Ahem and i’m clearing it.

Although i must admit that i have been quite the hardworking lately, cuz ads started coming back a bit, then i also feel more motivated to update more often. 😀

No ad = Sad blogger = Shit blog. Pls support full time blogger thanks.

Ok this is what happened in the past few weeks for me la.



Stupid zombie.

This was my life (or the lack thereof)  for quite awhile until i returned the loaned phone, but i just got a Galaxy Tab, so…. there goes my life again.



Bean Boozled Game Edition!!! Porkie got it for me from UK. For those who do not know what it is you can watch a video i posted 2 years ago.



St Pat day with S Mary Vene.



W♥C Poor But Good Looking T.





At some blogger sharing session with Aud. The blonde is Xiaxue who refused to be in picture because she took out ONE of her contact lens wtf.

The next day the three of us had fun shopping!!!

And then and then!!! We saw this loose T-Shirt that we MUST GET. So happened they had 3 pieces lo it’s like it’s specially made for us poor T shirts waiting its whole life for us to come to them wtf.

And we had to lat tali lat tali lit tam pong to fight for the nicer colors wtf. I kinda lost and got the shitty grey color. -_-

But i still look good hmmmph

And here’s the T shirt!!!



“Yea so big i can’t even fit in it. Beat that!”









Zero photoshop. Here are the real faces of your bloggers who claims blog is bigger than each other wtf. And Xiaxue’s new nose is super chio!



Changed into our Blogger Shirts for dinner!!! <3





Went for Lat Kampung Boy the musical.



Aud wanted to do a swimming pose phailed.



This is us trying to camwhore with the PM and wife lolol. The show couldn’t start because Najib hadn’t arrived -_-.

Then Aud and i actually tweet @NajibRazak and asked Y U NO HERE YET! IT IS LAT, NOT LATE! lololol pls don’t bomb us.



This is me camwhoring with the PM and wife wtf. I was very happy my view wasn’t blocked because Rosmah was sitting behind me not in front #trollface.jpg


Anyway i’m giving out two pairs of tickets to comedy show God Of Carnage, featuring… the above famous people la! I will be going! So if you (seriously) want to go, please leave a comment. First two comments (preferably of somethign nice to say *ahem you know la) gets a pair of ticket worth RM60 each!!!

Show day is on the 28th April 8:30pm, make sure you can go, don’t FFK! More info about the show here.



This is taken another day i went shopping with Aud. Come to think of it we shopped quite a lot last and this month ah.=)

(issokay it’s my bday month #fullofexcuses)



Errr can you spot what’s wrong in this picture?

Well, Aud came to my place and we wanted to go shopping but too lazy to drive two cars so we asked Dumbi send us to KL but the problem is Dumbi’s car is a two-seater so we were like wtf how ah iii

And this happened.iiiiii



Seriously, only we could pull it off. I wonder if anyone got stopped by police doing this wtf.

Actually we did this a few times and we take turn la. The first time i sat on the floor and i told Aud and Dumbi if there’s police i will start tilting my head side to side and pretend to be a human-size Solar Figure people put inside the car.



HAHAHHAHA SRSLY i wonder who else can do this!!!!!!!!!!



With Cindy at Tourism SG event.





Floral Top from lololook

Vintage shorts and Kago Basket from minimaos





Cheat One™ short hair.





When my hair was still raspberry. Now it’s more like moldy raspberry.



Spending my 16th birthday. For the XXXXXth time.



Bandage leggings from lololook.


W♥C Union Jack top from minimaos



Went to My Body Secret for….

For Brazilian IPL!!! (If you dunno what it is then you prolly don’t need it la)

Omg i have been wanting to do this forever but it’s SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE i remember Strip is charging something like RM5k for 8 sessions. I almost considered doing it  because it’s so worth it, since waxing hurt like ah ma also cannot recognize. I wonder why i tortured myself like that. T_TT_TT_T

Anyway IPL was freaking awesome. I did mine few days ago!!!


Unfortunately this is the only representative picture i can show for this blog to be safe for the office wtf.

My Body Secrets’ first trial for Brazilian IPL is RM250  =)=)=)

Cheapest in the market so far!

Soooooo much less painful than waxing and it lasts so much longer. (My last session lasted about 3 months). In the long run i think it’s super worth it!

Other than Brazilian, they also have other IPL services. Upper lip and under arm for only RM45 first trial!!!

Find out more on MBS FB Page or website

My Body Secrets

No 65, Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand,, 47810




PS: I know too many things you prolly forgot what you want to comment 1/3 way reading. Quite curious to see which part people comment on the most!