Believe it or not, i used to make myself breakfast.

I will buy bread and milk and i’ll throw two eggs inside my electrical kettle and make half boil egg.iii

But i always end up not finishing my food because i stay alone, or completely forget about them to the point where i had a 6 months old chicken fillet, a 2 years old mentaiko sack from Osaka in my freezers, and eggs that are actually harden over time.


Then i just stop eating breakfast completely.  Sometimes i pop a few vitamins and just wait for lunch time. And it’s not doing my body any good. I get IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) due to irregular meal times and i feel tired all the time. -_-

I wasn’t gonna do anything to change the bad habit because i think it’s quite common, a lot of people around me do the same thing since it’s just a bad Malaysian culture. Until i came across real good culture. In a bottle.


Literally Good Live Cultures. Lots of them.

According to their Facebook page, if you take two small bottles a day, you will feel good and look good in just 14 days.

For me, that is great news. Because that means i don’t have to worry about not having something healthy for breakfast for the next 14 days.


And i no longer have to feel guilty for not eating my breakfast. And i’m so glad that it comes in so many different flavors i can have a different one everyday for a week!


Before i filled up my fridge with 30 bottles of Nestle Bliss, i had to admit that i didn’t really like yogurt drinks because i thought they were for kids who like a lot of colors and fake flavors. It’s like drinking sour paint, and the thought really puts me off.

It’s really nice to know that Nestle Bliss is made of REAL FRUIT juice and contains no artificial coloring at all!  Not only that, it is also the only yogurt drink in Malaysia that contains Inulin—a prebiotic, which is in the form of soluble fiber that will improve your digestive system and help promote the growth of live cultures.

Of course then there’s the Live Cultures, which are good bacteria that creates a good environment in your intestines, because there is a lot of harmful bacteria in there. I know it sounds abit anti-appetizing to discuss about things that live in your lower intestines, but Nestle Bliss vows that you will feel different.



More information available at Nestle Bliss’ Facebook Page.


You think you’d be up for the challenge too?