Every single time i dunno where to start after a trip.

I don’t think i even finished blogging about Venice/Lyon/Zurich earlier this year.

Here are some #foreveralone self taken pictures! Wasn’t much improvement from my earlier Europe Fashion Graph :X

It was really cold the first two days when i first arrived Berlin. And then, #notsureif getting  used to the weather, or  it got really really warm, which is strange. And iPhone’s weather forecast cheat one. It says it would rain the whole time in Amsterdam, but when i was there it was big sunny days, so happy <3



Mustard Coat from H&M. Nao i understand why Europeans don’t like to shop in H&M here. And why they always dressed in super boring colors like black and grey.Especially in winter when you have to wear the same coats all the time.

I bumped into at least two people (like face to face) who wore the EXACT SAME COAT as mine and came #theawkwardmoment fol.

But the good thing is my friends can easily spot me from the crowd since i was almost like radioactive among all the black attires.



My favorite biker jacket ever, from Glad News Shibuya 109.



Bought a beige jacket from Bershka and wore it ever since cuz it’s the warmest T_T.

Top and shorts from Liz Lisa, minimaos.



Played colorful for a day! Pink WC Kumatan jumper, minimaos.



Kumatan Knitted Sweater, and hello kitty glasses, minimaos.



Was at a MAC event invited by Anna from Berlin.



My messy room!



Was the coldest day in Berlin and was in a a half fuck-fashion mood.


I didn’t recycle this loooook it’s from the same day as pic #3 wtf.


Beige and brown from top to toe i may as well look like a wooden cupboard wtf.

Well that was 10 days in Europe. I have been here 20 days. Half the time i really couldn’t be bothered dressing up/to ashamed to take pictures of my outfits.

Ok bye. I think i kinda cleared my blogging debts by blogging twice a day!!!!

PS: All pictures above taken using my awesome Olympus PEN mini!