Raspberry hair

March 29, 2011 in Commercial Break / Hair Cheat One™

Raspberry is prolly my fav fruit on earth. I love it so much i’d even blow it wtf. (geddit????)


Then KY asked me on twitter why is my hair raspberry color, is it because my curls are not quite STRAWED?  To which i replied, CURRANTLY it is not that bad in real life, but i when i saw the pic on my BLACKBERRY, it gave me GOOSEBERRYBUMPS. Then he said, berry good! i C lotsa VITAlity! To which i replied again, yea but i PEAR that under the LIMELIGHT it will fade or turn green.

Haih. All these recycle lame puns but it was a FRUITLESS attempt nobody laughed also so i put here force you all see again. #controlfreak

I have a peach and avocado pun also but nevermind la no one will laugh also better save my ass now. #manyexcuses


Somehow if i tilt my hair like this the color turns out super pinkish and light!!! SO <3!


But the color is something like this under natural light. Super patchy because i use some color shampoo DIY, which will fade after few washes, i think.

With my magenta hair and green outfit I LOOK LIKE ARIEL ANOT!!!!!!

This is really mermaid hair wtf.


Useless fashion of the day! Snidel Polka Green Bodysuit from minimaos.



Lena x Miu Miu Inspired heels from minimaos.


Then i also discovered lip-liner!

Omg i wonder why i didn’t discover it earlier nao i can draw like cute heart shape lips!!! i could have looked so much cuter so much earlier *punches self



Lip shape so much cuter ok don’t even need to PS.



This is a Sleeping Mermaid.  #DisneyRipOff



Lesbo Mermaid #DisneyPorn

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Eh since i’m nao an Ariel, it’s only normal i developed an irrational attraction to fish right?

Anyway, i saw this picture somewhere, and i was drawn to it instantly. Like… there’s something familiar about it, i can’t really pinpoint what it really is, but it’s a nagging feeling that something phenomenal’s about to happen.

Like a sign. The lull before a storm. A symbol.


Wait… A symbol?

Isn’t there a vague symbol on one of the fishes’ body?


I know that symbol!!!!!! I have seen it somewhere before!!! In fact i think i saw it somewhere near KLCC yesterday. Like… in the sky or something. I also remember my PC screen flashed something of that sort and i thought i was just having a headache.

In fact i think… why is it in the mirror?=)

Homaikot. i is infected.

I think it’s a Talapia virus outbreak. Everyone’s gonna dai.iiiiiiiii

Or. Zombie Fish Apocalypse. Avoid going to the sea or aquarium at all cost. In case it really happens please kill me first. If so unfortunately i accidentally survived as a zombie (fish), i think i’d like to eat Meatloaf. Yums. And Smashing Pumpkins. And Black Eye Peas. Probably add a dash of Red Hot Chili Pepper.

Or it’s just a radiation so strong that it’s visible nao. That’s going to turn everyone into Talapias. In fact, radioactive zombie half-human Talapias.

Wait a minute…


That or i’m going mental.

Please please please tell me i’m not the only one who is seeing this symbol everywhere.

You have seen it too, right?

Anyway we should totally start having zombie safety drills. Just in case.

31 responses to “Raspberry hair”

  1. Hanie says:

    This is so unfair~! Cheesie looks nice even with Raspberry hair!
    *Wa, got rhyme summore…*

  2. Belly B says:

    Hahaha you’re adorable. You’re probably the only person in the world besides Pink (the singer) who can pull off pink hair.

  3. Eileen says:

    So many puns in 1/2 paragraphs… O_o

  4. Nina says:

    What is the lipstick name?? Recommend to us please

  5. Li Ean says:

    OMG I can’t think about how dead your hair is atm!!! How dead is it! :'( but you look gorgeous!

  6. Coco says:

    WTH totally random post that is strangely very funny. 😈

  7. wen says:

    I think i saw the symbols, ya, < < < peace!

  8. hui wen says:

    Haha, you iz can have nice red lips! *remembers fukuya where you stared at my lips T____T*

    Loving the red hair! <3

  9. Milie says:

    ure like azn rihanna now 😉

  10. ベーサ says:

    I really like this color, seems that you look good whatever you do!! ^^
    (Nice outfit! btw)

  11. Qex says:

    Please xplain how you did ur hair…a non permanent dye i suppose? did you diy? thanks!

  12. angela says:

    love the red lipstick! looks good with your hair color, especially on the second pic 🙂

  13. Huynh says:

    The color looks really great on you. 😀

  14. vvens says:

    Wow! You really coloured your hair Raspberry? It’s cool but will it be really hard to maintain the colour? I’m just wondering. I actually still do prefer the brown you had previously 🙂

  15. Jodie says:

    aah!! oh so berry pretty!! want!
    and LOL idk.. maybe its funny cus there’s a bloody cig box there -.-

  16. melody says:

    hahahahahaha y u soooo brilliant!!!!!!
    and your hair is gorgeous!!!!!!

  17. Alexandra says:

    I support the die of zombie safety drills! Oso love the new hair color! I wanna dye mine, if I’d look half as nice.

  18. Missyna says:

    Cheesie what is brand of the diy colour shampoo that you used? How much does it cost? Where did you buy it? 😛 Please tell me, i’m really interested about it! 😆

  19. SaeWei says:

    Love the color Cheesieee.. But it looks very dry leh..Need to butter up your hair ady.

  20. shoeluva says:

    cheesie, what is your aldo/topshop and minimaos shoe size?
    sorry just wanna know how to gauge if i wanna buy the shoes frm them.
    and they say on the website to buy 1 size bigger for this particular heels… is that true? thanks

  21. yt says:

    Hi cheesie may i know what hair dye are you using to get this color 🙂 ??

  22. shuyi says:

    Heh first time commenting *shy

    Anyway, lovin’ the pink hair with the red lips ! The heart-shaped lips omgawd what’s not to love 🙂

    Btw, can i know which colour and what brand lipstick are you using? I’ve been trying different red lipsticks but haven’t quite found ”the one” 🙁

  23. abi says:

    hey cheesie! gorgeous hair <333 what's the brand of the shampoo? & how do you maintain such long hair <33

  24. sherie says:

    cheesie, where did you get your hair colouring done?! Its damn good on you!! Jealous max 😥

  25. Sarah says:

    Mad love your hot red lips colour!Where did you get the lipstick from?:D

  26. Pants says:


    […]cheeserland.com » Blog Archive » Raspberry hair[…]…

  27. Good Hair Colouring Bangkok…

    […]cheeserland.com » Blog Archive » Raspberry hair[…]…

  28. Keep working ,splendid job!

  29. Ellizabete237 says:

    What colour did you use for the first picture ? nWhat brand is it and where can you get it??

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