So i was very troubled because obviously it is time to blog and indeed i’m in the mood of blogging and by right i should start with my Hong Kong pictures but i was just  feeling super meh about it BECAUSE I JUST WANT TO SKIP RIGHT TO JAPAN and i was all maybe i should just blog about Japan first but then i was like that means i will never blog about HK, ever so in the end i got very troubled by my own indecision and what’s more there are 1600 pictures WHERE THE HELL DO I START and the thought itself is making me lazy but i’ve already damn loud said i would blog so it’s not very nice if i end up not blogging.


Problem solved. I do what i do. Useless fashion pic of HK and Hokkaido. With Xiaxue‘s not so cameo appearance wtf.


Just Landed look. Extra small picture.


Day 1 in HK. Snidel floral top from minimaos.


Almost matching bottoms! <3


Day 2 in  Hong Kong! Yuru denim from minimaos.




One whole day flying and hauling luggage taking train look. Extra small thanks. (YA i recycle my jeans i know wtf)

(That’s what jeans are for WTF)


Otaru Day 1

Dress from HK, super major dulan cuz kena conned in Mongkok buying it double the price. BOTH OF US.

Super pretty heels, borrowed from Xiaxue because mine broke wtf.


Changed for dinner. This is the only Otona outfit you’ll see me in cuz Xiaxue’s upset that i am ditching the whole Liz Lisa floral kawaii look wtf.

I cellophane-taped my broken shoes and wore it again wtf. #KiamToTheMax. Then it got worse until i was limping T__T.


Day Sapporo

Got a very disturbing story about this pair of floral denim. Ok the straps. It was pee-soaked wtf. (I don’t really want to tell you the story). I washed it but i left it in the hotel T____T.



Last day in Otaru.

(Ya i recycle shirts too. Recycling rocks!!! WHAT? I LOVE THE EARTH OK?!)


Matching fluffy sweater! Both also her’s actually!


Last day in Hong Kong

This is not me. Or Xiaxue. In case you are wondering. It’s a chicken in a HK restaurant next to our hotel. Half a chicken. Couldn’t be bothered to take any picture since the last day’s fashion sense is always non-existent.

All the pictures above (except the half chicken) are taken in:

Park Hotel Hong Kong

Grand Park Hotel Otaru

Who sponsored us the trip. They are really awesome. Really.