After a visit to the most awesome dentist in Singapore (yes i went all the way there!), i realized how little i know about oral care that eventually contributes to the perfect smile.

And the good news is, i’m sponsored invisalign!! Which means i will have the most awesome straight teeth and perfect smile soooon! More on that later.


But today, i also discovered how taking care of your oral hygiene can also bring you surprises. Like… a spa village package, or an atas full course French Dinner, and… a Louis Vuitton handbag.

I know right!

This is the third time All Shiny White is having something awesome! Fist time and second time here.

This time around they focus on 3 different variants, and i think the one most suitable for me is All Shiny White Mineral Salt, since i really want healthier gums especially when i’m gonna go for invisalign!

And with every variant comes the Perfect White Gifts!

Here are a sneak peek of some of the gifts given out:


Screen shot 2011-09-04 at 10.51.29 AM
Awesome or what?

It would be so nice to just receive a surprise gift, or pamper yourself for no apparent reason other than loving your vain self.

How to win the prizes?

Well, see the unlock sign? First of all choose your desired item, log in with your Facebook account. You can see how many All Shiny White Toothpaste required to unlock a certain prize.

And then…

Of course girls are fickle minded!! If you lay your eyes on something better and change your mind, you can always cancel and choose another item to unlock!

We want good teeth!

And the cake and eat it too. And the hand bag and other stuff please.

A prize can only be won after it has been Unlocked by a certain number of people.


So guys, i am eyeing the Air Ticket Subsidy since i am itchy to travel agaiiiiin so please help unlock that prize ok!!

Go to to join now!