Things i ♥ about Japan

Since i’m kinda running out of things to blog i think the easiest is to go back to blogging about things you like.

I can do this all the time, every single day until everyone pukes sushi.

(Note to self: sound track to play for this post)

Here are some of the things (not all of them) i love about Japan. And some photos i have never published before. Took me a long time to go through all my photo archive to compile this!



Host family in Nagano



Host family in Sapporo



Host family in Nagoya



Best rice in the world



Amaebi sushi



First experience with snow in my life



First experience with sakura



Tea ceremony



My host family’s car in Nagano.



First time be a one-day teacher in a elementary school in Matsumoto.



Is this is the high school puppy love they always show in Japanese drama?



Outdoor hot spring



The police who found my lost CreamCakeCam™ in the snow and returned back to me.



Host mom who left me notes in the morning



Yuriko made me Mentaiko kake gohan everyday and since then i have my mentaiko obsession forever.



Host mom who always cries when you leave



Host mom who makes you cute bento when you leave



Japanese cigarette (yea i sneaked a few back then and i liked to see how long the ash can tahan without falling down wtf). And i understand why most Japanese girls smoke because their cigarette case is glittery pink and probably with hello kitty pattern and is raspberry flavored and the lighter is the shape of a cute lip gloss wtf it’s impossible not to be tempted into buying.



Ice cream in winter



Beautiful Kyoto



Spring Omatsuri in Nagoya



Ichigo shop in Tenri



Ichigo Miruku



Deers in Nara



Penguin parade at Osaka Aquarium



Sunset view at Odaiba



View from Tokyo tower. The road looks like the tower itself!!!!



Osechi during Japanese New Year



Pink cheeks you get from the cold weather



Night market during the festival



The scariest roller coaster ride i’ve ever seen in my life. This is in Mie. I didn’t like this place because i had my first huge fight with TK  here in Mie i stormed off and ran to the toilet to cry then was lost then was stranded in the cold with my phone battery dying i briefly thought that i would die in Mie wtf.




Then in the car he sent me this msg and everything was okay again.



Colorful Osaka



Best Indian curry ever. That’s the thing about Japan. Chinese food is not really chinese food and indian food is not really indian food in Japan.



Each pair is only RM38 wtf.



Discovered Duffy for the first time.



Fix my hair in Japan for the first time



Sazaenotsuboyaki #foodyoucantgetinmalaysia



A beautiful lake in Mitaka



Ghibli Studio was my favorite



A live fish that still moves after being sliced wtf. Posted a video and youtube and people scolded me from all over the world for being cruel.


Can’t wait to go to Japan again. And i go back to Japan all the time *cue Taylor Swift wtf






65 responses to “Things i ♥ about Japan”

  1. Jodie says:

    the outdoor hotspring.. hehehehe im thinking straight looking straight derp..

    penguins are soo cute *_*
    waaah.. jp is so fun QQ i wanna go toooooooooo

    i like your look in #39 laa!

    and s9difosafsodfksdc i MUSTTT TAKE THE ROLLERCOASTER

  2. Rhi Kanda says:

    AHH! I want to go back to Japan!
    You always look like you’re having so much fun ^______^

  3. How to not love japan right?

  4. Jennifer says:

    My dream country….

  5. g.ta says:

    love the cute bento..
    and Japan looks totally awesome, I wish to visit one day!! 😈

  6. Ishah says:

    Why is your galaxy tab so cheap in MY??? :dunno:

    Also little boy’s mummy might not approve of that picture #12 😆

  7. Cecilia says:

    Why? Why? This post makes me wanna kick myself for not going to Japan.

  8. KY says:

    in #3 you can blend with the background lol

  9. ilusuens says:

    omg i soooo wanna go japan right now! ): hopefully i can go in june! but the yen is so strong right now tt i wont be able to shop much D: please do more posts like this!! (:

  10. runimina says:

    Wow, what wonderful memories, you’re so lucky…

  11. Belly B says:

    All your Japan posts are so entertaining. You make me want to go there so bad!!! And that prawn sushi thing looks SO FRESH and delicious. *jealous 😥

  12. P@nda says:

    super miss Japan laaaaaa…. why u make me emooooooo *cries*
    look at the snow/food/desserts/ice cream during winter *emo emo emo*

  13. fiionx says:

    so nice!! T____T
    I wanna go back to Japan for travel too T____T.

    i want their sashimi T____T.
    I wanna troll at the streets T___T.

    btw. what does that sms says :p.

  14. Jackie says:

    I miss Japan 🙁 Did you go through some kind of program, since you had host families? Looks like you had so much fun!

  15. Taehreh says:

    I’ve never been during sakura season… 😥

    My friend is on a plane for Tokyo right now, you’ve just posted about Japan…. all signs pointing me to go back. Wah.

    Scariest roller coaster I ever went on was at Fuji-Q Highland… it was famous for having the biggest drop or most inversions or something. I thought I would die.

  16. Rach says:


    Lovely pictures! 😀 I wanna visit Japan too huhu~

    Btw, have you seen the uplifting bullet train commercial that has gone viral? 😀 Check it out if you haven’t! It’s quite nice lo~

  17. chibirubie says:

    ahhh so lovely… japan is soo nice

  18. vvens says:

    wuwuwuwu i wanna go to Japan too. Never been to such a beautiful country 😥

  19. melody says:

    love love love this post!!!!!
    its like happy times!!!!!!

  20. Kimberley says:

    How about things you don’t like about Japan for a change?

  21. wen says:

    #4 can eat it on its own, 😈 best rice is found in japan.

  22. Laura says:

    Such gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing. Yet again you really show how connected and in love you are with Japan. I’m so envious of all your great experiences there. Japan is so beautiful and full of life.

  23. TikkoSS says:

    Dream place I always wanted to go. This reconfirm that i need to make plan to visit there sometime this year or next.. all those pics really mesmerizing.. cool i would say.. nice post.. like like

  24. David says:


    Great photos and stories from your visits to Japan!
    You are as beautiful as ever!

    Getting my first smartphone today!
    Samsung Fascinate, aka Galaxy.

    Wanted a WIN 7 mobile phone but my carrier does not sell one yet.


  25. Coco says:

    Now I understand why you like Japan so much. You made so many pretty experiences over there. 🙂 I only was there once. But I’m planning on going there again next year (this year: New York). But I need to practise some japanese… Their English knowledge over there is really not that huge haha

  26. Trixie says:

    #32- I couldn’t read all of it but I’m guessing it was a pretty cute message seeing as it says 大好き in it -^^-

    I wish to someday be like you and travel to Japan 😀

  27. yv says:

    nice photos!

  28. SY says:

    hey Cheesie,

    You have so many homestay experiences in Japan,I wonder what kind of programme u joined?

    and, the Japanese bf really sms like Japanese drama bf lol

    • David says:

      SY, i agree!

      Cheesies homestays give all of us insights into how kind the Japanese people are.

      All the more reason we should help Japan recover from the earthquake and tsunami.

      Japanese people are an important part of our world!


    • cheesie says:

      i was with 🙂

  29. Kumiko says:

    I love your beautiful blog, i love you look tsyle and your make up style!!
    But you have a lot of thins like shoes, clothes, make up..can you make a tour of your room to see as how you can organaise all this things, please? (i don’t know what i mean..)

    Soreja,. mata

    Kumiko from Italy

  30. Jeff says:

    What a happiness you. 😈

  31. duffylover says:

    Where to find your live sashimi/fish video post?

  32. yumei says:

    I’ll gladly read till I puke rainbow sushi. I totally know how you feel about Japan. I get a real strong feeling of furusato from the mere mention of the word “Japan”. <- LOL siao. Really pretty photos, and nice to have a top blogger having the same interests and consistently blogging about it. ^^ Taking my N2 in July and you're my motivation for passing haha O/

  33. nana says:

    seriously what a great post!! they may be old snapshots but it says so much! that text was so sweet too *cries* 😥 so cute^^ your host mom sounds like the shit!! so awesome.

  34. Abraxis says:

    I hope you can make it out here. Japan needs support. And visitors.

    Although I think it’s more do to the “flyjin” staying away, it took me 5 minutes to get through passport control at NRT. Much as it pains me to say this (cos I hate queueing), but Japan needs it’s queues back. Come visit! You won’t glow in the dark…

  35. Yoshi says:

    Did you have multiple host families or am I just imaging them? lol (sorry if its a stupid ?)
    xoxo ^_^

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