I am sad 🙁

I can’t believe it’s been half a year already. Supposed to go back to Sapporo to visit my host family this summer but let’s just say that cost of the trip was economically prohibitive.


My first time to a snowy place. And totally freaked out at the first thing i saw after i got out of the airport.


I am in Hokkaido! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Meeting my host parents for the first time. Tamiko is the same age as my mom as she doesn’t have any kids (except two furkids) and she really sayang me. T___T

When i got sick she went out in the snow to buy flu medicine for me T____T.


First meal in Sapporo is, of course, Sapporo Butter Corn Ramen!


And so much pork. <3


Shiroi Koibito must be damn rich to afford a sign board liddat everywhere. I also wanna open chocolate factory!


Met some of the Hippo people in Sapporo that night. Everyone was great fun. I LOVE this photo!






Went to izakaya for supper at night.

I love all these homely small places in Japan, especially at the countryside (Sapporo is a big city, but still everyone was so friendly!)


I must have been the luckiest girl because my host mom ordered Hokkaido Giant Live Scallop wtf.


WTFLUX T_________T


Best pizza i’ve ever had.

I must give it to all these Japanese people. They make of course the best Japanese food, some of the best pastries, some of the best cakes, and they even make some of the best pasta and pizza wtf? Why so kiasu one must fight with angmoh also lol.


Some cheese-baked mochi and rice thing.




Owner is super super super friendly! And funny. We had a long chat and he end up telling me about his 15-year-old husky that passed away T_____________T

And all of them were like WTF HOW DO YOU KEEP A HUSKY IN MALAYSIA and i was like errr they are acclimatized and they went WTF DO YOU SHAVE KOYUKI BALD????? lololol


My host dad at breakfast table. He sayangs Ma-chan so much he always feeds her first.


I dunno la. Maybe i really accumulated a lot of karma points in my past lives because my host parents ordered a whole box of, again, giant live freaking scallop to welcome me. T_______T


Maybe i will become a Hokkaido scallop in my next life. I don’t care. Eat first.

(You see Ma-chan is tulan at me because i get to eat the scallop and she doesnt HAHAHAHH FHL!!!!!!)


Mom teaching me how to, errr, kill a live scallop T___T.


You basically pry it open, and “saw” through the flesh while it keeps attempting to clam you up T______T


The skirting and the flesh. I know it looks like something you dowan to eat but! You eat you will know.

So i stole a few pieces, and we kept the scallop for dinner. ^^


Omg first time see someone build something with snow. It looks so fun! How does it work? Hands not cold meh! (even with gloves)


Our car was covered with white fluffy snow!!!!!

It looks romantic everything all but i can’t imagine having to do this every single day half the year. :X


I also want to try!!!!!!! 😀 😀

Then i was upset that i sapu-ed all the snow and i didn’t get to write anything on the car 🙁


Driving up to the mountain.

It was soooooo beautiful. Just whiteness everywhere 😀


Went up to Okurayama, a Ski Jump place. Which hosted the Winter Olympus year… whatever year it was.


Ski Jump players. All not cute one FTL.


Haha Otousan and me double champion Cheat One™ lol.


Ski Jump.


My host mom is damn cute. She likes cat so much until her blog title is “Saya Suka Kucing” and her fur coat has got kitty motifs.



We had to sit on the lift to go up!!!!!!!!!


I know i said that i had height phobia (and that’s before i conquered it all in Tasmania), but honestly, even though the lift thing was really high, it didn’t look as scary to me. Because i thought falling onto fluffy soft snow probably won’t die. So yea, not as scary wtf.


On top of the mountain.




I salute all ski jump players (ski jumpers?) wei.

I mean, i have tried it all and it’s not that hard, honestly, but look at the height… it is just suicidal. :X

I mean, i will just stick to Wii Fit for nao. :X


Then Otousan bought me the most delicious ice cream in Sapporo.


Or so they claim.


Rock melon flav.




Chirashi don with mentaikooooooooooooooo



Then Otousan drove 1.5 hours just to bring me to this Ainu Museum. Ainu is this indigenous ethnic group from Hokkaido, who lived under extremely cold weather, where the only means of transportation is probably 5 Koyukis.


Their apparels are all made of animal fur and fish skin and dunnowhatelse. Maybe one of the 5 Koyukis too T_________T


And we are eating their feet protection in Sakae Sushi nao FTL.


I don’t understand! Not cold one meh wei. Live in straw houses and wear salmon skin as shoes wtf????


Dinner! The live scallop we killed that morning. Salad and miso soup.


And my Okasan bought this specially for me <33333333333


Haha they are not trying to be funny. They are trying to ask the cat to look at the camera.