When zombie apocalypse happens i want my chips to stay crisp.

April 13, 2011 in Commercial Break

Lately i’ve become more paranoid than ever. For some ridiculous reason i sort of developed this thinking that everything that i do now contributes to my own imminent death. And everybody else’s.

If i use a plastic bag i’ll think that a cute leatherback turtle just died because of me. Then when i buy a magazine, i realize i’ve just killed a jungle in Pahang, and there’s now less oxygen in the air, and i will live a short, sickly life in poor health. And during dinner time a bloated African child kicks the bucket and perishes into dry soil because i refuse to eat bad sushi in a local restaurant. And now that i think of it, i vaguely remember not switching off my lights during Earth Hour, and i’m panicking now because that means an earthquake is soon to hit the shores of Malaysia (Rosmah say one).

I think the tsunami has really screwed me in the head and now all the disaster movies somehow seem more believable than ever. They are all a warning to mankind. Instead of wasting time dealing with rude waitresses and queuing up to pay road tax, i think my new resolution is to get my arse worked up building an anti-zombie fortress and run multiple zombie safety drills in preparation for zombie apocalypse. Also make more friends who are too heavy to move so zombies will attack them first.

Brb i need to  go check if my door is zombie-proof, then write a “Obese Housemate Wanted” ad.

Ok back. All of you can apply. You are welcome.


Until 2012 arrives, i think i’d still be fussing over trivial things like, keeping my Ruffle’s chips crisp. (You know, in case i’m stuck at home during a zombie attack).

Which is why i have all these in my home now:


Well, i’m just doing my part to delay the world from ending, you know, going eco and stuff. Which i totally started two years ago. And then i advanced myself to tapao soup noodle with Tupperware too.

And i’m proud of all my collections here. hmmmph


I’d appreciate if you don’t ask me why i have baby milk bottles among my collection. Everyone has some peculiar habits they don’t want other people to know of.

But seriously, this is awesome. I’m so glad that i’m contributing a small part to saving the environment, however trivial it sounds. At least my conscience is clear and even if everyone die of zombie apocalypse and go to hell, at least i will go to a hell with cleaner longkang and uncontaminated water because i made effort to preserve it when i was alive wtf.

After my previous two blog posts about Tupperware, i’m so so glad that it got super positive feedback from all of you (which means i will have more friends when i go to Clean-Longkang-Hell). And you have no idea how touched i am that you guys are influenced by my blog posts and want to start saving the environment (a little)!

Now a lot of you asked where you can get your awesome Tupperware since you can’t find it in supermarkets, please go to Tupperware Brands’ website to find out more. 🙂

And to reward all of you who have been making effort to stay environmentally conscious, Tupperware Brands has a super creative and exciting challenge!


It has got something to do with this. ngee


On the 1st April i went to their “One Touch Airtight Challenge”, where we witness Tupperware going underwater!! (No it is not an April Fool joke.)

Guess where the event is at!!!


KLCC Aquaria! What an unusual place for a launch!


Karen, Brand and Category Manager braved herself and dived into the aquarium holding something…


That even turtles are interested in…


The prize for the challenge—a Samsung Galaxy Tab!!

Well, this is how it works:


You need to go to KLCC Aquaria, and spot this particular One Touch Airtight Tupperware with a Samsung Galaxy inside, once you see it, you can send an SMS to the phone number displayed there, and watch the tab light up!


That’s me doing a live call to the tab. And it went through!!!

So, every 100th  person who sends a text message to the phone that’s in the the OT Canister will receive a Tupperware Hamper, and be in the running to win one of 3 Samsung Galaxies.

Well, if you’re too lazy to move your butt to KLCC, here’s the phone number.




(you know you want to!)

Nao i need to go Zombie-proof my Tupperware bai.

30 responses to “When zombie apocalypse happens i want my chips to stay crisp.”

  1. KY says:

    i wanna go diving in aquaria, very soon!

  2. wen says:

    I am jealous of your tupperware collections!

  3. Glo-w says:

    wa…i wanna send a sms!!! hmm…if i send 100 you think i can win a galaxy tab? n does it include the tupperware? ^^

  4. 😉 😈
    Thumb’s up for Tupperware production !!!

  5. 33 says:

    I love the aquarium! And tupperware! It’s so useful and much easier than plastic wrapping big plates : )

  6. kianfai87 says:

    so did you win it? all win all the way tupperwear? 😆 😆 😆 😆

  7. WP says:

    Yay, let’s all have cleaner longkangs…then at least in hell they won’t ask us to clean longkangs. lol

  8. David says:


    So much angst here!

    Do not fear, one magazine does not destroy a forest. Most paper we use comes from managed tree growing land that is used again and again.

    That light you did not turn off, no problem, it will not cause tsumani’s to start washing Malayasia away.

    Being on the Pacific ring of fire is an accident of geography that means earthquakes and tsunamis will occur. In 2004 Indonesia suffered this fate, in 2011 Japan takes the hit, last yeart the big quakes were in Chile and China.

    Stewardship does not mean living life in fear. Do be aware that many environmentalist are alarmist and scaremongers.

    Do not fall prey to such tactics!

    Live your life, have fun and enjoy being Cheesie!



  9. MilkySorbet says:

    I like your tupperware posts because they make us lazy people feel okay about not doing much but at least a bit :3

    environment ppl are always like ‘do MOOOAAAAAR!’ and bully you.

    Yay for the ‘at least we try’ approach! Go cheesie!

  10. zachary says:

    i’m back~ <3 ur posts~!

  11. Lenny says:

    Cheesie, I am astounded by your ability to (again and again) start your blog posts with something totally random (ie. Zombies and chips?!) only to tie seamlessly it into an advertorial. Cheat one! 😀

  12. Sherene Tan says:

    Hey cheesie,
    Do you know where to get Tupperware’s sushi maker range?


  13. Gin says:

    i have this thing for baby bottles too =X KAKAKKKA

    and i use a suck suck bottle shaped into hello kitty for my daily drinking. WTF

  14. yp says:

    Thanks for influencing ppl to take action in taking care of our environment, cuz our apa pun boleh kerajaan is too busy for doing this. 💡 💡

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