NAPBAS: Useless Fashion is Not Useless

December 21, 2011 in Happenings / The Stinky Cheese

Ok so this is the NAPBAS post finally!!

Maybe you’re sick of hearing me say thank you ad nauseam already (but i haven’t got sick of hearing you congratulate me so keep them coming wtf #megusta) so here are just shitloads of photos from the NAPBAS night.

So. Where do i start.

I guess all my bribes did work after all lol.

Honestly i didn’t really expect to win, or rather i just didn’t really think about it, because the last time i expected something to happen it did not, so i was really all zen about it wtf. But after the night my friends were all like “I knew you were gonna win, i didn’t even bother voting for you.”


Now i know why i won’t win the next NAPBAS. Assholes.

So i was probably the most stressed out person on finding an outfit for the night. I mean if i totally screw up my outfit and also didn’t win the award everyone’s like no wonder she didn’t win it and if i did win everyone’s like WHY DID SHE WIN?! Thanks a lot, troll dresscode.

I only really looked for an outfit during the last week, and DECIDED on one 3 days before the award. Considering i was given more than a month to prepare that’s really damn last minute.


This was my initial outfit but it somehow looked way too casual. Just anyhow put something together and there i was thinking a fashion blogger should be able to conjure something up from her wardrobe without purposely looking for a new dress. Plus i really didn’t want it to be a, you know, dress, dress.

Nvm. I was wrong wtf.

Sorry to sound so long winded. Pictures!



This was #addiction and i in the hotel room after doing our hair. And completely no-make. Looks like homeless wtf. Homeless with good hair.


After 30 minutes. God bless make up and fashion.

Aud and i dressed up all MODE-style. Once  again #addcition power! We found an okay dress each, and then it’s just accessorizing. Both my Boa Fur Coat and her Fur Wrap are from EMODA, sponsored by


With shoes. Freaking hate Aud for having the exact hair color i wanted. She did her super awesome sticker extension at Number 76Style and it looks SOOO good on her i jelly.




My awesome stylist Dejima san from Number 76style, who wanted me go to over one day earlier before the award to do color + hair treatment, and also try out the styling. Super perfectionist love him max.


Amy, Hikkey (both 76Style staff) , Addiction and me.



When i knew that 76Style was sponsoring the NAPBAS night  and doing styling for some 50 people i was like NOOOOO Dejima san is MINE and Audrey was like NOOOOOO Hikkey is MINE.

They were ours lol. <3


Went to QiuQiu’s room and camwhore with the Singaporean bloggers. Next 10 pix or so stolen from QiuQiu.









Xiaxue looks fugly here but i just HAVE TO post this pic because i was trying to camho with QiuQiu and then Xiaxue ngeh ngeh want to photobomb us so she brought this on herself HAHAHHAH



Time to get down to the ballroom!


A special counter for the finalists! #Specialtreatment



Omg look who’s that!



Then also met lots and lots of familiar faces and new faces. Took so so many photos. And these are photos taken from various sources!


Haze, KY (Best Food Blog Finalist), me and Kenny.


All Singaporean mei nv and one Malaysian!



Nuffie Rachel



Huiwen from Azorias



Reader from Singapore Speishi, who always say wanna meet me and i think now she meet me until sien wtf.


Jamie also likes fur.


Simon who always supported me during the voting. And some past competitions. <3

With reader Ginny!


Camho in the toilet wtf.


These two readers were so happy to see me, one said she came all the way from Ipoh just so she can support me WHY YOU ALL SO NICE TELL ME *cuts off and gives appendix as repayment*



Me, Aud and Xiaxue.


The award started immediately! That’s me pokerfacing when they said next award is Best Fashion Blog.

Then i started recording it with my iPhone because all the finalists’ BIG ASS FACES will appear on the BIG ASS screen and that’s like freaking cool i’ve never seen my face on such a big screen before!!!!

So when they annouced “Cheeserland” i literally puked cereal also hence the abrupt stop at the end WTF.

And then i gingerly stood up and TRIPPED. TWICE. Fml.



Pinky literally had to assist me stand up and walk me to the stage WTF.

and the rest is history.





That’s a picture of Wendy smiling ever so happily for me, and QiuQiu taking photos for me <3333




Still excited every time i look at this.


I am very unashamed to say that i was SO HAPPY. I really didn’t expect to win it.

I even prepared this picture to blog if i didn’t win wtf:



And then Xiaxue was a little emo about not winning lifestyle but when they announced her name, she teared on the spot and before she went on stage she said to me (all wet-eyed) “WTF is wrong with me (crying?!?)” lol.

And she won two awards in a row.

First the Most Influential Blog. Which i think she TRULY deserves because she IS influential. She could probably convince a zombie to eat carrots if she want. And i also suspect that part of the reasons why i won is because of her, because while pulling for votes she asked her readers to vote for me as well.  So that’s how influential she is, ok? Get over it.

Then Region’s Best Blog. I said this before. But just by how much she has defined blogging in the past 8 years, and no one ever come as close to how much blogging has changed and evolve because of this one person. To make sure she doesn’t win this again Nuffnang should just make a THE Legendary Blog For The Next 20 Years in next NAPBAS and call it a day. or 20 years. WTF.







ALL the finalists lol.


QiuQiu also compiled this for us cutting everyone else off lol




Man i know you guys are tired of scrolling now but i’m not done yet!!!!!

I can’t help but be long winded again, bear with me. Am reminiscing this so much. Here’s a bit of history.



I was sort of Kenny’s “date” two years ago because we both didn’t have one wtf. He won Best Entertainment Blog Award (yea trophy is his not mine wtf) and was so happy for him.

We sort of lost touch for the past year because he was too busy and too far etc, but I will be forever thankful to him because if you were to ask how Cheeserland became famous, this man is responsible for this popular crap blog you are reading right now, with just one entry he wrote back in 2006.


And today he walked me down the aisle.



We walked down the aisle together.




Ok we are both Award Winning bloggers. He bagged Best Micro Blog Award. And look how happy i was. KEJU ARE YOU PROUD OF ME???


A picture with Aud during the last NAPBAS event. WTF is this we thought it’s a picture from another parellel universe. I was the Paddle Pop Princess and she was the Cream Cake Princess wtf. #shallow

We met a few times before, but always were very polite to each other (after we became good friends she said she thought i was damn lansi the first time she met me wtf).

We left each other nice comments on blogs after that, but never really became close, not even after the HK DIsneyland trip together. Until dunno when (we discussed many times before but no one has a solid conclusion), we suddenly realized that we are meant to be soulmates (wtf don’t jelly Angela i’m soulmate number 2 you are 1).


And look at us now. She is my #addiction. MECCHA AISHITERU WTF!


Two years ago i had to queue after many many excited fans and take turn to take a picture with her and that was the only picture we had together.


This year we sat on the same table, next to each other, received awards together and cried together.


Then also meet awesome people i didn’t meet two years ago like QiuQiu.

I don’t even know how all these happened. But it’s freaking amazing.


Thank you Nuffnang, you make magic happen.

158 responses to “NAPBAS: Useless Fashion is Not Useless”

  1. Simon Seow says:

    Woot! 2nd or 3rd time my pic made it into your pot 😉 Yupe. At least my votes didn’t go to waste. も一度、おめでとございますリンゴーチャン。Felt like back in 3 years ago supporting you in MXXXXXXXX DXXXXXXXXX putting up banner and things like that lol. Keep up the good work 😉

  2. fresh says:

    yaaa i remember finding your blog through kenny’s blog! and i also remember blogging about the first time meeting you for work! hahahaha

    also so glad you all seem to like the big ass screen!! 😀

    • cheesie says:

      Damn shiok la ok! Wendy and i were like omgggggg we’re gonna be on the screeeeeeeen how cool is that and then after the award were like, damn!!! too bad we couldnt see it form up there HAHAHHAHA

  3. melody says:

    you deserved it!!!
    super touching post!!!!!!

  4. melody says:

    you deserved it!!!
    super touching post!!!!!!

  5. Co0kies says:

    Damn cheesie I nearly cried….
    You’ve really come a long way… winning awards and making awesome friends…
    So proud of u!! Will support u always!

  6. Andrea says:

    Modern day fairy tale if you ask me. 🙂
    See this is why people envy you! Cause good things happen!

    I can only wish that something as magical will happen to me 🙂

  7. FurFer says:

    Gratz cheesie! it’s great to hear about ur winning. Will always be your reader and keep it up!

  8. aud says:

    all i can say is – thank god we aged like wine!!!!


  9. Ginny says:

    #29 my name is Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny Ginny… (placing spell wtf)
    you forgot meeee….. 😥 *sobbing at the corner*

    anyway, congrats!!! 😉

  10. XD says:

    😈 I love you cheesie! I am really so proud of you. Will not stop loving you I swear! You really deserve all these! Youre frigging awesome. 😉

  11. kimberlycun says:

    congratulations!! hard to think of anyone more hardworking than you actually, you totally deserve it!! mwahsss

  12. Caryn says:

    😈 😈 😈 😈 😉 😉 😉

    almost teared up, i still remember reading ur last time with the ” i come, i see, i cheesed” blog header, n u r pretty influential as well, keep up the good job!!

  13. Jade Love says:

    You look so awesome!!
    This post is full of awesomeness!!

  14. Rin says:

    I’m teared!!!!!!! You deserve the win!! Congratulations againnnnn 🙂

  15. erynnectt says:

    Congrats again. You totally deserve it. Have been rooting for you right from the beginning. Whenever people mention Malaysian blogger, you are always the first to come to my mind. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  16. :DD says:

    CONGRATULATIONS i knew you would win lolol but i voted ok. You’re so pretty really. GORGEOUS. Love your fashion sense. Win again for the next napbas!!! 😀

  17. Casia says:

    Congratulations!!! ☺♥♥♥♥

  18. AngelKein says:

    happy cheesie is happy. i’m happy for you 🙂

  19. Evelynwann says:

    Congrats to you !!! Wish to see more fashion posts with lotsa pictures ^^

  20. DebbZ says:

    This post makes me tear up 😥
    You’ve made it this far. Congratz Cheesie. All the best for the future 😉

  21. Dylla Fadzil says:

    *touched* *wipes tears*

  22. DH says:

    You totally deserve this award. 😉
    😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈

  23. JY says:

    Congrats cheesie! 😈
    Jiayou! =D

  24. jilliancat says:

    Congratulations cheesie. :)) I’m so proud of you, all the votings paid off! 😥

  25. Rin says:

    congratulations, Cheesie! I’m so happy for you that I’m tearing omg.

  26. kings says:

    Congratulations!!! Been waiting this for long time 😈 😉

  27. Pinkystar says:

    Congratulations!!! 😈

  28. Shyr says:

    That’s awesome. 🙂

  29. gunila says:

    so cool! 😈 this a very happy post!!! 😀

  30. Chichi says:

    Congrats! You definitely deserve it! 😀

  31. Francesca says:

    it’s really touch me reading your post. life is amazing, your journey is one to be admire. Lucky indeed but you put your heart and soul during the process. As one of your many reader, I am looking forward for another great journey (of many posts) xo

  32. Rebekah says:

    Y u no look worse with age? Seriously, 2 years ago you were pretty, but now your stunning!

  33. Jia Hui says:

    I read your post until so touched and need to do a bit of reminiscing also. Seriously, I started reading your blog because Kenny Sia blogged about you once and I also dunno how long since then but it felt forever already. Didn’t realise it was since 2006 (5 years!!). I really enjoyed your style of writing and how you always put pieces of clothing together. As a lot of readers have now said, you have proven that your fashion is no longer useless fashion. It’s award-winning fashion!!

    You also made me read 9gag lo. You always post memes on your facebook page then one day, I was curious myself and since then 9gag took my soul T___T

    Congrats once again! Though you may think that xiaxue helped you in votes, I would still think that you deserved the award no matter what! 🙂

  34. Hachi says:

    Congratulations again and again and again! You totally deserved this~ I’m a big fan and you totally deserved this win 🙂

  35. omg. you, qiu, qiu, aud and xiaxue looked like you guys jumped out from popteen!

  36. annant says:


    you girls look awesome!

  37. Vermillion says:

    Congrats on winning! 🙂 And everyone’s outfits look lovely, especially yours! I just love the way you’ve put it together :3

  38. ANGELA~ says:

    I am totally loving your outfit 😈

  39. Sally says:

    Sorry but I just had to comment.

    I AM SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU. Goshhhh cheeserland, you totally deserve it. I have to comment on this. After reading qiuqiu post, it doesn’t give me so much of an excitment but after reading your post, I had the urge to comment. 😀

    You are so awesome, and i happy for you 😀

  40. Glo-w says:

    Congrats^^ I’m based in Kedah and seldom get to attend events but I knew I MUST ATTEND NAPBAS! no regrets ^^ Thanks for being willing to take picture with me. You looked awesome but mayb a little nervous or shy? But you won and proved that your useless daily fashion not so useless after all! Once again #fredmercury.jpeg

  41. Kf says:

    Congratulations!! Totally deserved it. 😀

  42. eiko-chan says:

    Congrats Cheesie! Really happy for you, I think you really deserve the award for the effort you put into Blogging. (^^ )
    And yes love your fashion! <3

  43. Sheila says:

    Congrats on your winning! You deserved it indeed!! Loving all your pictures. Can I suggest that probably u can blog about your haircare? Your hair looks awesome!!

  44. Fiona Wang says:




  45. Isabellmiao says:

    i foresee that Xiaxue next blog post is about “How to convince zombie to eat carrots (in case of apocalypse)” wtf..

    although Xiaxue won the Most Influential Blog (she deserves it) but to me, you’re my Most Influential Blog. 😀 *hugs*

  46. KY says:

    time to update your about page!

  47. Hannah says:

    😈 Congrats Cheeserland! 😈

  48. Once again Congratulation Cheesie!! Feeling so touch when reading your post! Even my tears are rolling in my eyes! lol You are so amazing! You deserve it! Jealous you.HAHA! From a fans can turn become a friends(You and Wendy).How great thing is it! I hope this can happen to me too! Love both of you! I hope 1day i can sit next to you.Take a picture with you! *dreaming* 😛 Hope to see you ya! 😉 Congrats Congrats Love you! ♥ Keep blogging! Your small small fan here ^.^

  49. Bella says:

    Congratulations!! So amazing to see how it was back then compared to now

  50. Amelia says:

    Congrats Cheesie!! You totally deserve it! 😀 😀

  51. zen says:

    i heard you said :” OMG that’s meee” while the amcee anounced “” and you were like:”I think i’m not gonna win” LOL hahha you’re cute!! and its really sweet that how you became real good friends with Aud, Xiaxue, QiuQiu and the others. I really like you! You’re awezommmmmmmmmmmme! Stay GORGEOUS, cheesie <3

  52. nia rashid says:

    congrats darling! ure one of a kind! xoxo! 😈

  53. Candy says:

    😥 i was tearing while reading .. and yes i found your blog thru kennysia’s and it got me hooked up to the screen for the whole time on that day to read your past entries~ and wooooossh its suddenly 2011 and you won award!! omfg its amazing! we grow with your fashion~ hope to bump into you on the streets when you are in sg someday~ 😆

  54. JD says:

    Happy for you! Congrats once again!

  55. Maguro says:

    you know…the No.1 person who influenced me most in fashion is Tsu chan, and No.2 ish YOUUUUU Cheesie!! 😀
    I love everything bout you and I studied almost all of your wearings!!
    I’m soooooo happy for you , you totally deserved the WIN! Congratulation once again and I LOVE YOU!! *fan girl mode*

  56. Yen says:

    Congrats cheesie! So happy for u, u deserved the prize! 😈

    Hope to see u and Aud in real person one day. haha.

  57. strawberry says:

    Cheesie, congratulations for the awards. I started to read your blog few years back and I like you very much. I like your blogging style. And you have very nice sense of fashion which I want to learn but I never success. lol… You have nice body. Can you do a video about how do you keep your body and what do you do to have flat tummy? I am one of your Youtube channel subscriber too. :cheh:

    Congratulation once again. 😀

  58. Rara says:

    Congratulated u on twitter but I still wanna congratulate u here.. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    woww.. looking back at the 2009 NAPBAS pictures, you really have come along way..
    so happy for u!

    anyway, maybe next time u can win most influential cos I’m going to 76style this weekend to do my hair.. 😀

  59. Joanne Chau says:

    congrats cheesie!!!! 😀

  60. says:


  61. TeeCee says:


  62. Amy says:

    Congrats!!! You look great! Love the dress, love the hair, love the accessories, love the coat! 😈 😉 😀

  63. Cher says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! I love your style, it’s amazing! :3 Found your blog a few years back through Xiaxue hahaha! You’re so pretty, even when you’re without make up! May you win many many more awards to come!! ^^

    Plus, YOUR CONTACTS ARE SOOOO AWESOME! Please share where they are from, pretty please? 😀

  64. lv says:

    CONGRATULATIONS cheesie!!!! 😆 😆 😆
    Happy and very proud of you 😈
    yeah, i found your blog from kenny’s and am hooked ever since.
    you came a long way and you totally deserve it.

  65. I love reading your blog Cheesie!!! Been a fan for a while now, yay you totally deserve it!!!!! Usually I skip a lot of long paragraphs in blogs but yours is one of the few that I read word to word! *shy* 😀

  66. Synchroflash says:

    Congratulations ! you’re the best ! and i love the poker face ! 😉

  67. Shirley says:

    I feel teary after reading this because I’m soo happy for you!!! Congratulations x10000000!! Thanks for always sharing ur wonderful experiences!!! Thanks for being Cheesie 😀

  68. elaine says:


    <3 and hugs!! =)

  69. Joey says:

    Grats for winning! always love your clothes! so pretty! 🙂

    anyway, where did you get your dress? heh

  70. Mabel says:

    Congratz! I love your outfit of that night! 😉

  71. Lanie says:

    Hi Cheesie, this is the first time I leave a comment 😉
    I knew abt your blog after watching the vid you and Xiaxue made together on the train to Hokkaido. Ever since, I read your blog nearly everday (literally I go to ur blog everyday to see if there is new post 😛 ). Anw I voted for you too. And Im so happy for you that you won. Dont know why eh wtf 😀 . Congratulations!!! Next year I ll continue to vote for you. Love your style & love ur pokerface 🙄

  72. Laura says:

    Yeaaaah!!! Congrats, Cheesie! You really deserved to win and look so lovely! 🙂

  73. Pearl says:

    This was just really lovely to read. Congratulations on not just winning the award, but on the amazing personal progression, and thank you for sharing it with us.

  74. Jessica says:

    Awwwww…. So touching!! 😀 Keep it up with more fashion posts! U look pretty that night!! 🙂

  75. Ying Bin says:

    Well done Ringo! So proud of u. 😈

  76. jane says:

    Seriously still soooo happy to see u and see u win!!! p.s I am the reader who came from ipoh just to see you 😆

  77. Marion ♥ says:

    It’s nice to see you and Xiaxue win the awards 🙂 I love you both so much and you both inspire me so much! Very very deserving winners. This post = Tears of joy. Dreams do come true <3

  78. speishi says:

    You write until so touching I wna cry for you already T _ T
    No I never see you until sien , i still super excited when I see you! HAHAHA ! xoxo

  79. Erica says:

    CONGRATULATIONS CHEEESERLAND.COM!!!!!!!!! will continue supporting you! keep on updating ya cause i like the way you blog. it seems INFLUENTIAL to me! 😀 💡

  80. Sarah says:

    Woo! Congrats nobody deserved it more then you!!! So happy for wendy too!!!

  81. Sharmine says:

    Hi cheesie. I’ve been reading your blog since
    2008, because of xiaxue. I guess that how influential she is :3 my first comment Here, just wanna say congratulations, you truly deserve the award. You made me so much more interested in fashion and even made me go gyaru style with my make up. Although i still suck LOL. Cried when I read this post, you’re really amazing. And extremely pretty. And I love your smart wits. Your paddle pop outfit made you zao Heng so you added more bling hahaha. One of my favorite jokes from you. You’re so cute <3 I love you! And your awesome blog! 🙂

  82. cheiseyjc says:

    wow~!cheesie!it’s seriously awesome!!!!
    thousand congratz to you!!you did it and you won!!!! 😈
    although im only started reading your blog maybe two weeks ago….but i read it start from those previous post…wow!!it’s awesome!!super likey<3<3
    last but not least…i super love CHEESE too!!!awwh~!!!

  83. Sumandak says:

    Congrats! you’ve earned it. So enjoy your awards!

  84. Thristhan says:

    Hey babe, congrats on the Nuffnang Award ya 🙂

  85. Michelle♥ says:

    Congrats Cheesie! Your blog is awesome and hence, you totally deserved it! 😀

  86. ShaolinTiger says:

    Who’s the guy with no eyes giving you the prize?

  87. This is the first time im leaving a comment after reading you for quite some time now.

    i wanna congrats you for the amazing effort to put in to dress up in every blog post. therefore, you of course deserve to win. Wait, you HAVE to win… this napbas, the next and the next and forever till no more napbas (choy! touch wood)!

    Thank you for such amazing reads.

    x celine

  88. Katherine says:

    Congratulations. You deserved everything. :))

  89. David says:


    Congrats! You won and you earned it!

    You look so BEAUTIFUL, the right dress and hair!

    You sparkled with glamour!

    A great way to end 2011!


  90. mabelstory says:

    Me and Jane agreed it was totally WORTH going down to KL just to meet you and your addiction. TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! :,D

    Still so happy for your winning!!! Hope next napbas Aud will be one of the nominees for something!

    We’ll support both of you MAX!!! :’D

  91. shanny says:

    Am so happppy for you, you deserve it okay!
    so sweet of you replying all the comments, you are the best blogger for me. =D

  92. Elisa says:

    Congratulations Cheesie :D!!!! You totally deserve it and i loveeee the whole outfit that you wore 😀 😀 love love love!! so happy for ya!! 😈

  93. suraya says:

    see…. u are not forever alone la. I was quite sad reading your emo post. reading this post is like skipping forever alone level to “higher than sky ultimate happiness” level. Love will come unexpectedly. 😉

    Congrats cheesie, i’m happy i contributed to your winning 😀

  94. jodie says:

    the whole time as i read this post, i was awaiting to comment..
    2. hehehehehehehehehe xiaxue’s dress is from topshop for $139.. why the hell was i so excited to say this.. for all i know that dress is amazingly sparkly and i love it like heeeelllzzzzz

  95. Angel says:

    Congratulations and Merry Xmas!

    Your dedication to fashion and blogging while staying true to yourself makes you truly deserving of this award.

    I wish you success, happiness and most of all LOVE!

    I cannot wait to hear you blog about it! <3

  96. Phoebe says:



  97. weiying says:

    gorgeous girl! <3
    plus, audrey look like 滨奇步 with the hairstyle !! sooooo nice!

  98. NympheaRose says:

    OMG Congrats!!! 😈

    I wish I could live an experience like this one!

    I’m a blogger too, but I’m italian… and there’s nothing like this here… or I guess!

    Well, gzzzz again!!! xoxo

  99. Nikki says:

    so i keep getting distracted because im in love with your makeup in all these photos!
    its so like spot on! (tutorial please?)

    Congratulations though, looked like a lot of fun!

  100. Love, Yui says:

    hye cheesie. i super love your makeup for this night! tutorial please….

  101. mikki says:

    you look absolutely stunning on /3

  102. Jessi says:

    Oh my god, you guys are amazing! Congratulations!!!!!!!! 😀

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