Before anything, Happy Halloween!!!

When it comes to dating, the only thing to do in KL is probably go for a movie, go for shopping and maybe… that’s all. In Japan there are endless of fun and romantic places to go, so when the kareshi and i are back in Malaysia, we just spend most of the time at work and resting at home.

But last week we had quite an unusual date, it started of a little romantic, after that it was all the way fun , chill and thrill, literally.

I also made a video of it! I haven’t had so much fun for a very long time!!

Do watch!!






Lol if you give up half way because you chickened out, here are some of the fun shots and the full story!

So we drove up to Genting Highland for a day trip!


I love seeing carousels, always so festive and fairy-tale like!


(was wearing thick jacket since it was quite a chilly! Probably the only place in Malaysia you get to play with autumn/winter fashion :P)


Lunch at this new cafe called Bubbles&Bites!

It really stands out from the rest of the restaurant in Genting, very new with bold interior!

Salad bar looks so healthy!

From upstairs


Ordered a bubbly that is only available in duty free shops and this restaurant! The whole ambience makes it feel like a date somewhere in a western country!

Ordered my lamb shank

And the kareshi’s fresh burger.

To be honest i used to think that food in Genting is quite expensive and mostly mediocre, but this cafe really surprised me.

The food quality is very high, ingredients are superbly fresh and best of all, super reasonably priced. My lamb shank was like RM20+ as like many other main dishes!


After lunch it started snowing and i got caught in an igloo and froze myself into an ice cheese.

Just kidding!

Snow World is a new attraction in the indoor theme park!

It is amazing for people who have not experinced winter time before! The setting is European, you can walk on a parisian street next to an English cafe and an Italian pizza house lol

And guaranteed cold 😛


After that we also went for Motion Master in 4D!

It was super realistic and the girls inside screamed louder than people on a roller coaster -____-.



And then, outdoor theme park time!


Actually, as you saw in the video, there’s something special going on in Genting theme park.

The first time ever, they are having a horror theme for Halloween!


They have a set up for the Chinese ghost village


Was rainy and misty the other day so it added to the mysterious and eerie feel even more

Most perfect ambience for Halloween


Apparently this car is from a real accident scene :X


Cemetery scene


Zombie circus lol

My dinner!



Ok kidding. This is real dinner, at Imperial Rama:

Double boil shark bone soup. It taste sooo milky and rich i can feel alllll the goodness coming from the sea!


Abalone with black truffle in yellow sauce omg!

Cheese baked lobster!

Holy cheese if it gets any more luxurious than that i am going to expect a diamond ring in my dessert or something.


Ok no diamond ring.

But this durian tempura is freaking yummy! I don’t even like durian to begin with, but it taste very mellow and the texture is custard like, super smooth and creamy filling in a crispy batter!


Lemon grass jelly served in a cute cup <3


After the satisfying dinner it was 8PM and the show has only just begun, y’all!

The outdoor theme park is closed for only adult (13 and above) admission. Sorry no wimpy kids around. 😛

It’s the adult game!!! Not for the faint heart i warn!


It was raining that day but it didn’t dampen the spirits, pardon the pun, we just grabbed a rain poncho each and walked into a misty abyss……

First of all you will be greeted by 3 grossly murdered bears.

And then a bunch of circus zombies appear and chase after you

Who will laugh at you devilishly


And drill your brains out


And hack you into minced meat

Then comes the Chinese ghosts, i particularly like this guy lolol


And geong si HAHAHHAH finally get to meet you all in person!!! Last time only see in Chinese Ghost movies!

And the blurry photo effect makes it even more ghastly!


The dead village girl who will just smile at you creepily



Who also kinda like taking pictures lol


When i posted this on instagram a reader said this is the Don’t-Eat-My-Orange Ah Ma lololol


Ok gotta run. A real zombie is coming after me.





Over all i am super impressed by the effort they put in for this special theme that only goes on for, quite a pity, two weekend!

Hope they have more awesome themes coming! Whaddup Christmas! Visit Genting if you have a chance <3