Every single time i dunno where to start after a trip.

I don’t think i even finished blogging about Venice/Lyon/Zurich earlier this year.

Here are some #foreveralone self taken pictures! Wasn’t much improvement from my earlier Europe Fashion Graph :X

It was really cold the first two days when i first arrived Berlin. And then, #notsureif getting ย used to the weather, or ย it got really really warm, which is strange. And iPhone’s weather forecast cheat one. It says it would rain the whole time in Amsterdam, but when i was there it was big sunny days, so happy <3



Mustard Coat from H&M. Nao i understand why Europeans don’t like to shop in H&M here. And why they always dressed in super boring colors like black and grey.Especially in winter when you have to wear the same coats all the time.

I bumped into at least two people (like face to face) who wore the EXACT SAME COAT as mine and came #theawkwardmoment fol.

But the good thing is my friends can easily spot me from the crowd since i was almost like radioactive among all the black attires.



My favorite biker jacket ever, from Glad News Shibuya 109.



Bought a beige jacket from Bershka and wore it ever since cuz it’s the warmest T_T.

Top and shorts from Liz Lisa, minimaos.



Played colorful for a day! Pink WC Kumatan jumper, minimaos.



Kumatan Knitted Sweater, and hello kitty glasses, minimaos.



Was at a MAC event invited by Anna from Berlin.



My messy room!



Was the coldest day in Berlin and was in a a half fuck-fashion mood.


I didn’t recycle this loooook it’s from the same day as pic #3 wtf.


Beige and brown from top to toe i may as well look like a wooden cupboard wtf.

Well that was 10 days in Europe. I have been here 20 days. Half the time i really couldn’t be bothered dressing up/to ashamed to take pictures of my outfits.

Ok bye. I think i kinda cleared my blogging debts by blogging twice a day!!!!

PS: All pictures above taken using my awesome Olympus PEN mini!

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