My post on Nagasaki!!!

Previously i was distracted by live squid eyeballs myself so i couldn’t continue lol.


On the plane overlooking Tokyo city from Haneda to Nagasaki. Haneda is really near Tokyo so on the way back from Nagasaki (at night) i flew very very near the city. I saw the magnificent rainbow bridge, i saw the tallest building Sky Tree glistening, i saw a big Euro Wheel, i saw Tokyo Tower and more. From the sky.

It was quite hard to describe the feeling. It was like the essence of all things i love is all captured in this one single sight. At that time i just wanted to sprinkle love all over the city and then give it  a big big big hug, up from above.



It was a big big big city so my arms have to be very long.


Snow mountain


View of Nagasaki!!


So many small islands!! Kinda had a feeling then i’d love this place very much!



Received Sky Tree postcard from JAL <3


Nagasaki Champon!!!! It’s Nagasaki’s specialty noodle and i suspect that it comes from the word “campur” which in Malay means mix wtf.

I told the kareshi when we have a dog i wanna name it Champon (cuz so Malaysian+Japanese) and he’s like , sure!! lolol



Nagasaki Roll!

I LOOOOOVE this thin crispy fried noodle thing i put in everything. Taste like yeemee/mammee but BETTER!!!


Remember the slice of beef that made Xiaxue tear when we went to Otaru?

Sigh. I think if she come here she will cry every day. I don’t even know how, but the capsicum and onion were like the best capsicum and onion i’ve ever had in my life (i don’t even remotely like capsicum to begin with), and the beef, the beef… i don’t even…

It must have been like a cow god or something.



Some braised pork thing with mustard. Use your imagination la, i dunno how else to describe all these food i ate.



The most famous Champon that Fukuyama Masaharu always go wan. That shop is full of this written messages and signatures.



Suddenly a river (more like a drain) in the city. I have never seen anything so clean before. The water was clear through the bottom and there was not a single piece of manmade junk in it. I was deeply moved by how much the citizens in Nagasaki love their city.



China Town



More Champon and noodles.



This is a braised pork man-tou.  Is like our char-siew pau la.

I give you all an assignment now.

Please, in your mind now , imagine that one day you have to create a cute version of a drawing for this little snack , how would you do it?




This is how they do it.







They simply manage to transform the most ordinary looking things instantly into a super cute icon. #onlyinJapan




It’s quite a chillax city even the cats are just enjoying the sunlight without moving an inch



Chirin Chirin (ice cream)



Also went to the Nagasaki Hypocenter.

At first i was kinda hesitant to visit the Atomic Bomb museum because i was very afraid that it will change my jovial happy relaxed mood into a heavy one. The last time i visited a war museum was back in Ho Chi Minh city and it depressed the shit out of me for weeks and i told myself i will never go to another one ever again.

But i thought i came all the way here it’s wasted if i don’t explore the most important piece of history. So in i went. (it was also the first ever time i full heartedly read and listened to every piece of information and studied each piece of artifact. Normally i just browsed through, pretend to look as if i understand something about it then call it a day lol.)

Instead of gore, horror and grief, i felt so much peace and love. Of course to understand the incident wholly you still have to watch the bomb-dropping and explosion all over again, read victim’s diary, feel their pain, look at exposed skulls, dead babies pictures and a burnt rice box belonged to a little girl who was killed in the bombing.

But I am so glad that i learnt more about the important day and how it changed the lives of many people until today. There are just so much to learn from these people in regards of humanity. Instead of burying it in the past, they take it as a valuable lesson that they will and should never forget, so that everyone in the world can learn and benefit from it now.




Every day students will fold and send peace paper crane to the monument from all other parts of Japan. The message of peace desire for it is so strong i truly felt it in my heart.

And in this city i especially felt peacefulness and calmness. I love Nagasaki so much.


A pond full of Koi










Sara Udon.



Finally, my Hello Kitty purchase. Christianity is dominant in Nagasaki, and on the right is Castella Cake Kitty.

That’s all for Nagasaki!!





I also bought many other things in Nagasaki/Tokyo so maybe i’ll blog about my shopping separately! But all these shopping wouldn’t be possible without my Citibank Ready Credit card! And until 31st July, they have an RC Bonanza campaign going on. 150 units of Philips Home Theatre is given away each month for new application, and while you spend you also stand a chance to win 1 out of 100 units of Sharp Aquos 40″ LCD TV. More information here!