Regarding my last post about wanting to move away, well, i don’t think i will, yet. 🙁

So you ask me where and when iosoduno.

I just want to go somewhere with nice air that makes me actually want to breathe. I dunno where you can do that in KL. Unless i move to Perlis. Or something. I think i will go for Something.

The air here makes people sick 🙁

*cough* *begs sympathy*


What i wanted to say is that (which i have already said in twitter, and a lot of things i said there i won’t repeat here, SO FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER LA.)

(Actually i realize i tend to repeat  most of the things i said in twitter here. FYL.)

Anyway, what i wanted to say was that, (which i avoided voicing out publicly for so long because i gave some serious thought about the amount of SG flags in my comments and i reckoned i was not going to offend the whole nation and get a career suicide fml)

Anyway for the third time, what i was saying was,

i dunno why but most of the time when i talk to a Singaporean, i end up feeling like shit (no la i’m not creating cross border hatred or want to create controversy and it’s not like i am being insensitive or too sensitive or trying to be injurious or defensive or patriotic or unpatriotic or proud of my country or feel sorry for my country or whatever i’m just saying how i feel)!

(On second thought i think i sort of feel sorry for my country F Malaysia’s L.)

I already realized that the first time i went to Singapore many years ago. The things they say just make you feel like shit as a Malaysian (elaborate later).

(Ok la one example. Like when they come here they go WTF CHEAP WTF CHEAP WTF CHEAP and when we go there we are all WTF SO EX WTF SO EX WTF SO EX.)

(Need more example?)

(How about when you go to Hong Kong with Singaporeans they want to buy a hot dog then they do currency conversion and go Oh, It Is Just 2 Dollars! then you do your currency conversion and you are all SHIT FML.)

Then after that i hated Singaporeans for awhile. (And also my brief dating experience with the shittest Singaporean man ever helped reinforce the idea that Singaporeans are just shit). I refused to talk to them if there was a choice. Which is ironic now considering most of my late night chats nowadays are with Singaporean girls wtf.

At first i thought most of them are being condescending and think like their country is like wtf godly awesome or whatever and like to put people down and shit. Which is what made me feel like shit and bloody inferior. But it is not. They are just saying how they feel and what they think honestly. They are just asking innocent questions. They are just stating facts.

Xiaxue came down to KL on Friday and we went shopping in my car.

After i parked my car i unhooked the British Bitch (read: GPS) off my windscreen and hid it inside the drawer.

“Wtf why do you have to hide your GPS thing!”

“Oh because if i don’t, someone will come over and smash my window and steal my British Bitch.”

Then she gave me the wtf look.

I realized i said it so naturally and nonchalantly as if i was just stating a fact that was going to happened, and i felt something wrong. Then i realize i could interpret “something wrong” as, “like shit”.

I mean, it is true. It is just a sad fact we can’t deny. It’s like if you don’t clutch your handbag tight enough in front of your chest and it will get snatched. It’s like if you walk alone at night you will get mugged. It’s like you stop on highway and help someone whose car broke down and he will rob you. It’s like if you don’t pretend to call someone in a taxi and tell them the taxi number the cabbie will drive you somewhere secluded and kill you with a spanar. Psycho Murderer Muahaha wtf.  It’s like you leave your hand phone on the table and turn to talk to a friend and the next second it is gone (or in a luckier but still rather tragic case, you get tweetjacked FYL).

You leave your British Bitch in your car, it gets stolen. These are the things we grew up with. It is only natural.

Then the next thing Xiaxue asked me was,

“Have you ever got raped?”

“What the fuck kind of question is that?”

“Erm i was just asking cuz i thought maybe it’s a very common thing, you know, like snatch theft. I dunno.”


I dowan to talk to Singaporeans oredi. Either that or i start to really move out of Malaysia.





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86 responses to “SG”

  1. Jodie says:

    life in singapore is peaceful and safe, come join us 😉
    hahaha 🙂
    im sure there are many awesome things bout kl too 😀

  2. jfook says:

    It’s like you leave your hand phone on the table and turn to talk to a friend and the next second it is gone

    This happened to me. FML. In my uni somemore. UNI leh! Imagine uni students are having this kinda snatch thief attitude, what to say those you see outside?? Damn it.

  3. zachary says:


  4. FionaChan says:

    our crime rates are that high? and we have that much rape cases?!

  5. fuyuhii says:

    Well, actually when Xiaxue asked you if you’ve ever gotten groped, I think it’s sorta similar to when you told her that u had to hide your ‘British Bitch’. Coz like seriously, (although never happened to me, which is damn lucky) on the bus or train, esp when it’s crowded, it’s likely that you might get groped (esp since u so pretty). I’m not saying this as a joke, but my sis, mon, aunt and friends (some whom were guys,) they’ve gotten groped either on train or bus lorr. FTL, and seriously, guys ehh! Most ppl would think that guys grope girls, but in this case, is the girls grope de guys. FTL like seriously…

  6. melody says:

    Why malaysia so bad one!!!
    C la now cheesie wanna leave!!!
    Another talent lost!!!
    Missing u already!!!
    Faster come back okayyyyyyyyy haha I know u not yet go laaaaaa

  7. ShaolinTiger says:

    Go live in Australia la, Singapore sucks LOL

    If I leave Malaysia (which is unlikely) Australia would be my first choice.

    Awesome beautiful place, good food, good economy, loads of beaches/beer/barbecues and the weather is nice and temperate.

    • cheesie says:

      depends lo. i didn’t like sydney that much. Countryside would be great 😀

      • s.n. says:

        Australia huh…

        I lived there for almost a decade. Regions differ greatly. Melbourne is great for the overall atmosphere and the friendly people. The least racist of all the other states but the weather is a bitch. Sydney has great weather but the people are horrid.

        By the way, when you parked your car in Australia, you have to hide your GPS and stereo system too. Bogans smashed cars all the freaking time there. Sometimes even just for the lousy few dollars you leave displayed for parking. It costs them nothing to smash your windows so they will do it even for small amounts of money as long as they think they can get away with it. Most roads are not lighted outside the main roads so muggings can happen around seedier areas.

        I don’t get why people keep bringing up Australia and Singapore when people talk about moving… The whole is huge and there are plenty of other places than these two choices… If people insist on bringing up Australia, I’ll say New Zealand is a much better choice by leaps and bounds.

    • cheesie says:

      FYL ip showed again 😛

    • cheesie says:


    • Jodie says:

      Lol oi what you say!!
      Anyways half of my family lives in aus (dad and sis) and I don’t like it there.
      Stuff there more ex. CAN IMAGINE?!
      wait actually you buy one whole cabbage cheaper than in Singapore lah like only 90 cents but some other stuff not really.
      Shopping mall close at 5pm can imagine?!
      I mean in Perth every thu go late night shopping at carousel also err idunno lah, rather Singapore.
      Movie ticket there also more ex!
      Plus very awkward cus like you talk to them in the sg/msia accent and then they dont understand you one so frustrating must slang a bit 🙁 i like to use hand signs and talk to them or use one word one word lol
      The weather there’s been crazy lately.. Like a few weeks ago it went to like minus degrees can brrrr.
      But well I have to say it’s pretty nice huh.
      No sweat haha

    • Cin says:

      you obviously had a very bad experience in singapore before. not surprising at all, given your kind of character.

  8. s.n. says:

    My Canadian friend was travelling through SEA (from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia to Singapore) with Australia as the last destination. She had a great time travelling down south, enjoying spending time with the friendly locals and then she finally arrived in Malaysia. The local lads were so friendly she got groped twice within the day she arrived. They did it straight in her face, forcibly, without remorse and laughed as they did it. They just assumed that because she is white, she is an easy slut (they told her). She was so traumatised that she left immediately. She told me she has been around the world (her dad works around the world) but has never felt so invaded and threatened in her travels. I have never seen this usual cheerful, strong girl (she is 1.75m) look so unhappy and disturbed.

    Sidenote: She noticed later on that there is a very specific warning in Lonely Planet Malaysia that local men can be very aggressive towards white females and there are many groping cases.

  9. alyssa says:


    I’m sorry you feel this way about us. And I really don’t blame you. Cause I also find myself really disliking this ‘scared to lose’ behaviour of ours. But sad to say its here to stay, just like Singlish and no matter how every proper English speaking person tries to condemn it, it will be here to stay.

    I really apologize for us making you feel this way. 🙁 we (or I) still love cheeserland & you! 🙂

    Perhaps you could think of Japan? You seem to really love that place, and I think u’d fit in just fine! 🙂

  10. WP says:

    Wow, a post that brings out so many bad stuff about Malaysia and Singapore? Haih, home is still…home sweet home, ya know.

    Anyway your first pic was a surprise, that smile was such a contrast with the post 😛

  11. LianneKocks says:

    There´s pros and cons in every country you live in Cheesie. Home will always be home. I have lived in Malaysia for 34 years before moving to Germany, and that being said, I have not heard of any stories from my friends (both gender alike) being groped while in Malaysia.

  12. Rena says:

    Goshers, if I was to win a giftcard from Gipysy Scarlet, I’d choose the Gathered Front Panel Dress so I’ll look slimmer…however, it’s out of stock…thus, my second choice would have to be the Natalie Boyfriend Blazer since I’m in need of one whenever I go out on dates, or whatnot…makes me look refined…and it’s a classic piece!

    <33 Rena

  13. Rena says:

    Humm…I had no idea that you and Xiaxue are friends! 8)

    I enjoy reading your blog and hers…always have interesting stories to tell!

    I guess I need my own life. LOL

    <33 Rena

  14. Xiaxue says:

    Wei I never give wtf face when you hiding british bitch hor in Singapore GPS will also get snatched one!! Not very likely but it happens!! Mike also hides his! Mostly they steal cash cards though, my mom’s and kaykay’s car window got smashed before (once each). So it’s not uncommon in Singapore lah!!

    Also Re the rape thing I wanted to say something about rape topic but I ask if you got raped before just in case you very sensitive about the topic and break down and cry!!!!!! Although it *did* cross my mind that if Msian houses get burglarized often then won’t the burglars also rape the girl if she is alone inside???? Totally happened to Mike’s neighbour in USA FHL got raped by 3 black guys.

  15. Cass says:

    Hmmm, come to think of it. I’ve been warned by a taxi driver before not to hold my handbag under one arm like I usually do when I was walking around near the Petronas Twin Towers once. He said people could snatch it on that busy street, I was kinda confused then. That said, never been attacked or anything… the odd wolf whistle maybe. Been harassed on the Tube in London before though. No one did anything in the carriage… they just looked away, except for a small Asian (British Indian) man who wanted to give up his seat away from the A-hole for me. What I think is anyway, that it is usually cosmopolitan cities that are the places for more crime… no matter the country. Maybe Malaysia is different? I don’t know, as I haven’t had a lot of trouble when I was there. Nor have I heard anything from friends who lives/visited there. But one thing is for sure, I would be extra cautious when I am in KL, due to repeated warnings from other people.

  16. azndarling says:

    I hide my GPS every time I leave my car too.. and I am from the U.S! Yeah I lock my doors at all times, never leave things unattended while out, hide things under the seat or lock the glove box before leaving the car, etc. like I’m expecting to get robbed in a beautiful peaceful suburb like it’s a common thing.. but it’s not! I’ve never personally had anything stolen, been robbed/groped/raped or what have you, but you can never be too sure.. no matter what part of the world you are in! So I wouldn’t feel like shit if someone were to give the WTF face because it’s not a bad thing to be cautious no matter where you are!

  17. christine says:

    I dont think its fair for u to say msia is that bad. Well it may be a little worse than most countries but many big cities in the world are dangerous too. Like paris, nyc, chicago. Singapore is a small country so definitely easier to control. so heads up! Its not soo bad!

    Ps: im a singaporean living in usa.

  18. David says:


    The world is different everywhere. There are places here in the U.S.A. where I hide my British bitch, some folks would smash a window and have their way with her.

    I think the most important thing you need to remember is that wherever you settle.
    Your own self-respect and self-image is what makes you who you are!

    And you my dear are gifted and unique. Your fashion flair, your humor and wit set you apart from many bloggers. Your travel stories are fascinating, your photos are beautiful.

    You made your self and will be Cheesie no matter what city you call home.


  19. Jasmine says:

    Cheer up, girl.. ;)… hugsssss!!!

  20. yumiii says:

    i came from a little small town in Perak and it used to be the best place in Malaysia (or so I thought) because of the littlest crime rate, fresh cold air all the time, the wettest town in the whole of Msia (raaaaaiiiiiiiiiinnnnn! 😀 ), cozy surrounding and sense of solitude. They use to say that it’s the place for all malaysian to retire. I used to love my hometown, except for the narrow minded people and gossip spread like fire. :@

    Then came development and we got Tesco, Giant, Starbucks, Kenny Rogers Roasters, blah blah blah (nothing much, but they are luxury to us!! :blush: ) and somehow, crime rates just rise and rise. More mat rempits harassing us girls at night. Sometimes you feel like you want to keep a parang in your car in case of harassment by rempits. 👿

    Now, I’m glad that I left that place because it’s so hot warm and humid there right now (global warming kah? tak tahu lah) and snatch theft, burglary and even murder increases! During the election, we weren’t allowed to get out of the house in case some riot will happen. I used to love that place, but now I just hate to go back. Somehow I feel more safe here. What an irony. A small town is more dangerous than a big city. :mrgreen:

    However, I still want to get out of here as soon as possible. I understand what you said. There is nothing worse than feeling insecure all the time. Even when you are sitting in a small cafe and having a good time. There will be just a chance that robbery or snatch theft will happen right there and then.

  21. Pat says:

    dunno if this will make you feel better but it is common thing to do even when u are in US, England or Paris to hide ur stuff properly or it will get snatched. (i just noticed that everyone has confirmed this anyway up there)

    In a way, i think living in this condition makes u well prepared for things. I guess that’s just my way of looking thing positively coz afterall we will be jealous of others for having things that we dun have in our country. (like the fact that i crave Malaysia’s Char Kuay Teow and Yong Tau Foo so bad and wish we have that in Thailand)

  22. xyz says:

    Hey Cheesie!

    May i know from where did you learn your Japanese language? I’m currently looking for place to learn but i have no idea which place is good! want your recommendation 😛
    Thanks gal

  23. xyz says:

    OH and i mean in Malaysia 🙂

  24. sharon says:

    We always hide our Blondie (the GPS – no offense but it is so incompetent that we made a joke that it must have been a blonde) too in Madrid. I am sure it is just a precaution thing. Better be safe than sorry. 😉

  25. eehui says:

    I was talking to an old angmoh at the tea room and he likes malaysia so much! The family went to KL and stayed in Cheras (that’s one of the name he remember though he was pronuncing it as “shiraz” lol) when the daughter has was attending some competition there. He told me he absolutely love it there, and to my surprised, one of the good point according to him is that Malaysian are nice on the road! He is amazed like when Msian driver overtake etc people don’t horn while in Melb they will :p He thinks Msian are extremely friendly too lol.

    I have many Msian/Sporean friends who can’t get used to living here after they graduated from studies. Many have applied for PR, but can’t get a job and decided to go back. I am not a nightlife person and I usually go to chadstone in the morning before it gets crowded so shop closing after 5pm on most days doesnt bother me at all, as long as coles opens til 12 midnight and McD opens 24 hrs :p

    I love the working culture here though. Absolutely love it! Like every msian, the thing I miss the most back home would be food. Nasi lemak prepared by a makcik in the Canberra Malaysia Hi Comm is the closest authentic nasi lemak I can get (ok I admit I didnt really search hard and I m usually too lazy to get to the city).

  26. Abby says:

    its true. 🙁 brunei la, damn peaceful. im not lying. haha. 😀

  27. Annoymous says:

    Singapore will sink in to the sea soon…
    I believe every country has the same type of crime, like smashing car windows, theft and others…
    Only thing that the crime rate is higher here compare to Sing, because Malaysia is bigger and we need more police force…

    • michelle says:

      o…. u mean we need more police force on bribery?? =D tht wunn help im sorry dude…. yes agree with u saying tht malaysia has higher crime rate compared to sg due to the size of MY… but second thought, do u think we really need police when the government is corrupted?

  28. Beautiful dresses! I pretty like the round neck chiffon dress.

  29. Cat says:

    Dear Cheesie,

    I am a Malaysian Chinese 34 year old doctor who undertook her medical degree in Australia and thus ended up working and living here. It is my 12th year here and I currently live and work in Melbourne. The rest of my family live in Malaysia.

    I just have to say this, “The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side” my dear…

    You could be living in Australia like myself and still yearn for home i.e. Malaysia. I still call Malaysia home to this day. I have lived in Singapore, Dublin, the UK and have since discovered that truly, home is where the heart is.

    GPS’s get stolen in Australia too if you leave them out on the dashboard in broad daylight. Murder, rape, crime….they all happen in Australia too.

    There is no such thing as the perfect country. I myself am contemplating of moving back to Singapore. Why? They are a developed country but at the same time, I can still have a maid for something ridiculous like 300 bucks a month and eat my favourite kaya toast, half boiled eggs and teh tarik for S$4 bucks!!!!

    Compare that to having to spend A$80-90K per year (equivalent to how much a junior doctor makes) for a live-in nanny who only looks after your kids. Nope, she doesn’t cook/clean after the adults – just the kids thankyouverymuch. Oh yes, you also have to give her benefits like healthcare by law.

    I have learnt that ANG MOH does not mean fabulous/great/super-duper/better than us.
    Trust me. The average white Aussie is more ignorant than your chap who buys the old newspapers from you in your taman. I can relay horror stories about ignorant white Aussies like idiotic middle aged white females who push and hit your airplane seat on an Emirates flight just because they are upset you have reclined your seat after the meal is served. Apparently, they “did not pay good money for her seat to be in my face!!!!”. And it wasn’t even reclined all the way!!!!

    What about the drug addict who verbally abuses drs and nurses just because he had to wait longer than normal for a chest x-ray???? And did I mention that his health care is absolutely FREE? (paid for by people like myself who have almost 50% of our pay taxed by the Government. Yes, in case you didn’t know, Australia is a socialistic country).

    As a doctor, I can tell you know, I would rather treat thankful/grateful Asian families. The ignorant gwailos just yell profanities at you and all you really want to say is well,stop eating all that junk food and loose some weight Fatty, then you won’t have to suffer from diabetes/heart problems!!!!

    Like I said, the grass will and is always greener on the other side.

    PS: Serve those white Aussie biatches right, I got upgraded to Business Class, thanks to their stupidity!!!!!!

  30. Alicia says:

    I’m Msian, currently residing in SG. Some of them are really nice. But the typical ones tend to ‘kao peh’ (complain) a lot. Like complain about EVERY FKIN SINGLE THING.

    And btw. Grass is always greener on the other side (true). Still be careful of some hidden shit. Don’t be too lucky to step on one.

  31. J.Yo says:

    Cheesie! i hope that Koyuki will be found soon! 🙂

    and thank lord that you don’t live in Indonesia lah! i can’t even get anywhere with shorts without getting whistles and stupid calls from people!
    wearing sleeveless tops or dresses are sometimes considered improper, too.
    except when you’re in the mall or Bali. -.-

    go live in SG! 😀

  32. suraya says:

    i wonder is there any singaporean have these kind of fear towards their public. i mean fear of snatch thief, perv murderer cabbie, house kena pecah masuk whatsoever.

    • Cin says:

      hi suraya,

      i do have fears about what you wrote. there are such cases in singapore too. but i’m not sure about the rates of these crimes as compared to other countries. 🙂

  33. Ben McC says:

    There are good and bad things about every place. I’m sure there are some very cool things about Malaysia. I would actually like to go to Malaysia sometime. I’d probably get in too much trouble in Singapore…

  34. Jeslene says:

    Taylor Tube Dress is mad love! Super versatile pieces make me happy. Bustier cuttings make small chests me happy too. Lol.

    Lookie cheesie, another sg flag here lol. Alot of people warn me about handbags theft, stuff like that. Even go Genting can get snatched. My best friend’s uncle got gunned to death when a burglar robbed his house = Maybe that’s why we’ve got those very bad impressions about crime rates =) But Malaysia to me is like a nearest getaway <3

    I read ur twitter babe, I'll pray for Koyuki to come home soon! Or ask my dog to look over her in heaven so she'll be safely home soon!

  35. kj says:

    singapore isn’t perfect, but it is good enough for me and i am satisfied 🙂

  36. michelle says:

    im malaysian and staying in singapore…. i used to hate singaporeans and think they’re arrogant bitches.. and then i realized… im just being a bitch…sg is clean, peaceful, and a up-to-date city… some s’preans are very friendly… i nvr dare to put my lappy at somewhere near me where i couldnt reach easily when i was in malaysia… but in sg i dare to leave my personal belongings on table while ordering coffee or etc… and i always leave my lappy on the chair next to me while im having lunch without the thought of my lappy might be snatched. and not to mention… u dont get iphone for tht price in malaysia… malaysia sux… =P i mean government…

  37. Brittany says:

    Same with America! Such crazy things happen here on the random D:

  38. S says:

    In this post, it seems like you are the one who put your own country down.

  39. Mi mi says:


  40. alysha says:

    I left Malaysia for Australia and as much as I miss home, I’m never going back.

  41. biopolymath says:

    The thing that concerns me the most is still the crime rate, as depicted by your behaviour w/ valuables, Cheesie. At first M’sia and Sg share the same currency. Blame it on the governance when our currencies depreciate!

    We can be richer than now. After all M’sia is never poor in natural resource. It’s all the mismanagement but what can we do about it?

  42. Jay says:

    No offense but the 2nd dress is HIDEOUS! ohmyactualword … but hey you can pull it off!


  43. Irene Yap says:

    Paris is worse than K.L actually in terms of crime. There are certain areas in Paris where everybody will split immediately after work (around 7:30pm), leaving only drug dealers and all.

  44. Frank says:

    Please do not allow insensitive Singaporeans like xiaxue change your perspective about your own country. Why bother listening to someone who used to bash Malaysia and her people in some of her blog posts?

    Relocating to a new place might sounds like an exciting and grand idea but every country has her pluses and minuses. So think carefully….

  45. billabong says:

    hey i think malaysia’s cool and the ppl are nicer… genuinely kind somehow.. the malaysians hehe (speaking from experience in customer service line ^^)

  46. Sabrina says:

    sigh I guess there will always be animosity between msians and singaporeans. We see it everywhere, even in online gaming! Which is sad really. I don’t really realise if singaporeans really give off the “I am better than you” vibe to malaysians. They’ll always think we’re condescending when we’re just arguing about a point (not even related to nationalities or countries anyway)

    I hope you don’t hate singaporeans or avoid talking to them anymore! Because your blog is one of the very few blogs I read throughout the world! I’m not especially proud of being singaporean, sometimes I resent it too. But reading about people saying how they hate singaporeans kinda hurt in a way. ):

  47. DolphyN says:

    i loveeeeeeeeeeee that round neck chiffon dress ur wearing cheesie!!! super gorgeous and flattering on the body, i’ve been searching for a dress like that with a price that wont kill me and my measly trainee salary but no such luck fml

  48. Coyin says:

    Saw you mentioned PERLIS.

    You can come and I bring you go Thailand GaiGai Cheesy. Like seriously. Bwahahaaa.

    Totally agree on your post. But Perlis is certainly an execption. LOL.


  49. Monkeyonthetree says:

    I love the world…. for those singapore or malaysia bashing… just a waste of time…
    i will enjoy the best of the 2 countries while i am around…. good food good people….
    i only hope there is something left of the world for our future generation to enjoy….

  50. R says:

    Well comparing the girls from both countries, the Malaysian woman will typically feel like shit compared to the Singaporean woman. This is because:

    1) Singaporean girls are generally slim, but many Malaysian girls are overweight
    2) Singaporean girls are more independent and adventurous. Some time back a group of them climbed Mt Everest. Some start up their companies. This year, a Singaporean girl from NUS beat the whole of Malaysia flat in a science competition hosted by Malaysian universities. Malaysian girls, on the other hand, just shop, watch movies and get fat.
    3) Many guys (including Malaysian guys) say that Singaporean girls are pretty and hot. You don’t hear many other guys saying the same of Malaysian girls
    4) Singaporean girls are more opinionated and outspoken. Don’t you just hate it when the Malaysian girl just shows a dumb ass look when you try to talk something intellectual to her.

    Sorry no offence, I’m Malaysian myself (residing in Singapore)..our women just can’t compare.

  51. Usamimi says:

    OMG. are u serious? My friend did not remove his cashcard from the IU, next morning he lost his windshield. HAHA Thinking of leaving a GPS in the car? People even steal my worn flipflops and shoes. People here do not queue for train or keep left on the escalator.

    LIVE IN TOKYO! Best place on earth =)

  52. countrist says:

    well. seem like is u are the inferior one, and putting ur side look bad too. Im a half malaysian, i dun agree with what u had said. Its true most singaporean are so called ‘kao pei’ a lot. but hey dun malaysian do that too. Singaporean are very outspoken, very straight forwards, majority of them are. Its just ur luck to know those people who u were complaining about. every country sure hav different types of people, shrug. And angmoh come shopping singapore shop they also claim that sg stuff are so cheap here and there, of cox because its a fact that its cheaper. from the entry u wrote, i just felt that u felt inferior. shrug.

  53. Anonymous says:

    I’m disappointed you didn’t defend your country against
    those big heads asshole small minded Singaporeans.

    Why the fuck should you feel inferior to them ?
    We are much bigger with more resources. SHIT !!!
    They depend on us for water ( unless they wanna drink recycled urine)
    All their food is supplied by us OK ?
    Even our best brains are contributing to their development.
    So you dumb people dare to insult us some more ?!!!

    Imagine had it been other country, see whether shithole Singapore dare to bully
    and talk bad outright. Try Indonesia and Thailand la…u see what happens

    Fuck the ugly bitch who says Malaysians gals are overweight
    and inferior. Cheezy she’s insulting you and herself is it ?
    Ur r Malaysian oso what. So she must be cb ugly la
    No need to come bec 2 Malaysia la fucker

    And half the time these Singaporean assholes and traitor
    ex Malaysians think they’re so superior. Go bury their heads
    in Malaysian imported sand off Sentosa island

  54. anon456 says:

    I believe Xiaxue is too smart to ask Cheesie if she got raped or not. I mean, seriously, if Cheesie was raped before, she will be too traumatized to go shopping with Xiaxue. Right?! She will retreat to a corner of her room and start wallowing in self-piety. No? Could Xiaxue be mumbling something else that you have mistaken to be something related to rape?

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