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Don’t have time to do a summary yet. Will definitely update a translation if i do!


0:15 Cheesie and Shiori went fo catwalk lessons with Fumi Sensei the day before TGC. Fumi sensei told them that it would be a super strict lesson today and ask them not to cry because he hates that the most. (T___T And then he purposely go and make people cry later T___T)

0:40 Both of them learned catwalk from zero. Cheesie has progressed to mastering difficult posing in one hour. Fumi Sensei comments that he discovered that Cheesie has learnt to copy his moves and there’s only one model he taught who managed to do that and said she is smart wtf (not i say one again wtf)

1:55 Whereas Shiori has difficulty with catwalk. She comments that she was born with paralyzed left hand which movement is deterred, and that makes it difficult with balance and posture at the same time during cat walk.

2:40 Fumi Sensei wanted everybody to leave the room to have a chat with Shiori. After 10 minutes the camera crew was allowed into the room again. Shiori comments that nobody would even notice her shortcoming if she doesn’t tell, that’s why she might have subconsciously hide it, but she realized that it might not be a good thing.

4:02 The dream runway. And there’s only one person who can walk on it.

5:00 It was the Coordinate Showdown between the two finalists. The coordinate that gets the most public votes wins. (i have explained in detail in previous Kawaii of the world video part 4 and part 5 so i’ll skip this)

9:43 It was 6PM–result time.

10:27 The director announced that the winner is Japan representative, Shiori. Cheesie congratulates Shiori and tells her she’s the most kawaii in the world. (And proceeds to cry her fake lashes and mascara off wtf T___T.)

12:00 It was the grand finale, the Dream Runway. Shiori walked on the glamorous stage  for 3 minutes 30 seconds while all spectators watched intently at her. But Cheesie was no where to be seen. Nobody knows where she has been and what she was doing at that time.

(Wa want to say until so dramatic HAHAHAH. I may as well sit at one dark corner and draw circles lolol. Ok la the truth is i was at backstage staff room with the media and production crew boring the wit out of myself T___T)

13:06 After the broadcast of the episode, there was an influx of comments from the audience to Cheesie. Cheesie also updated her blog, telling everyone that “even though i didn’t win, it was the best experience ever. It was something that i could never even imagine 15 years ago. I have a feeling that even the furthest dream could come true, if you work hard for it.” (This is the blog post if you wanna read.)

(Wa i as writing this i tear a bit again WTF and i just realized i’m technically crying to a Justin fucking Bieber song FML. Never saw that coming.)

13:45 1 month after TGC. Cheesie was found at Narita airport. She said she’s coming her for work meetings. One of her meeting was with smart phone application “Decopic”‘s founder, Matsumoto san. (useless trivia: it was my birthday that day!!!! 😀)





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