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October 30, 2012 in Photoshoot

Filler post because my blog is getting wrinkly from the lack of real updates.


Here’s a pic-heavy post on a photoshoot i did with MIRROR, a select shop in Ebisu, Tokyo. Also the first photoshoot i did in Japan! We did about 8 styles in a short afternoon, very quick and professional, and i loved the photos <3

Here it is!


I call this the Limkokwing hair because he always side-sweep his hair a 9-1 parting ratio lolol.



I still cannot believe how small Japanese sizes are, they felt tight on me even >.<





Summer styles




This is the deco of the actual shop! Cute right!! <3



This is actually my fav coordinate!














That’s all!

Update more soon when i have time <3


Tell me which is your fav coordinate ^^

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  1. #6 the best!

  2. I like #10! 😀

  3. thegeekinpink says:

    You’re so beautiful when you smile 😀

  4. #10 and #11, is that top Shiori coordinate for TGC? cuz they look similar

  5. #8 ftw!

  6. Miss Sennnaa says:

    Love #14!! Natural smiles are always the best :)n

  7. Omg, I can’t believe how beautiful you are !!!!! 😮 Number #15 FTW ! 😀

  8. Supermodelllll ♡ ♡

  9. Cheesie you shd learn to relax your mouth in photoshoots – maybe have to practice it. You’re SO pretty but these photos you keep looking like you are buck tooth – like cannot keep your teeth in like that. Jia you!!

  10. TeinNee Chin says:

    I like 5,8,10 &15…

  11. wow! i love the hair! and outfits! you are beautiful!

  12. I love the summer styles!

  13. Great looks! Love your style. I would like to invite you to stylehills.com. See you there.

    – Lloyd

  14. You look like a model!!

  15. Love #14! U should smile more like this 😀

  16. #14 nicest!!!

  17. THT Christina says:

    Actually, I must say my faves are from #8 all the way to #13! You look amazing Cheesie, many styles and you rock them all!

  18. Omg! You’re so gorgeous!! I really liked #4, 7, 10 and 14! Especially 14, you look so natural and happy! I love your smile! 🙂

  19. i liked #14 the most ^-^ nyou have such a nice smile:D

  20. your fave is my fave also…makes your slim legs stand out!!

  21. #1 and #8 !!! Awww== conversation box changed and i can’t view your favorite flag jorr…..T.T

  22. wow, it is very nice photos, hard to choose cz every photos i like. sigh…i wish i cld have your slim legs…:)

  23. 14! SUCH a pretty and natural smile <3

  24. I love the 2nd last picture! <3

  25. I like coord 9 as well! Cool

  26. hohoho! Love the video!n

  27. I like all the photoshoots! so cute! nnxoxo HitomiNeko xooxnhttp://hitomineko-hn.blogspot.com

  28. Cheeseeee

  29. Awesome, like your 1st and last picture.

  30. Yay!!!!

  31. Ya lo I also very sad…..

  32. all are nice! super awesome!

  33. you look like Audrey in #9. 😛

  34. omg sooo pretty cheesie! always love your looks!

  35. Lisa Juliana says:

    I like #7!! you look like a real japanese model cheesie!! 😀 :Dn

  36. Super love #14 and #15! (:

  37. The last photo is soo cute (: Love your hair!

  38. VV Victoria says:

    Omg I love #7~!! U look like Namie Amuro in that!!

  39. #14 so cute!! (:n#7 and #10 are probably my favorite coordinates though.

  40. #14 so cute!! (:n#7 and #10 are probably my favorite coordinates though.

  41. #14 so cute!! (:n#7 and #10 are probably my favorite coordinates though.

  42. love the bubble pony!

  43. #7 <3

  44. i love ur smile on #14 ! :)))

  45. i suggest you to show a huge smile or close your lips when taking photos. i found that you always semi-open your lips when taking photos and it makes me feel like you have really bad teeths -.- nice pics anyway! <3

  46. Hi Ringo, You have wonderful fashion taste. I would like to know if you are interested in a white pair of CL wedge heels exactly the same as the one which you are wearing in the first picture but in white? It is euro size 37.

  47. Sorry I am a size 35

  48. I like #14! Very summer style! Relax pose, and you smiled! <3

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