Sharing Happiness

April 18, 2011 in Commercial Break

Are you a giving person or a receiving person?

According to the Japanese blood type personality, people with type O blood are the givers (logically makes sense la). And i’m an Type O. In certain ways i think it is true.

Take buying gifts for example. I always enjoy buying gifts for other people than for myself because the feeling of making other people happy when you put your thoughts into something has a much longer lingering effect on happiness than buying something i want.

I don’t know why recently i’ve been losing so much interest on the guilty pleasure of pursuing material things. The excitement of retail therapy is so short it’s almost not worth the money spent. Instead i find that i gain more gratification doing little nice things for people i care about and receiving a thank you, or exchanging friendly and sincere greeting with my apartment security guards, or laugh at funny tweets, or tweeting something funny and make people laugh, or even just throwing rubbish properly (knowing that i did my part to preserve the earth or whatever).

Either i’m getting old or i’m just going through a zen phase. iii

But I think there must be a happiness that is for sure more profound and more significant than just getting yourself the latest pair of in-season wedges. And i believe if you share it it’s just like a happy circle loop that keeps coming back to you.

The other day i came across a commercial video about “Sharing Happiness”, and i thought it was quite cute, here it is:

Before i found my profound happiness i think maybe i could just use little ones and share it with people around me.

And i have decided to do my own “sharing happiness” video!



Signature purple balloon.



Outfit for filming!

The story is about a girl who… aiya nevermind, you will see it for yourself 😀



Anyway just to give you some clues, it involves Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate



And more chocolate…



And a guy lying on the floor holding a balloon…



And an awesome filming crew from Jo Mama… and me having to pop a balloon with a pen (i’m so brave, i got balloon phobia one ok!!!), acting like a total meanie and tossing papers at someone in the face…



Which face is featured in this photo. Big thanks to TianChad who help me with the video and had his face almost dented by my aggressive paper tossing.



This is us reading the script.



And during filming




This is the best picture ever. It’s me stabbing a balloon. Except that nao it looks like i’m murdering a purple ghost.



And one last photo before i show you the video!!!




wait for it




(this is a blank for suspense)




Tadaa! 😀

Even not for the paper tossing and balloon popping, it’s still worth it to see how i suck at acting.

If you like this video, please share it! 😀

Aldo, more info on Cadbury’s Facebook page!

70 responses to “Sharing Happiness”

  1. Robb says:

    Ahahahaha, poor TianChad.

  2. Niki says:

    Not sure if I’m more scared of your stuck up look, or TianChad’s ham sap look! 😛

  3. Both of you look really good on camera! NICE!

  4. emi says:

    lol that picture of you stabbing the balloon is so cool it really does look like a ghost!
    really cute video~ poor guy but at least he got to you in the end XD

  5. Julia says:

    Without the *wink* *wink*, the message would be so much sweeter lol. But still, nice video 🙂 and nice acting too

  6. kimberlycun says:

    wah awesome! tian chad’s a natural!!!

  7. vvens says:

    VERY NAIS! 😈

  8. angela says:

    very funny! and i love the music as well..
    what polish are you wearing? it’s so nice!

  9. fresh says:

    hahahahaha nais! tian chad damn kesian kena lansi face from you LOL

  10. Xiao Wen says:

    Nice NIce NICE… wow…

  11. Violet says:

    Ahahahaha! So freaking cute!

  12. wen says:

    *Like* *Like* *Like*, I Like Like Like! 😀

  13. JennyHow says:

    wah your first scene so lcly… like asking him ‘never see leng lui before ah’ LOL

  14. LL says:

    so cute!! and i thought it was pretty well-made 😮

  15. cheesie says:


    Thank you guys!!!!!!! Didn’t expect such good response!

  16. Belly B says:

    Hahah that is so sweet. It made me happy so I guess it does share happiness! 🙂 I like your socks they’re so cute lol

  17. Jessica says:

    OMG Cheesie you did a very great job! Love this very much!
    It should be put on TV as advertisement!

  18. maruko says:

    thumbs up up up up up!!!

  19. carlame says:

    VERY CUTE!! X)!!! 😆

  20. Alvinia says:

    luv it so much~~

  21. JD says:

    Very nice short video. Will you be giving Cadburry chocolates now to us commenters?

  22. eehui says:

    cuteee! u look awesome as usual and tianchad is really cute too!! <3

  23. bloomzy says:

    I can’t view it in my country, such a shame D:

  24. Lene says:

    Can’t see it here! 😥

  25. David says:


    Funny, cute and who ever knew Cheesie would play the tough to get girl!

    Now we know you can act!!

    Maybe your next career move???


  26. Niky says:

    awww.. so cute!!! 😉

  27. miko says:

    “Take buying gifts for example. I always enjoy buying gifts for other people than for myself because the feeling of making other people happy when you put your thoughts into something has a much longer lingering effect on happiness than buying something i want.”

    Same! and im an ‘O’ too XD
    The excitement of seeing their happy faces when you give them the gifts they wanted and also the surprise. -▽-

  28. Jace♥ says:

    HAHAHA!!! I’m laughing for the super long tissue under your heels~
    HAHAHAHAHA~~ Thats FUNNEH~!! 😆

  29. haha says:

    wahahaha, why you so fierce towards a cute guy! hahaha!

  30. melody says:

    i think you are good at acting!!!!!
    it can soooo be a tv ad!!!!!
    happy happy happyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!
    more adverts for cheesie!!!!
    cheesie writes more
    we read more!
    cheesie has more money!
    travels more!
    writes more!
    shares more!
    cheesie happy!
    i’m super duper happy!!!!!!!!

  31. renae says:

    haha you are soo sweet hhahaaa fuunny video!!thumbs up XD

  32. sians says:

    it is very cute 🙂
    and pretty funny ending hehe.

  33. JC says:

    Can’t watch in my country sobs

  34. WP says:

    So cute!! I’m definitely sharing this! 😀

  35. YiLeng says:


  36. Synchroflash says:

    awesome ! congratulations !

  37. sarah says:

    So funny and cute !!!
    Can I share it on my facebook ? I love it !!!

  38. Nami says:

    Aw so cute!!!! Haha and yay I’m the same bloodgroup as you!

  39. MilkySorbet says:

    Not available in my country… UMG, I hate you 🙁

  40. Jia Hui says:

    Not over here too… high five milkysorbet 🙁

  41. Stephanie says:

    Cute and creative !

    Lindo y creativo 😉

  42. John says:

    I think you did super – ring!

    Messages like that are important and you both made a great video.

  43. Francesca says:

    nice vid. cute!
    i don’t know the guy but both of u 😈 😈

  44. Ishah says:

    That is hilarious, I love this better than the original ad! 😆

  45. Xiao Hui says:

    u look diff in vid…u 2 look good on cam together… so cute in the end eat chocs forget abt toilet paper still stuck!!!

  46. 😆 😆 😆 the ending is so funny! the trail of toilet paper stuck to your shoe! 😆 😆 😆

  47. Celine says:

    So cute 🙂 Love your emerald green playsuit. Polka dots are in season right now! Have some vintage polka chiffon tops that you will love 🙂 cheers

  48. Chee says:

    Nice blog! I love Cadbury choco 🙂

  49. Ashley says:

    The video is blocked in the UK!!! Hmph!!! I can’t watch!!! 😥

  50. Kate says:

    Such a fun video… And yes, I think he’s super cute now! lol…

  51. aisyahedruce says:

    It seems you act naturally..can become good actor..I love to see the happy ending of the story.. thank goodness, because of the toilet paper on your shoes, you finally hang up with that guy..

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