November 23, 2012 in Useless fashion

Before the pictures, i’d like to announce again about


Japanese Street Style Contest

Love fashion and think you could be stylish? Submit a picture of your BEST Japanese Street Style Fashion picture and be one of the 10 lucky winners of a goodie bag and attend a Japanese fashion styling workshop by ViVi!

Send your entry here:


Ok picture time! ^^

Here are some of the ready-made ISETAN X Foruchizu items i picked up for your sneak peek!


Medium length black dress with laced heart behind




Monochrome top and leather patterned shorts




Another medium length black dress!



Embellish-collar top + leopard print skirt.



Layered leopard print top


These items will be available from 30th November at ISETAN KLCC, first floor! 😀

Don’t forget to drop by and pay a visit for your Xmas shopping<3



Sponsored coordinate:



Dolman oversized sweater in green from Whitesoot, check out their Facebook page for more promotions too!



11 responses to “ISETAN X FORUCHIZU preview”

  1. daphnefroggy says:

    You look so great Cheesie!nWish to grab some outfit from your store 🙁 Want so badly!!nnDid the clothes will be selling online too?? nnCheers from Japan^^

  2. cindyrina says:

    simply gorgeous!!!

  3. suquan says:

    Hi cheesie. May I know whn is the dateline for submitting the pics?

  4. Cassy says:

    When is the dateline for the Japanese street style contest? 🙂

  5. Kim says:

    Will you guys be selling that cat ear beanie from a few posts back (I think it was your jap trip one) or did I confuse that for another brand..? o.O

  6. THT Christina says:

    Cheesie, I just simply adore your sense of style. And legs!!

  7. Cheesie says:

    Yes I think so!

  8. Cheesie says:

    Thanks so much!!!

  9. Cheesie says:

    Hold on let me check that for you

  10. Cheesie says:

    Won’t be online cuz ISETAN exclusive only 🙁

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