November 10, 2011 in Cheese-offs / Germany

Totally didn’t expect to get stranded in a desert :(((

Qatar airline fucked up their schedule in Berlin, and ended up landing 2 hours late in Doha, while my connecting flight back to Malaysia was 50 minutes from scheduled landing time MCH.

So nao, i’m stuck at Doha airport and have 5 hours extra to do shit i didn’t needed to. Including blogging. Ok i take that back. Blogging is not shit.

And being the opportunistic Malaysian i kinda pressed them to upgrade me to business class but no luck although it’s clearly not my fault sigh so even that little hope for a consolation is gone. Well at least i have wifi THANK GOD FOR INTERNET.

I was so mentally exhausted (totally restless throughout the 6 hours flight worrying about missing my connecting flight while the cabin crew didn’t help by not give me a clear answer) and physically tired (getting confused with all the time zones and lack of leg room T__T) i almost wanted to shoot a random camel in the humps with a bazooka. Luckily there wasn’t any humps in sight. At least not the camel ones. Or a bazooka.

And i’m super major tulan that this delay is totally messing up with my biological clock. It was just pefect if i boarded the 7:45PM flight and then i sleep 8 hours throughout and land 8AM in KLIA and start a new day afresh. Nao i have to fly to Singapore then transit again by the time i reach home will be like late evening and getting super jetlag FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU.jpg

Anyway i shall stop being upset and be awesome instead (thank you Barney).  Which is why i am blogging nao. IN THE MIDDLE OF A DESERT. You are totally welcome.

Anyway here are some last random pictures i took in Berlin, which is a good time to post nao because i probably never will if i don’t nao due to laziness. Always happens. Also because this is kind of a post that don’t really fit anywhere. Well maybe Cheese-Offs.



This is where Micha told me Run Lola Run was filmed (one of the locations). Dunno true anot also wtf.



Then we had what i deemed gave pizza a new definition wtf.  Seriously if this is what pizza is like i will gladly have it replace McDelivery forever.



Dolci Misti dessert platter for 5 Euro. There was tiramisu, chocolate mousse, rasberry panna cotta and creme caramel omg i love you so much Italy. Oh wait.



Also went up to Berliner Fernsehturm aka the TV tower, THE building in Berlin.



View from the tower.



Of course also the remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall—East Side Gallery.





I had to read it 5 times and still didn’t understand it. *blonde

Hmm obviously i’m talking about the German phrase. Ahehhaahehe *yaomingface.jpg





This is a strange one and there are many nasty troll doodles in Chinese about it.





WTF I SWEAR I SAW HIM BLINK FROM AFAR.  Like his eyes were open but when i walked closer he closed his eyes (?!?!?!?)

Ok i’m totally making that up.

(I wish i was)



Obviously zombie slogan.



Some night scenery. Just to show off my new camera.





This was today!! It was the coldest day ever and foggy as hell. I bet you can see even better in hell.



This is, err, a lake. The black dots are, err, ducks.



Seriously the weather was so bad you couldn’t see any shit. Like literally. I almost stepped on a pile.



Most likely from this dog.



Wait that’s a lion not a dog.

Before i left for the airport Micha was like, well, you will not FOG-get this.

I thought for awhile *kiasu* and went, well, i most definitely will not MISTY weather.



Oh you guys must totally check out my sideway Domokun-looking flag in the comment.

PS: All pictures above taken using my awesome Olympus PEN mini!

36 responses to “DESERT-ed”

  1. cheesie says:

    Show My Flag!!!!!!!! *reluctant*

  2. Kip says:

    Hope you get out of the desert soon, being stranded sucks. (Being Swedish, I kinda find deserts kinda exotic, tho lol)
    And oh no, gurl, u didn’t! Puns… -nauseous-

  3. ursie says:

    Re. the quote on the Berlin Wall that you didn’t get, I think it refers to how f*cked up the world is now, and if “you” want it to remain that way, “you” don’t want it to remain. As in boom, apocalypse.

  4. EvaRuri says:

    Oh so ke lian~ On the bright side maybe u will meet a Doha prince who can end ur #foreveralone life 😆

  5. jamilla says:

    I had to divert through Dubai from Bangalore because of the Mumbai bombings and had to stay at DBX for 6 hours. I went to the Millennium hotel and tried to sleep listening to drunken Brits at the Irish bar downstairs. The flight to London did leave on time and I’ve never changed in Mumbai again. Fly Emirates next time!

  6. Yinnie says:

    Plus they might have LIMITED EDITION TRAVEL SETS of Makeup. LOL.
    Plus I heard middle eastern bling is totally crazy!

    LOL *this is the materialistic vanity obsessed devil POV*

  7. Alyssa says:

    How tall are you cheesie? 😆

  8. Jennifer :3 says:

    haha awesome flag! xD

  9. Ida says:

    I’m Danish and we learn German in school. I’m not 100% sure but I think the German phrase means “Whoever wants the world to remain as it is doesn’t want it to remain at all.”
    And yeah your flag is awesome ^^
    – Ida /

  10. Ida says:

    Oh, I’m dumb. I just saw the phrase was already translated on the picture. Sorry! 😉
    – Ida /

  11. jilliancat says:

    😈 sideway domokun flag. looks more like a chocolate biscuit. 😀 I hate jet lag to the max, hope everything goes well for you.

  12. hitomineko says:

    Lovely photos! I like wall arts. always so interesting~ <3

    the whole flight things kinda sux, but at least you get to blog! lol.. =P blogging is therapy to everything!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  13. Lynn says:

    cheesie, I think you might want to lessen on the… um, cartoonish/waxy effect on photos, I think it’s one of those effects you have on your camera, cos it’s quite confusing, and we can’t see the true beauty of the photos/place.

    you use that effect on your previous posts as well, when you take photos of yourself, and it makes the colours distorted, can’t see your outfits properly D:

    but this is just a humble opinion, please dont take it as a criticism or anything like that, still a faithful reader 🙂

  14. Ugh I love hanging out at airports. I’m sure if I did it more often I’d hate it, but it always feels like such a luxury.

  15. francesca says:

    i get ur puns lol – it’s a pun right

  16. Angel says:

    awesome pics! 😈 I love the wall grafitti/art. Run lola run is <3

  17. TM says:

    Your blog is one of the most attractive and most interesting I have ever seen.. I hope you win all the Nuffnang awards. Although I’m from Singapore, I will never support the bitch blogger here .. you know who!

  18. FiSh says:

    why the pictures are quite blur >< hope to see nicer picts here 🙂

  19. B34st says:

    So you got both your just desserts and just deserts? 😉

  20. Maria rosa says:

    wow the last few pics look so mysterious… I hope you manage to have a safe trip back and rest up because I want to read more of your awesome posts lololol 😆

  21. David says:


    Airline screw up are always no fun. At we got $800.00 USD the last time our flight was delayed, that was given to us for being bumped to anothe flight. A 3 hour wait was less painful and we only crossed two time zones.

    Please realize the remnants of the Berlin Wall are what remain of what was part of a country size prison. The WALL was to meant to keep East Berliners and Germans from escapeing to the West. Many innocent people were murdered attempting to escape to freedom.

    I trust that after some rest and return to Malaysia’s lack of winter your next post will be great fun!


  22. Jess says:

    whoever said EMIRATES = no delay.

    MY ASS!!!

    cos I took Emirates in Apr and it was STUCK ON THE RUNWAY IN DUBAI FOR 1HOUR!! fail

    i actually like this pun, “I thought for awhile *kiasu* and went, well, i most definitely will not MISTY weather.”

    I can so understand that dessert cost 5eur… i had a SGD50 meal in Venice, and it was just a pasta and shared brownie with 1 scoop of icecream

  23. Mai says:

    oh i got stuck at doha airport for my connection flight for over 20 hour -0-!!!
    Beautiful pictures (:

    CMPang x

  24. abraxis says:

    How is the actual airport? Are there things to do? Good food?

  25. Carmen says:

    it’s a very bad weather but the pictures look nice 🙄

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