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August 24, 2010 in ❤︎I LOVE JAPAN❤︎ / Hokkaido / Japan

So the homestay group went to Otaru for snow crab but we paid soooo much for it and it wasn’t as nice as we imagined FOL.


When i returned to Sapporo, host parent brought me to a fish market that only local people go to.


Was near new year so they sell all kinds of cute okashi!


Mentaiko T________T



Otaru Cheat One™. If you ever go to Otaru just walk walk see see can liao cuz it’s very touristy.



So Tamiko Mama said i’ve tried Tarabagani (snow crab) so she’s buying Kegani (hairy crab) for dinner that night <333



I want to see some live one! And watch people eat it ala Old Boy.




Ohai Maguro.


Big big pieces of maguro sashimi for tasting.

I think one piece of maguro here = 10 pieces of sushi in Sakae or Sushi King.


How exactly do they slice a tuna that big ah?


More mentaiko wtf T______T





Haha that’s Mugi-Chan waiting for her dindin too.

We have one big hairy crab, some maguro sashimi, white rice and errrrr a MASSIVE BLOCK OF MENTAIKO ON THE LEFT BOTTOM CORNER i am just kidding it is a red towel wtf.



I dunno why but the crab looks like chicken here.

Really. You don’t think?

I don’t know. When i am eating an animal i prefer not to think about how it looks like the original animal. Or any other animal (oooh this is not frog. not frog. it tastes like chicken. so it should look like chicken. Drumstick. hmm).




So yea Otousan cut crab for me <3333333


Very sharp leh! No pain no nom. T_T




(Pun optional.)

70 responses to “Sapporo ♥ Fish Market”

  1. KY says:

    fish are friends!!!! not food!!!!

  2. dblchin says:

    wah lau! SO HAIRY!!!! ARGH! HAHAHA

  3. Joanne says:


  4. Wah, first time I see such a hairy crab! 😯 Haha…it does look like a chicken in a way~ 😛 *Drooling* All those sushi and food makes me hungry! ^^

  5. miko says:

    so hairy!!! 😯

  6. Glo-w says:

    How was the crab prepared? looks yummeh <3
    OMG I now know that all the ex prices are CHEAT ONE! Shall hunt down the local market 😈

  7. Huai Bin says:

    It looks delicious! Fresh too! Best eaten boiled just like that! 😈

  8. vvens says:

    wa. i actually love eating the crab roe 😆

  9. Simon Seow says:

    Shanghai hairy crab season is coming soon. This time I must eat one or two of it.

  10. Eve says:

    yumms 😛 i love crabs…never tried hairy crab before though…what’s the difference between normal crabs and hairy crabs?

  11. Jiayi says:

    Craving for Jap food now.

    I tend not to think how the animal look like too especially for frog… 😉

  12. jfook says:

    I’m sorry I just gonna say again, you are so talented in blogging!!! This is again (dun say it’s a half arsed post) an awesome post! Thumb’s up! Laughing at “oooh this is not frog. not frog. it tastes like chicken. so it should look like chicken. Drumstick. hmm”

  13. asada says:

    u made me wanna go back to sapporo…
    ohh i miss sapporo & the people..

  14. Tey Cindy says:

    i wanna lick that shitty roe! lol~

  15. Michelle says:

    I agree with you! CRAB ROE IS THE REAL SHIZZZ MAN!

  16. YUUUMMY! all these looks so delicious i love it :cheh: 😈

  17. melody says:

    Hairy crab more like scary claw crabsssssss!!!!!

  18. dori lukey says:

    the crab is freaking huge!!!

    Dropped by from

  19. vivien says:

    Look 😈

  20. pk says:

    I want the crab too…. 👿

  21. kryz says:

    Cheesie! I just wanna know, where do you find all these homestays? Do you go through an agency or something? Oh and is it only open to Japanese speakers? THanks! 😀

  22. Merrinette says:

    i’m hungry for japanese dishes now!!

  23. Lenna says:

    You’re brave, eating crab like that! I eat meat and fish, but once when I was offered a crab leg, cooked and everything, I couldn’t eat it because it looked too much like crab. It creeped me too much…and its a shame because I know crab is yummy.

  24. mishi says:

    that crab is screaming “save meeee!!” lol but i’m sure it was delicious when u swallowed it down!

  25. melmonica says:

    oh my, does it taste good? and look super sharp!

  26. Miram says:

    Plese help They are running out of time,

    Please sign the petition to amend & revise ‘Revised Animals Act 1953′ and forward to your friends


  27. kcin says:

    i prefer to eat the maguro sashimi than the crab… looks nice

  28. Lyn says:

    I don’t wanna think of how the animal looked either. That’s why I nom pork and chicken without even wanting to know what part is it. Also why I don’t eat duck cause I keep picturing them walking cutely going quack quack.

  29. Daphne Chuah says:

    itu adalah shit meh? I tot it’s their eggs? 😯

  30. ursie says:

    OMGGG I LOOOVE CRAB ROE!! HAIRY CRAB IS THE BEST WHEN IT COMES TO ROE. okayokay enough of caps; sorry for yelling. it’s just that omg i get so exciteddd when i see hairy crab roe; it’s the best ever! honestly. nobody gets it, so i’m happy to finally see someone other than myself appreciate it for the wondertasticness it brings.

    two more months to hairy crab season in shanghai (i think) & i’m missing it. fml. ):

  31. ashlee says:

    y u awez talking shit about japan???things happen years ago pun stil wanna post here ka??talk about our own country la mizz…ur blog cud be more interesting if theres less post about japan…i bet the other readers feel the same way too but they just too afraid to speak up…one more thing..dun use too much make up..mayb u cud post ur pic without make up one day or ure just too u**y for it…bai.

    • yumiii says:

      sorry but being a reader, I love reading her talking about Japan. I think the positive comments above you already proved that most of her readers love her talking about Japan. You have to be the 0.01% of her reader who doesn’t enjoy her posts on Japan. Therefore, I think it’s best for you to leave this blog. Thanks.

  32. leafyan says:

    feel like eating, yum yum 💡

  33. JD says:

    It’s so delicious looking at the photos…wish I can have a piece of that now! 😛

  34. mikkato says:

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    j’aime vraiment ton blog
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  35. Lynn says:

    Hi, may I know what is the name of this fish market? the crab looks real yummy! thanx!!

  36. I want to eat the crab, too.

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