This is almost half a year ago.

I went to New York for 2 days for MMM X H&M Fashion Launch (and saw Sarah Jessica Parker in real life), and then i totally forgot that i haven’t even blogged about it.

(Or did i?)

(Exactly. That’s how much i don’t remember stuff these days.)

(Ok i just checked to double confirm. I sorta blogged about it. About what i wear in New York. What the hell, me?)

Anyway. That was probably like the most “fashion blogger” time of my entire “fashion blogger” life. Wa pretend like super busy like that, fly to Japan transit a few hours, fly to New York for only two days to attend some atas fashion show and pretend to rub shoulders with Hollywood stars (actually it was just very, very crowded until everybody is rubbing everybody’s shoulder) and then immediately fly back to Japan to attend some exclusive fashion show then eat dinner with fashion producer.

And then now i am just sitting alone at home for two hours having no idea what the hell i should blog about and once a while editing #uselessfashionoftheday i took standing in front of a stupid mirror. With a phone.

But i am very very happy that i eventually got to visit America for once.

It just never appealed to me in such a way other cities did, even though i really enjoy watching all the movies and dramas and always wonder what is life like over there. And it never occurred to me that i wanted to visit America.

I think i have gotten less and less adventurous as i grow older, i want to explore strange places less and less. It would be nice to go to a new place for once just to see how it is like. While i’m really looking forward to our Weddingmoon in Santorini (and the sojourn in various parts of Europe thereafter), i discovered that all i want in the end was just to go back to Japan eventually. For awhile. For a short holiday. For quite a while. For good. Whatever.

And this is the kind of shit Japan makes me do: talking about it when i’m supposed to write about New York.


The hotel H&M put me up at Soho


And my only friend in New York!!!

I knew UsagiPyon through Tokyo Kawaii of The World search (we both love Japanese fashion) and i really didn’t expect to meet her again in her own city. It was a very nice surprise for the both of us.

She brought me around Manhattan


Super big dessert


Ok i myself am very confused at the perspective also i stared very long lol very inceptionly.



Was around Halloween time!



Went in some crazy fashion store




At some park spotted some super cute flowers!


Took the subway for the first time a bit scary T__T

At some atas street in Manhattan

Marc shopping

I cannot believe how cheap the things are at the MJ flagship store. Small accessories are like $5 or $7 crazy. But the quality also a bit shitty like some rip off copy liddat.


SATC cupcake shop


And raining the whole timeeee


the ground zero is now Freedom tower

And then went back to hotel to rest cuz i was so crazy jetlagged



But luckily it was just a two-day stay so went i arrived in Japan it was just like i went out clubbing two nights in a row, so didn’t have to get over the jet lag once again.

Also that was about as close as i could get to the statue of liberty lolol.


That’s all about New York!





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