouchers and a Design Studio laptop with his own design on the cover. So jeles! Iosowan! >_< There was also a most […]

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Liz Lisa Real One™

No Cheat One™ this time. #1 #2 #3 #4 Laced Hat: Liz Lisa Brown Camisole: Liz Lisa Floral skirt: Liz Lisa Fluffy vest: Liz Lisa. Wig (Katou Miliyah style): Kimono Cottage (love it very much! Like real hair wtf!!!) . . Thanks. May sell the Liz Lisa items soon! . . . By the way […]

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Slurp slurp slurpee

March 29, 2010 in Commercial Break 61 Cheesed

Today, the weather is 37°C. On a hot max can die dot com afternoon, what do you crave the most if you are out door? And especially when you are near 7-Eleven? There’s no other answer. Now your favorite coolest drink on earth has just come out with a whole new video contest! And you […]

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March 27, 2010 in Malaysia 73 Cheesed

I’m home!!! This is my  first time visiting East Malaysia and i only have one comment for Sarawak. PEPPERY. -_- #1 They put pepper in everything as if pepper is free. Even the Sarawak laksa is peppery max! I bought some pepper thinking i could cook pig stomach soup (ju tou tong). But i think […]

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Liz Lisa Cheat One™

March 25, 2010 in Useless fashion 118 Cheesed

Ok. I am in Kuching now and I am having a truly FML moment. I brought my laptop but not the charger. T_____T So nao I am attempting to blog from my BB, all in html. I have all the pictures in the draft but I can’t remember which is which, so it’s all a […]

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Missing Husky

March 24, 2010 in Cheddie&Pets 65 Cheesed

Update: Returned Fei Fei to owner, but the other male husky Wolfgang is still missing. He looks like this: Please contact the owner ASAP if you have located Wolfgang. One of the #Porkgang members Eric picked up this husky this morning around PJ. Anyone lost a husky? We do not know what to do with […]

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