Seriously like, i should totally make myself a Gouda costume to celebrate this. I mean, who would have thought that cheese has anything to do with fashion, right?

(Ok unless you kena Gotcha’ed.)


I’m chosen as one of the finalists for Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in the Best Fashion Blog category!

It came as such a big surprise that i almost vomited unicorns and rainbows.

First of all i was too busy being away for like 60 million centuries to keep up with the whole Nuffnang Award thing. And when the first award took place in Singapore 2 years ago, i wasn’t nominated for anything at all. So naturally this year i totally didn’t expect to be nominated too, since my blog fits in none of the award categories fml. Plus, after two years and a massive growth in many other new countries, Nuffnang has soooooooo many newer and better bloggers all around Asia-Pacific. So never did i even dream that it could be possible for me to even remotely share this glory except voting for bloggers i like.

And then today i received a call from Nuffnang telling me that i’m selected as one of the finalists while i was having tea time with my #addiction and i was like


I’m a little ashamed to admit that i don’t feel that Cheeserland is a niche fashion blog. I mean, 7 years ago, this blog was all about finding the perfect cheese snacks. And all i blog about now is how obsessed i am with myself and all things vain. I have written a grand total of 1,449 blog posts since September 2004, and only 86 of them are under Useless Fashion Post. If i had secretly wished to be nominated as anything, it would have been the Best Crap Blog, honestly. Or shameless if i may, Most Hardworking Blogger because i’m unabashedly proud to say that i have really spent more than half my life in the past 7 years dedicated to this blog. #antisocial

But i guess my Useless Fashion Posts are, maybe, almost, but not entirely useless after all.

Thank you, all of you who nominated me.

I accept this nomination. #challengeaccepted.jpg

I owe you all my appendix. (Except that you may have to settle with just tiny bit of it since i will have to divide it equally.)

I am really really grateful for Nuffnang since i joined them 4 and a half years ago. In fact, the first ever paid advertorial i’ve ever written in my life was for Nuffnang.  Nuffnang made Cheeserland what it is today.

I am really not expecting to win this because i bet 10% of my appendix on it that other finalists are waaaay more eligible and popular than me.

But it will still be great if you can vote for me. #yaominglaugh.jpg

As a bribe, i’m having a CHEESIE X LFTBLOCK JUNK SALES at Ecobar PJ Trade Center this coming Saturday from 12pm till 7pm, where i will be selling my Useless Fashion (mostly new or worn only once) for as low as RM10!!!!!

Here are some of the clothes and accessories i will be selling off! 😀 Hope to see you all there!


Anyway. I promise i will be a good blogger and upload more Useless Daily Fashion Posts! So……

The voting period will start from 15 November 2011 and end on 27 November 2011 at Nuffnang Award Voting Site.

*big wet eyes*