Since i didn’t get to go to Japan (sob),  i find myself seeking solace in flipping through Japanese magazines in Kinokuniya pretending i’m in a bookstore in Osaka, or playing pachinko on my android pretending i’m in an arcade center in Shibuya, or go to Sasa with Aud to buy Japanese make up products pretending we’re in Don Quihote, or just looking at random Japanese words. I also downloaded Kanji Test for primary school students on my phone -_-.

Or getting new range of Japanese skin care product and pretending i’m using it during my Sakura trip that i canceled (sob).

Was invited to Hada Labo’s new product launch, which is the skin care brand that i started using  a year ago during my trip to Nagoya.


That’s my host family’s beautiful front porch.

It is since then also my favorite skin care brand that is super awesome at the motestestest affordable prices. It’s hard to imagine something so value for money is as good as, if not better than some of the high end skin care brands from cosmetic counters.



8 girl bloggers who were invited to Hada Labo’s new product launch!



And did you realize we’re wearing the same top!!!! #alwayshappens



Hada Labo Retinol range.

You can recognize this new range in their whole new fiery red packaging!

why the day’s dresscode is Perfect White X Simple dash of Red.



Mine was on the skirt



Cindy and i



The new Retinol range has 5 products that not only hydrates your skin, but also has firming and lifting effects, perfect for people who are concerned about aging. *ahem ahem *looks around self consciously

So happy! I was quite satisfied with the previous range because it works well on hydration, but i still wanted something that as anti-aging effect *accepts truth of life.  Now this is perfect for me! And it’s so affordable i don’t have to feel kiamsiap when i use other products, always use very little amount then feels heartache when i use it on the neck. Now i can apply to my whole body HAHAHA.



Doing a moisture test on my hand. This is before.



And after i apply just one drop of  Hada Labo Lifting and Firming Lotion.






Just like the previous product, it has a sticky effect on your skin, which comes from the Super Hyaluronic Acid that locks all the moisture in your skin. You just need a small amount and gently pat it until it is all absorbed.



This is the complete set of products i brought home!

Everything is in Japanese so you probably can’t read HAHAHA. #trollface.jpg

But there’s English info printed on the box la, though you probably take longer time shopping than me hehe.

Here’s a brief review of the product!



This is the new hero! The most popular lotion that i use as a toner after cleansing my face. It doesn’t contain alcohol so there’s zero irritation. It is also very light, but the hydration stays through one whole night it’s amazing.



This is the essense! It’s to be used after the lotion. Sometimes i skip this because i am too lazy. But the magic of this is that it not only smoothes the surface but also penetrates deeply into the skin. Sometimes i even use it as a quick fix for my cakey make-up after a long day, it’s almost like a wrinkle filler, you can see you skin becoming smoother and less fine lines!



This is the milk, not to be confused with the lotion because the bottle is quite similar. But it is milky color white the lotion is clear. It has a velvety feeling to it, and it is the perfect ending to your beauty routine right before you sleep. It keeps the moisture locked in and you feel hydrated all the way till the next day.



This is the cream for people who likes an even richer texture. If the milk is… milk, well this is like cream cheese. It’s thicker and extremely nourishing. I’d totally bring this for my winter travels.



Last it is the mask. I have been using Hada Labo’s mask and i must say it’s a god sent for lazy people like me. Some days when you come home after crazy partying or events and you’re too lazy to repeat the whole skin care nonsense, i just put this on for 10 minutes and pat the remaining essence until all is absorbed. And when you wake up the next day it’s the best feeling ever.

After using this new range for about two weeks,  i think it’s even more hydrating than the previous ones i’m using. Seriously my skin feels like it’s swimming in jello all the time *doink doink. Plus the bonus is that with the new formula, it reduces fine lines too! Need not spend extra money to buy those wrinkle fillers!

I think i have just found the perfect Mother’s Day gift. And the price range is only from RM49.90 to RM75.90. You can get them exclusively from Guardian.



Mochi mochi!!!