Srsly, why are you even following me on twitter?

April 20, 2011 in Just Punny

Someone sent me a link to That Can Be My Next Tweet which is a website that predicts what you would tweet next based on your recent ones i think.

And this is how the website thinks i would normally sound on my twitter:

That’s quite…. accurate. I mean. That totally sounds like me.

Why did you even question me?! I’m the most hardworking blogger ever!!!!!!

So bloody hardworking that my blog posts’ ass is getting so full my server can’t even handle it.

My Sixth Sense tells me that an indian film director would volunteer to fix my PC. I can see the Signs and it’s totally The Happening wtf.


Radiation got icy?!?!?!? =)=)=)

Seriously. If that’s how you waste your Friday, i would say the same too.
No wonder.

Srsly what is this i don’t even.

My advertorial rate is THAT EXPENSIVE?!

A huge container for human trafficking to Egypt. You are welcome.

Nobody will ever want to marry me. EVER. *slits wrist

I won’t even marry myself, looking at how i sound like. Even if i do get married it will probably end in divorce and this is how i talk to my ex husband when he asks me to move out.





And my favorite (or the least):

I’m still extremely traumatized.

But here’s the prediction. My next tweet. (I really hope it comes true)

Srsly. Everyone owes me a meal for my resistance and bravery.
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25 responses to “Srsly, why are you even following me on twitter?”

  1. haha says:

    hahaha! I am so going to try that! 😆

  2. Glo-w says:

    … 😯 i want my money back!

  3. kianfai87 says:

    ROFLMAO! IMMA TRYING THIS AND it turns out Hilarious! =D 😆 😆 😆

  4. Wenjin says:

    So confusing and yet funny.

  5. dblchin says:

    y mine never turn out as awesome as yours one???? Love the last bit, yes worst morning call ever. lolx

  6. emi says:

    mine turns out to be all gibberish lol but it’s fun to see what it comes up with XD

  7. Jodie says:

    omg lol sounds damn real and shit sia!
    imma try LOLOLOL

  8. nat says:

    LOLLL i was bored and typed in your name on the site…
    and it gave me these:

    “Me so malaysian leh. What is so happiiiiiiiiiiiiii?”

    “Wa raining the most meaningful thing i feel tomolo when i got sucker punched?”

    “I got sucker punched? wtf yes! haha haha yea to sort of you : I lived in wangsa maju without gps cuz i.”
    :dunno: :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:

  9. Xiao Hui says:

    so funny and kinda sound like u… i wanna try but the site always hang…. why liddis? worst morning call.worst morning call.worst morning call. 😆

  10. Isabellmiao says:

    i am fucking laughing when my lecturer is talking in front of the class..
    he thinks i’m laughing at him..

  11. jymei says:

    i tried with your twitter name and got these..

    Ohai, i don’t mind donating part of unwashed clothes but takut sakit haiya…

    super full ass blog sure freaking cold

    wa i tot u just said when alarm screams in the pool sure server error

    terminated my shelf!!!!!!! sayre wtf thank you yea i looked at mad monkeyz hehehehe

    i think it just recycling bits and pieces of your old/recent tweets 💡

  12. Geneve says:

    Omg I lol-ed at this! Rebecca Black ate the Awkward Penguin! 😈

  13. JD says:

    Seemed like it took previous tweets and make it into a new one. Some that I try, don’t make sense though.

  14. melody says:

    this is really superbbbbbbbbb
    why he knows how to talk like you oneeeeeeee
    they googled u kah hahahahahahaha
    i like the bmw one hahaha

  15. Hachi says:

    Haha this is pretty funny, especially since they kinda do sound like you? 😯 lol, mine were just incomprehensible…

  16. Belly B says:

    LOL I have no idea what those tweets mean. So confusing! But yeahhhhh, I do see a resemblance haha!

  17. j says:

    wahahaha! I like ‘if you watch cinderella backwards it’s weekend oredi!’ and ‘why isit bloody beef is new hello kitty phone’> change hello kitty phone to ladygaga outfits would make perfect sense! gagagaga!!!

  18. renee says:

    that’s hilarious! I like the rebecca black tweet bwahaha!! :X

  19. the beast says:

    The Asian male is a strange creature
    His idea of seduction is to whip his cock out in the car on a first date and demand a HJ
    The Asian female tends to agree just so as to escape the car
    Then ends up married to the above monkey out of shame
    I should move to Asia

  20. John says:

    That’s quite a website. Ha! chat bot that uses your own input.
    Copperman was an interesting one, at one time.

    Certainly an interesting amalgamation you got there! :mrgreen:
    (If perhaps a bit rough on/with yourself. It’s ok. 🙂 – we all can relate there! )

    Keep your head about you, life can be a real whirlygig~
    Even when it’s quiet. -> but when is that?

  21. Jessie says:

    “Rebecca Black ate the awkward penguin.” LOL!!!

  22. chriso says:


  23. yv says:

    heehee so cute <3

  24. Loma says:

    I LOVE That can be my Next Tweet! ♥♥

  25. TikkoSS says:

    Finally get to comment.. (dont know what to comment before this as im fashion idiot..!) .. i get some pick on my next tweet.. super da awesome.. hahahaha

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