Someone sent me a link to That Can Be My Next Tweet which is a website that predicts what you would tweet next based on your recent ones i think.

And this is how the website thinks i would normally sound on my twitter:

That’s quite…. accurate. I mean. That totally sounds like me.

Why did you even question me?! I’m the most hardworking blogger ever!!!!!!

So bloody hardworking that my blog posts’ ass is getting so full my server can’t even handle it.

My Sixth Sense tells me that an indian film director would volunteer to fix my PC. I can see the Signs and it’s totally The Happening wtf.


Radiation got icy?!?!?!? =)=)=)

Seriously. If that’s how you waste your Friday, i would say the same too.
No wonder.

Srsly what is this i don’t even.

My advertorial rate is THAT EXPENSIVE?!

A huge container for human trafficking to Egypt. You are welcome.

Nobody will ever want to marry me. EVER. *slits wrist

I won’t even marry myself, looking at how i sound like. Even if i do get married it will probably end in divorce and this is how i talk to my ex husband when he asks me to move out.





And my favorite (or the least):

I’m still extremely traumatized.

But here’s the prediction. My next tweet. (I really hope it comes true)

Srsly. Everyone owes me a meal for my resistance and bravery.