Aki’s face

March 27, 2011 in Make up Cheat One™

Ok this is a half-ass make up post.

Man what’s with me and my half-ass and not-even-quarter-ass blog posts. If it gets any lesser than that i will have to spell ass as s instead. (HAHAHAH GEDDIT?)

Looks like a lot of you love the make up in my previous W♥C post! Most of the comments i got say that without my usual falsies and winged eyeliner, it gives a fresher and younger look. Which isn’t really the look i was going for because i wanted the adult bronze gyaru look T_T. But i guess it is a great compliment and i shall unabashedly accept and embrace it with pride.hmmmph

The look i’m trying to cheat is Matsumoto Aki’s “Baby Skin Look”.



Aki’s one of my favorite models omg if i am getting a face transplant i will use hers wtf.

And my latest picture kind of have that Aki feel!!!!!!!!! *buaypaiseh



Hmm. Anyway.



Ok so this is my no-make look. Which is Cheat One™ la cuz obviously put foundation already. Ya so big difference i know.dark



When i make up i never follow sequence also one. Just anyhow work on any feature i like. Here’s tinting cheeks pink!



Then blend it with a coat of loose powder.



Then only brows. I think this is the most important step la since the make up is so minimal plus i’m not using any eye shadows at all.

For this look i go for a thicker, less edgy brow shape that matches my hair color.



Ok i didn’t take picture of my eyeliner, but i used a pencil liner and just line my upper lash line very very thinly, with no outstretched wings. Then apply two coats of mascara.

Lastly, just apply a clear or a pinkish lip gloss.




This is under natural sun light.

Hope you feel cheated! Ok bai.

105 responses to “Aki’s face”

  1. vivienne says:

    LOL why the bow so cute one?! 😆

    by the way i made my own new blog banner, inspired by both you and Xiaxue’s blog! *worship* 😳 i made reference, but still it’s very lousy la *shame*

    hope you feel honored LOL..

  2. Simon Seow says:

    Woot! Vibrant looking! I love this makeup method.

  3. miracle says:

    😈 look great ! nude eye look nice on you!
    btw i think use not glossy lipstick will make you look better 😀
    glossy one make ppl focus on lips 😛

  4. Steph says:

    so pretty =D
    #10 gives a very “bronze gyaru” vibe ~ lol

    && #5 what cheek tint thing are you using??

  5. Cherish says:

    OMG, I love your natural make-up look, AWESOME!! 😈

    Anyway, can I know what cosmetic did you used on this post? *begging* lol

  6. Ying Bin says:

    Very pretty! 🙂
    Did u use any tape on ur eyelids?How come so many layers one?

  7. Hanie says:

    You look so.. clean. Hehe.
    I commented in the WC post that you didn’t wing your eyeliner. ^^

  8. j says:

    #11 your smiles are contagious, i find myself smiling looking at those pics 💡

  9. Tey Cindy says:

    don’t need transplant; u r prettier than Aki!

  10. Belly B says:

    Hhaha I actually prefer your natural look. 😈 It’s… sweeter 🙂

  11. This is so natural looking!

  12. isa says:

    Pretty <3 as always :3

  13. royalmasala says:

    just got to tell ya, i think this look looks sooo much nicer on you than the usual winged eyeliner + falsies!! so pretty!!! 🙂

  14. Guest says:


  15. Jodie says:

    pretty pretty young young me rieekkkkk i aint even kiddingggg

  16. melody says:

    wow!!! i dinno can tint cheeks one haha
    super duper young!!!!!
    and very very pretty too!!!!!!!!

  17. Thu says:

    Love your natural look 🙂

  18. Li Ean says:

    Like the look. May I know what tint you’re using on your cheeks??

  19. reader says:


  20. Ryokobunny says:

    love it ttm! 😀
    and why ur bunny headband so cute one XD

  21. Jovis says:

    last picture, u look sooooo sweet!!

  22. natalie says:

    u look pretty ! 😀

  23. roselyn says:

    is that a ring light ? how much and where did u bought it? 😀

  24. Huynh says:

    You look so pretty with natural 🙂

  25. Rubi says:

    😯 omg! so gorgeous!! loveeee

  26. gjoyce says:

    i got cheated! haha it’s damn pretty okay? i think u looked nice before make up too.:)

  27. Sara says:

    Can you post more hair tutorial, please?

    You are so cute and beautiful..


  28. reader says:

    what jap mags do you recommend?
    like popteen or vivi or cancan???

  29. Bella says:

    What circle lens are you wearing?

  30. crystal says:

    your eyebrows so pwetty T__T , i’ve been trying sooo hard to achieve that!
    Very pretty cheesie!! 😀 😀 😈

  31. Lee says:

    i want to say.. it must be the contact lense, it must be the lighting, it must be the photo editing, or your hair..

    but still have to admit the result is very good 🙂 😈

  32. Ayu says:

    Hi Cheesie,

    May I know what eyebrow pencil are you using?


  33. Lenna says:

    Very nice, simple look. I likes. <3

  34. nita says:

    can I also know what contact lenses you are using? I bought some from yesstyle.com and they made my eyes look like fish eyes. not pretty at all =(

  35. Alexandra says:

    Always so pretty! I wanna try this look out.

  36. Anabell says:

    how do you do the amazing layout of your blog?like the interchangeable pictures and stuff its beautiful. I in no way intend to cpy i just wanted creative ideas because you’ve inspired me to blog

  37. Ben McC says:

    Nice pics as always. If I ever decide to wear makeup this is where I will come to know how to put it on right. Lol.

  38. keikei says:

    uve got mad good eyebrow drawing skills O_O

  39. Tina says:

    been following your blog for a while, and I got to say that you are my inspiration! I really enjoy reading your quirky comments, you’re funny and beautiful! I love your natural make up look btw they look flawless as always. =)

  40. Jae says:

    u look gorgeous w da natural look!!!
    wat brands u use to perfect tis look..?
    n i <3 ur shirt too..pls pls pls share where u got it?

  41. Christy says:

    Lovely! <3 your look sou much!

  42. Francesca says:

    like button! nice! i still can not not draw thick liner. must draw thick one.

  43. MT says:

    nice! wer u get ue eyebrow pencil? couldn’t get this kinda light clr in M’sia..!

  44. Ruby says:

    You look amazing!
    Your double eyelids, is it natural or double eyelid tape? I wannttt

  45. 33 says:

    Whoaaa~ You do super look like her in that shot!

    Your skin looks absolutely flawless too!! <3

  46. Sammieee says:

    You look damn pretty as ever 😈
    I love your blue lens .. What lens are u wearing ? :DD

  47. ursie says:

    very nais! this can be like for your low maintainence days. 😀

  48. mutemotions says:

    you look like goo hara from KARA (korean girl group) in your last two pictures!

  49. Marie says:

    Pretty!!!! Where is the blusher from as it looks amazing that it can turn from liquid to powder?
    And if you don’t mind me asking… your face looks really small compared to your earlier entries from many years ago… Any tips on slimming face? I’ve been trying many methods from running to using the facerollers but not much difference… Any special diet or secret formula? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  50. Linda says:

    Hey you really look better without any falsies, just ditch the ‘matured bronzed look’! Your natural eyelashes already look long and curled with mascara -how do you do it?

    Is your cheek stain from Benefit? I’m look for the same pink tint!

  51. Elisabetta says:

    Hi, i’m italian..
    your blog is so kawaii and you are so beautiful,,,can you help me please?
    In this post http://cheeserland.com/2007/05/tattoo/ you speak about a “magic creams” that claim to make cellulite go away. What is the creams?

    And also, are you japanase or not?


  52. Miss Pinky says:

    arr.. u looks gorgeous~~~ 😉
    ur headband so cute~
    may i noe where u got it from? pls~ ^^

  53. Elicia says:

    Hey Cheesie!! Love your make up to the max 😛
    i am actually using the benefit cheek stain too, but what method u use? blend the cheek stain then only top up with blusher loose powder?

    how about your eyebrow? what brand u r currently using? i am having light hair colour but cannot find a light colour of eyebrowliner leh, bought palty eye brow dye but it sucks, too wet hence dont no how to apply.
    please share 😆

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