A lot of you have asked about nice holiday places to go to. I hardly travel outside asia and the only times i traveled to ang moh countries were because of super value AirAsia fares. T___T. Would really love to explore more outside Asia but i guess right now, there are enough nice places nearby and accessible that i’d love to go back to.

(not in chronological order)


As much as i love Tokyo, i feel a deeper connection towards Osaka, maybe because i have been trained to speak Kansai slang for the longest time (once you master Kansai ben, you can never speak standard Hyojungo ever again. It feels disgusting lol). It is sort of like Cantonese versus Mandarin. Kansai ben is rougher, ruder, and funnier in so many ways. And the people there are more relaxed and have good sense of humor. Why do you think all the famous game shows hosts in Japan all speak Kansai ben!

Also, Osaka is said to be “the foreign country in Japan” because all the weirdest things happen in Osaka. Well, there was my notorious tragic experience in a porn theater. As much as it creeps the hell out of me, i still adore Osaka in a special way that i don’t to other cities in Japan.

2. Sapporo

I have not seen any other snowy place quite like it. Maybe because that’s the only snowy place i have seen in my life. But i just cannot forget about the soft velvety feel of the snowflakes, something about the name of the city itself is already romantic enough. Not to mention Shiroi Koibito, and giant snow crabs, and giant live scallop, and snow wolves (Koyuki eeek!), and ice cream in winter…

3. Kyoto

I was there for only 1 day, and it totally blew my mind away. It’s the most Japanese place in the entire Japan. You see geishas walking around in their expensive tasteful kimono, and you see the most famous temples while drinking the most traditional green tea etc etc etc. I would love love love to go back there in Autumn just to see the maples.

So, so far i have only been talking about Japan, and this is supposed to be my fav destinations around the world wtf.

4. Tokyo

May as well lo.

Well. What else, 109 and Harajuku. Enough said.

5. Bali

This year was the 3rd time i went to Bali. Every year the ticket price gets lower and lower. The first time i bought it for RM900. The second year RM400. This year RM123. Serious. I dunno how AirAsia does it. But it brings me back to Bali again and again and again. So since we saved heaps on air fare, we increase our budget a little every year so we could stay in better hotels. So far all our hotels/villas have been nothing short of breath-taking. So next year we are aiming for fanfuckingtasticorgasmicallyawesome hotel/villas.

6. Shanghai

Anything in China is possible. And  i like it.

Surprisingly, it is actually one of the cities i don’t mind staying in. It has everything you ever need, and it is impossibly cheap. It is so easy to live a good life in Shanghai.

7. Scotland

Of course, one of the most beautiful places i have been. Everything is like Harry Potter wtf. Just a train or a cheap flight from London (bought it for RM1700+ during AirAsia’s London promo, and flew EasyJet to Edinburgh for about 40 pounds), and it’s completely different from the polluted English city. Very goth, very fresh, and erm, a lot of sheep -_-.

8. Taipei

To be honest after my 4th visit, i kind of got bored of it. But since i have extra space i will slot it in. I like Taipei because it’s like a cheaper version of Tokyo. Girls are pretty, fashion is hip, food is great, people are friendly. I would go back there to shop if (touch wood) one day i can’t afford Japan anymore. During AirAsia’s promo, the fare is as low as RM200+. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

9. Tasmania

OMG black horse! Who would have thought! After my recent visit, i have decided that it was one of the best trips ever. I’m sure you read about it all in my previous entries and i’m sure you are convinced too. So need not elaborate more. It’s such a nice change from the main cities everybody else is visiting. You can fly AirAsia to Melbourne and Tasmania is just another 1 hour flight away.

10. Perth

Another surprise! As boring as people think it is, i really enjoyed my stay there. I was there for the Virgin festival and flew XL seat back via AirAsia. One of the best flight ever. Perth was my first destination in Australia and it really gave me a very good impression. I see good fashion on the street, i had superb food, scenery is amazing, and the weather was nice and breezy too (in April). Not to mention that i actually bump into people who actually know me. In err… Perth. And all my friends there are eager to bring me to all the nice places they want to bring me to lol. So yea that was a great plus too :P.

So! 10 is up! So Japan won 1st and Australia second in terms of volume. These are the two countries i’d love to go back and explore. I haven’t been to Kyushu and Okinawa and Hiroshima so that’s on the list. As for Australia, i’d really really love to do other parts of Western Australia!

Remember the Extraordinary Taxi Ride competition i wrote about? Well guess what? A friend of mine, Grace, was shortlisted as one of the top 10 finalists and she actually nominated me as her travel partner!!!! We went for the audition but we didn’t win it T______T. Someone called Ling Shih Gang and his brother won it, went for the adventure and back. T_________T. I want. T_____T (You can read about their journey here).

I know i said this before but i want to say it again (maybe if i repeat it enough Tourism WA will send me there T_____T)

I’d really want to to go Ningaloo Reef!

I have never a whale or a shark (in the sea) in my life. But in this largest coral reef in the world, i can see Whale Shark lol.

Then i want to go to Monkey Mia to see err… dolphins (not monkeys).

And the South West region of Western Australia which  has been named one of the world’s Top 10 Regions in Lonely Planet’s BEST IN TRAVEL 2010 wtf. I am totally convinced to go lo, because Tasmania alone has blown me away already. And this seems to be even better!!! It is famous for its internationally renowned forests (more mushroom hunt!!!), beaches and wineries.

All the above top 10 Holiyear™ destinations (except Japan) are accessible via AirAsia and maybe just another short domestic flight or train away. With its super value air fare, now you know how possible it is to afford a Holiyear™. 🙂