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June 27, 2011 in Cheesellaneous

This is a blatant bribe because i obviously suck at Youtubing.

Basically if you stay through this horribly long and shit quality video you might find it not that bad after all because i’m selecting ONE of you jerks who didn’t fall asleep during the video and is able to name me ONE thing you want from my shopping haul (IT IS A TEST!) and as a reward i MIGHT just give that thing to you wtf. So yea it might be worth it wtf.

And of course only those who subscribe to my channel can get it la. 😀




I forgot i also bought this toilet seat cover thing from Japan! <3


In the plane to HK. Horrid face in this pic but i want to post it cuz the hair color is so nice and it’s so whooshy!

Received a package on my way out from my apartment to the airport so i just brought it along!!

It looks like medicine but they are actually lip balms from My Lip Stuff! I ordered a total of 5 balms and they are awesome!!

There are more than 500 types of funky flavors, including Creme Brule, Dog Poo, Fuzzy Navel and Sex On The Beach wtf.

These are some that i ordered:


Zomg this one is like super realistic every time i apply this balm it’s like i’m really having pancakes topped with syrup, except that it’s 0 calorie #fuckyea.jpg

Ordered this out of curiosity cuz i was all who the hell applies kitty urine on their lips?!

Turns out it’s just the color that maybe in some way resemble its title and it smells awesomely citrusy!

Gummy bear was my fav!!! It has this really intoxicating fruity smell that i couldn’t figured out. In the end i Iyvene sniff the lip balm and she figured it was cherry. Love love love it!

Not only do they smell great, they are also extremely moisturizing. Good to know that the balms are all natural, they don’t contain any preservatives, and are free from alcohol, dairy, and meat by products (except beeswax)!

I was using it throughout my trip to HK and Japan! Highly recommended!

Go drool over all the different flavors here!!

24 responses to “Haul video + Giveaway”

  1. Sherrie says:

    Fridge top is nice!
    Hello Kitty fragrance is so cute!!!
    Your brown bohemian wedges is awesome!
    Funny names for lipbalms =)

  2. ying ying says:

    ahhh. i want the jap snacks because i got hungry in the middle of watching your vid and they look so yummy!!!:DD
    but i don’t have a youtube account so i got no chance in winning anyway:/

  3. Belly B says:

    You have my dream hair!!! Whooshy, indeed!

  4. Dewi says:

    Hi! I subscribed ;), cutee blog<3

  5. noel says:

    love the giveaway! (especially the white/floral dress one 🙂

  6. Hachi says:

    I subscribed to your YouTube! I wanna win~ 👿 ha, those lip stuffs sound awesome!

  7. Ida says:

    I really want the hello kitty fragrance or black maxi dress, but since my computer is shit I can’t subscribe, lol ^^
    – Ida / couturexx.blogspot.com

  8. John says:

    😉 Awesome of you. Guess, I have a reason to get a youtube account now. lol! Oh, I don’t want anything in particular, just be glad to subscribe & up your numbers there.
    Love, Light and Peace to All.

  9. stella lee says:

    ive been reading your blog for years but this is the first time i see you come up with giveaway, nice cheesiee <3
    And of course ive joined, i chose brown wedges since its really gyaru! 😀

    anyway, when is the deadline???

  10. Purple Eevee says:

    Lol hmm I wonder how the cat urine lip balm is. Must be weird applying that on your lips lol i must give it a try! So kool you’re having a giveaway and it’s international 😀 already commented on facebook and youtube and I can’t wait until the winner is unveiled! I’ve been subscribed to you for a while now on both so hope I still qualify! #zombieinvasionfashion 😯

  11. Siham says:

    I haven’t been on your blog for quite some time!
    and i see you’re doing a give away that’s international! *jump up and down in excitement*
    Already subscribed and posted a comment 😉

  12. Angel says:

    Hi! I’m a follower of your blog and also your youtube page. ^___^

    I would like the Bunny Facial Mist <3 I would like it because I have acne and I am always looking for new skin care products that might help soothe my skin and make me feel beautiful…

    Thank you <3 Very nice haul!

    email: ladydagger@gmail.com

  13. Pam says:

    You look so good in the video and pictures! <3

  14. yumii says:

    Can I have your hair? 😉

  15. Konkon says:

    Subscribed to your channel 😉 and already posted a comment over there <3

  16. Josephine says:

    I had subscribed to your Channel 🙂
    And I had make a foot print 😆

  17. kenny2jacky says:

    cheesie when will the result b announce????? 😈 😈 😈

  18. jillian says:

    haha so many competitors omg! Good luck to all! 😈 By the way, thanks for recommending the lipbalm, I’m sure many of your readers have rushed off to order. XD

  19. Glo-w says:

    Left my request at the youtube channel, is that okay? ^^ omg i have horrible cracked lips when i travel >_<" where can i get the lip balm in Malaysia? Hmmm pancakes n syrup. If i use together with choc flavor isit okay? ^^

  20. Ada says:

    hey i forgot to ask you. when you permed right, how do you maintain it? does it get dry and frizzy?

  21. i’m so jealous that you can speak so many languages so fluently! very talented 🙂 from the post, it looks like you and wendy had lots of fun on the trip~ i subscribed to your channel, hope to see more vids 🙂 hmm, i would be happy to get the sweet collection eyelashes onegaishimasu.

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