Since i’m all like, spring-obsessed, i decided to dress up my most loved Olympus PEN E-PL1 Liz Lisa spring style.

This Olympus is actually quite evil. After making me obsessed with the camera, nao they wanna tempt me to buy all their accessories.

The below accessories for Olympus PEN E-PL1 are loan items (again T___T). But i really really wanna get one for my cam. Help me choose which one is best okay!

#1 Leather hand strap RM140, Leather body jacket RM300

NO MORE boring black straps and  black casing!!!!


My Oly PEN is white, and i chose a white base with a white strap for it.

I love it very much because it protects your camera, makes it more steady and you can just press the ON button and snap pictures anytime. I think i’m gonna get this. AND OMG WHITE IS JUST VERY NAIS!

#3 Leather shoulder strap RM160

Very the innocent and pure and all that okay! Makes me look fashionable instead of a photography geek who’s wearing hideous black shirt and a nerdy pair of spectacles wtf.

#4 Leather camera casing RM350

Then there’s the leather camera casing. Comes in maroon and grey.


This is more secure because it protects the whole camera. And it fits the camera perfectly without being too bulky.


And if you wanna snap picture, you can always just lift up the cover and unlock another button on the side and turn the cover down.


There are also many pouches and fashion bags to choose from.

Leather carry-all bag RM350 leather bag RM200.


Hmmm on a second thought i think i’m gonna get this because it matches perfectly with the western cowgirl Liz Lisa spring style.


Small and easy to carry!


Erm then there’s the Carry-All bag. I think i really need this to carry all my stuff. The camera, the casing, charger and all. So convenient i can always use it as my handbag!


To complete the Liz Lisa look!!!!!!!!


The camera now looks really really good in picture (since it will always appear in my self-camwhore pictures wtf). You know last time i always try to crop the camera out because they were so black and ugly (that’s the reason why i blinged my camera always. But now my Oly looks so handsome i don’t think i wanna bling it anymore).


I just love it so much (more now!)





By the way, since everything is dessert theme now (my nails, my phone, my appetite…), i decided to give my little Oly PEN a sweet makeover lol.


LOOK AT MY DECO OLY PEN!!!! I have a name for her. Her name is DonutCam. I am now using donutcam full time. (CreamCakeCam got kicked into old drawer d wtf).


Posing with donut cam. and my sweet outfit is from ThePopLook, my new fav online boutique. Totally loving their pieces, it completes my spring time Liz Lisa look! Super duper efficient and great quality too!


Loving the white leather shoulder strap that matches my kago bag!!! <3



Camwhore with my DonutCam.


Super cute necklace from ThePopLook too!


Zong zi i love my DonutCam so much la! It is with me now in Melbourne! Will blog soon with more pictures taken with DonutCam!!!

Tell me which accessory looks the best ok. I’m putting my order now!

This post is brought to you by the awesome Olympus PEN E-PL1–My DonutCam.

PS: Pictures that are not camwhore are taken by my TragicCreamCakeCam, which obviously isn’t as good as my DonutCam!