Regarding my last post about wanting to move away, well, i don’t think i will, yet. ๐Ÿ™

So you ask me where and when iosoduno.

I just want to go somewhere with nice air that makes me actually want to breathe. I dunno where you can do that in KL. Unless i move to Perlis. Or something. I think i will go for Something.

The air here makes people sick ๐Ÿ™

*cough* *begs sympathy*


What i wanted to say is that (which i have already said in twitter, and a lot of things i said there i won’t repeat here, SO FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER LA.)

(Actually i realize i tend to repeat ย most of the things i said in twitter here. FYL.)

Anyway, what i wanted to say was that, (which i avoided voicing out publicly for so long because i gave some serious thought about the amount of SG flags in my comments and i reckoned i was not going to offend the whole nation and get a career suicide fml)

Anyway for the third time, what i was saying was,

i dunno why but most of the time when i talk to a Singaporean, i end up feeling like shit (no la i’m not creating cross border hatred or want to create controversy and it’s not like i am being insensitive or too sensitive or trying to be injurious or defensive or patriotic or unpatriotic or proud of my country or feel sorry for my country or whatever i’m just saying how i feel)!

(On second thought i think i sort of feel sorry for my country F Malaysia’s L.)

I already realized that the first time i went to Singapore many years ago. The things they say just make you feel like shit as a Malaysian (elaborate later).

(Ok la one example. Like when they come here they go WTF CHEAP WTF CHEAP WTF CHEAP and when we go there we are all WTF SO EX WTF SO EX WTF SO EX.)

(Need more example?)

(How about when you go to Hong Kong with Singaporeans they want to buy a hot dog then they do currency conversion and go Oh, It Is Just 2 Dollars! then you do your currency conversion and you are all SHIT FML.)

Then after that i hated Singaporeans for awhile. (And also my brief dating experience with the shittest Singaporean man ever helped reinforce the idea that Singaporeans are just shit). I refused to talk to them if there was a choice. Which is ironic now considering most of my late night chats nowadays are with Singaporean girls wtf.

At first i thought most of them are being condescending and think like their country is like wtf godly awesome or whatever and like to put people down and shit. Which is what made me feel like shit and bloody inferior. But it is not. They are just saying how they feel and what they think honestly. They are just asking innocent questions. They are just stating facts.

Xiaxue came down to KL on Friday and we went shopping in my car.

After i parked my car i unhooked the British Bitch (read: GPS) off my windscreen and hid it inside the drawer.

“Wtf why do you have to hide your GPS thing!”

“Oh because if i don’t, someone will come over and smash my window and steal my British Bitch.”

Then she gave me the wtf look.

I realized i said it so naturally and nonchalantly as if i was just stating a fact that was going to happened, and i felt something wrong. Then i realize i could interpret “something wrong” as, “like shit”.

I mean, it is true. It is just a sad fact we can’t deny. It’s like if you don’t clutch your handbag tight enough in front of your chest and it will get snatched. It’s like if you walk alone at night you will get mugged. It’s like you stop on highway and help someone whose car broke down and he will rob you. It’s like if you don’t pretend to call someone in a taxi and tell them the taxi number the cabbie will drive you somewhere secluded and kill you with a spanar. Psycho Murderer Muahaha wtf. ย It’s like you leave your hand phone on the table and turn to talk to a friend and the next second it is gone (or in a luckier but still rather tragic case, you get tweetjacked FYL).

You leave your British Bitch in your car, it gets stolen. These are the things we grew up with. It is only natural.

Then the next thing Xiaxue asked me was,

“Have you ever got raped?”

“What the fuck kind of question is that?”

“Erm i was just asking cuz i thought maybe it’s a very common thing, you know, like snatch theft. I dunno.”


I dowan to talk to Singaporeans oredi. Either that or i start to really move out of Malaysia.





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