Four weeks ago i flew to Singapore specially for the Onward Fashion Showcase, which features one of my favorite Japanese fashion brand—Rosebullet!



And guess what!! I was invited to be on stage too zomg nervous. Not to walk but be the subject of a live hair show demonstration.



This is the final outcome! But more on that later.

Onward carries three major popular Japanese fashion brand:




I have not heard of this one, because it caters to OL style more. I think it looks mature and stylish, maybe i will start wearing it since i’ve turned to Otona style.

If you are interested in OL style, you can visit them at Isetan Orchard Level 2.




It is a young, playful and simple label. They focus a lot on layering and i just looove the colors!

DIP DROPS is located at 313@Somerset #03-09/10, Isetan Orchard Level 1, Isetan Scotts Level 2.



I really really wanted this coat to bring to Berlin for my holiday i was practically drooling over it at backstage T___T




If you read Japanese magazines, Rosebullet’s latest autumn collection  is eeeeeeverywhere! Other than the usual pastel girly and feminine tones, this year they are bolder, more colorful and candy-like!

And guess what!

I received the hottest Angola Set this season from Rosebullet SG, heart  them max!!!!!



Rabbit fur top, matching hair band in cute bow shape and a pair of cream color laced shorts.



Featured by none other than the most loved Japanese model Fujii Lena in Vivi.



Model wearing the same coordi on that fashion night.



More colorful coats. Arrrgggh want!!!



From Rosebullet too! Super heart the rabbit fur poncho that’s the big hit this autumn.



A more feminine pink dress.

I actually took a lot of pictures backstage but my iPhone gallery was wiped out after i reinstalled my iOS so no pictures :(((


This is the only one i have. That’s me (before i was given a hair make-over on stage) with a Rosebullet model/charisma shop staff!

She looks just like a doll! So adorable!



Other Rosebullet shop staff! Very cute and friendly!



I bumped into Nikki who was involved in organizing the event , at the backstage too, who looked awesome and fashionable!



More pictures stolen from Nikki

Nikki was nice & fun to hang out with and she was really helpful at backstage too.



Checking pix i took with iPhone while getting ready at the backstage. I was really getting a bit nervous at the point.. *distract self by camwhoring



ICB Models for the night. All serious and professional looking for the OL look yo!


With Anna chan.


Me before leaving for the stage!



Went on stage for a hair-makeover by Shuhei san. I didn’t expect the host to ask me so many questions while the stylist is fixing my hair. >.<



While answering his questions about blogging, i was actually very anxious to see how my hair looks like lolol.



There was no mirror so only by now i got to see how it looks like. Lots of fish tail braids going on!! And man Shuhei san is fast!!



He finished one style under 3 minutes wtf.



Then he proceeded to the second hair style.



Final result!!

After that i went straight for dinner in my Rosebullet outfit and outrageous hair do lol.





Rosebullet is available at the following locations in Singapore:

Marina Bay Sands B2-116 Canal Level

Isetan Orchard Level 1

Isetan Scotts Level 2

Go shop!! 🙂

*find out more at and*